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  1. Devs behave like NA is still an testing environment but game has been released. Hidden ninja patches and no official word about it is just miserable.
  2. There should be a Calculator DLC or at least a perk so everyone can do the maths in OW^^
  3. *omg* I get this every freaking login, have to click at least 5-8 times until I'm in. So annoying.
  4. Good Point. Afaik this game went straight from Early Access/Alpha into release and never got Beta which is fascinating in some way
  5. Wieviele Wracks gibt's da eigentlich? Ich meinte es sind nur 4. Jeweils eins in jede Himmelsrichtung vom Mittelpunkt aus gesehen, aber recht weit weg. Oder sind die random verstreut? Bin da noch nicht ganz hintergestiegen
  6. I bet proper patch notes will only be posted when another DLC gets introduced 🙊
  7. I think the whole trading system needs a massive overhaul as in its current state it is crap... maybe something for NA 2.0 ^^
  8. @Mr.Bush Gibt da einen Perk, der es einem zumindest erlaubt die LH um 25% (z.B. von 1000 auf 1250) zu erhöhen. Nicht viel, aber immerhin. Und auch einen Perk, der die Regeneration der LH verbessert (erneuern sich schneller).
  9. Everybody can do these missions. It's not restricted to certain people, ranks or whatsoever. So what's the problem.
  10. A pump would only help to make you float bit longer when you got leaked or started sinking due to heavy damage. If structure (middle bar) is damaged to a certain Point your Speed will reduce. Pump won't prevent that, only repairing your hull.
  11. Any1 seen the Na advertisement on Youtube too? Saw it this morning when I wanted to watch a video. I was very surprised tbh. But I like.
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