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  1. It was somewhat low, but not sinking. The pump may have had some damage, but nothing crippling.
  2. No, once the main ship sank, I took control of the second ship. Never seen it before either.
  3. I had control of the second ship at the time I left the battle, which did seem odd, as I've never had that happen before. I was able to raise and lower sails on it, reassign crew, etc. No reason I shouldn't have been able to leave the battle safely.
  4. I know you are just trying to be helpful. Just extremely frustrated that the admins haven't been able to help once with the many bugs and issues I've encountered in the game, and that often a response takes weeks, or just never comes.
  5. Respectfully, this isn't a good answer. And again, this doesn't explain why when I give the retreat order, and it is out of range, it doesn't leave the battle. Or why, once my initial ship has sunk, it is sailing away from the battle, and is not in range, it doesn't leave the battle.
  6. I'd love to get some input from the admins on why the ships refuse to obey orders. I really am getting tired of losing ships, or nearly losing ships, due to bugs.
  7. Doesn't explain why it wouldn't exit combat, or why I would have somehow lost the second ship upon the sinking of the first. The fleet ship and enemy ship weren't even in range of each other when I sank. Getting really tired of the bugs.
  8. I just lost two high end ships due to bugs. I had my main ship (Constitution) and secondary ship (USS US). I attacked two 4th rates. I sank the first, and my secondary ship had gotten itself into trouble. I got in between them, but the companion ship wasn't retreating properly. I had to pull off to repair, but my companion ship was getting dangerously close to sinking. I re-engaged (due to the ship not retreating), and unfortunately lost my ship. I could have run clear, and wish I would have, prior to this, but I was trying to save my companion ship. Once the main ship sunk, the companion ship hadn't been hit in at least 5 minutes. It still hadn't left the battle. Upon my ship sinking, I was sent to the docks rather than aboard the second ship, and it is now showing I have neither ship. I'd like compensation for both.
  9. Still having this issue. Issue appears to still be packet loss and latency on the last few hops (the Euro hops). My best ping is in the 130's. When it spikes, it goes up to 5000, and the game freezes about half of the time this happens. As you can imagine, this makes the game nearly unplayable. I'd love to see someone from Game Labs actually look into this.
  10. Happens to me constantly. Running traceroutes for me, the issue appears to be one of the hops near the server in Germany. Until/Unless the server gets relocated, my issue is unlikely to ever get any better. It's getting hard to play the game, as every time I enter battle it's like playing russian roulette with my ship.
  11. Same issue just happened to me. Also was sailing a Trinc.
  12. I'll do another connection test when I can catch the issue. I've been running some tracert and ping tests, and I'm getting intermittent packet loss and lag spikes at the last few European hops. This only lasts about 1-2 minutes before clearing up, so I'm not certain a connection test will ever show this.
  13. I recently started playing again, and this is occurring again. I've sent the connection tests in, as well as bug reports when the game freezes. One thing I have noticed is that when the game freezes, sometimes chat still works. My ping does typically show as 0 during these events.
  14. I can, I'm not sure it will give any good information, I can immediately reconnect when I become disconnected.
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