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  1. I don't. So you assumed wrong about me. How many others?
  2. Devs allowed "live testing" of AI raids on ports for a few weeks with zero consequences to players. In return they got yelled out here on the forums after the damage went live. Not sure they deserved that. On the other hand there've been plenty of live tests that haven't been so helpful to players either, and at times with no explanation or warning. Goes both ways. In the end, if you think there's a lot of anger on this forum now you should be thankful you weren't here 12 or 18 months ago, lol, or right before release. This forum is pretty tame right now IMHO. Still, nothing wrong with
  3. You misinterpret my response. i didn't say I use an alt for this. I don't have one, never did and never will. It's cheating IMHO. But others flaunt them like it's no big deal. But this is not a thread about alts anyway, so why did you pick that to comment, that wasn't even the point of my post!
  4. If it's truly a QOL suggestion and for crafters to deliver to clan members or for ship freebies, then you need to attach an expiration to this request. i.e. ships in clan docks sink after 48 hrs or something (adjustable). If not then your stated purpose is just a pretense and it will be abused by big clans to continue to stockpile. Besides, aren't you already storing ships in your alt's docks?
  5. So: CLAN1A CLAN1B CLAN1C etc... Each officer leads one. What does it solve? Just makes management more cumbersome IMO.
  6. I tend to agree with this, and I just missed it too.
  7. It happens periodically. No one couldn predict what would happen if Destraex' suggestion was implemented but I would hate to see things go downhill. Probably ok but the opposition to Loki was a good sign that many feel protective about the atmosphere on Peace.
  8. Your words not mine. I said the culture on PVE server is superior. That's my opinion, you are welcome to have your own but don't misquote me and put words in my mouth. Makes you part of the problem.
  9. PVE primarily now. I have played since early 2016, played on both. Advanced characters fully on both servers, but enjoy PVE more as it is today.
  10. Those are all great points, and I don't necessarily disagree. For bringing it to the Peace server however, what would suffer IMO is the superior culture. It won't change for the better, only the other way around. That would be a shame, and is why I feel negative for the suggestion.
  11. But logic dictates that if you want to pvp you would do this on a pvp enabled server. You should start a new character there instead. Many people play both servers.
  12. Guys the problem might be you didn't download the "Limited Displacement" DLC. It's only $10. If you log in with it, you cause an enemy player to get stuck in loading screen. Have you used it? j/k admin don't ban me
  13. I fail to understand why it's so hard to log off and then log back on in your war server character. Much better option, I don't see why pvp has to merge into a peace server to save people a couple clicks.
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