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  1. Love the gifts, i have missed my poods..... Merry Christmas to all, and thank you to the team.
  2. What a wonderful age we live in....
  3. 1 hour of trying to log on to the "Working" PvP server!!!
  4. Is anyone going to bother to fix the loading screen issue?
  5. its almost 2020 and and we are still having issues with games loading.... What will the future hold?
  6. Not the first time this has happened....
  7. Is something wrong with the game, cant get in....
  8. Is there a problem with the sever? Seems to be stuck in "Update" My steam has updated NA, but it wont open...
  9. How do i block this fool?
  10. I have no idea what your talking about you babbling idiot!!!
  11. Look me and you dont get on, your a bit of a Dick, so just mind your own business you tool....go troll elsewhere...
  12. yes, and?
  13. Lots of players/Ships can catch me, none sink me though!!! lol
  14. they even tell other clans who to add to their clans list...creating overlords...
  15. The point is...its creating elite clans...and new clans cant rise as before...so we are stuck with the clans we have because they Lord over and demand the smaller clans give tribute to use the big ports...no need to lower this into a pissing contest, its a valid point.
  16. Maybe Faction based rather than Clan Friend List based would be better...
  17. Port bonuses are destroying this game, please remove them asap.... Only the elite clans can build them and use them..
  18. LOL, GB nation chat never changes......"Help me, im shite" ....... Do you want to loan some reals? looking a little low.....
  19. What a load of crap, stop crying and play the game...
  20. its a shame you couldn't have won her fairly in a fight, and not to a game crash, never mind, well played.....I Guess!!!
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