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  1. Headnod, server down time get a yacht :3 so I wanted a single redeemable if i buy all dlc too =p
  2. \o/ ty! I still dont want pvp xD it is scary. I sail in basic cutter then big ships come to kill me T_T
  3. headnod xD so I hope that buying dlc will gimmie 1 destroyable copy =p it is not infinite like the long time player but it is a nice boat
  4. but i dont want the game to have problem and make the dev stress with unhappy people. I buy the dlc to give them money to make it good =D
  5. but i hear the pvp people have the ship for server problem too.
  6. that why i think it is not fair to randomly give to people or sell in dubs but people who supported extra $100+ on dlc, it will be nice xD I always want the yacht but there is no yacht in pve.
  7. If we buy every dlc in the game, can we have 1 redeemable yacht that can only be redeem once?
  8. TY! i hope they enjoy having to play their game again.
  9. So many angry PvPeeps came to PvE and they are saying lots of mean stuff. It is difficult to make people feel welcome and host them nicely if they do that. The ability to communicate breaks down on arguments, thus there is no peace in harmful language ^^ I hope it get fix soon so they wont be so angry anymore
  10. headnod. If it is something we dont like, we can show displeasure and work for the change. But the game is suddenly mixed review to mostly negative, that is not good for long term because the reviews can stay there but people who dont know will look at the review and unaware the changes after that.
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