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  1. Good. Cheating never prospers.
  2. Dream on. History repeats itself. Mine are sweaty. Let's paint them too.
  3. France Good: A feeling of really being part of history and colonization. Bad: Over 3-1/2 years, constant nation hoppers jumping in and out, caring more for their egos than for this nation's part in the game. Exacerbated by nation-hopping DLC and over-amplification of clan play.
  4. This is a great solution. Thank you for suggesting. I won't be surprised though if it falls on the usual deaf ears. Personally I think the whole port bonus thing should get sealed in a concrete bucket and sunk to Davy Jones' locker, but if they are insistent on that stupid system, then this suggestion would be a great compromise.
  5. Yep. I was thoroughly against 1-dura. And still am, for exactly the reason we see now. However, the loud voices on the forum shouting for single dura got what they wanted. Now we have that and we see it's bad. Their main stated reasoning for single dura was that 5 ship lives (or 4 or 3, dependent upon class) was very bad for the crafting industry and the economy. Well look now, we have poor crafting, NO good economy, and yet STILL single dura. Guess what, little willingness to fight. Predicted. And now to fruition.
  6. Port bonuses are counterproductive to RVR progress and should be removed from game completely. It's not working and is a dumb idea to start with.
  7. No not really. I hardly ever comment in tribunals, but the number of them and the content is getting ridiculous. They make the rules for how to report because they are the best methods to report for them to review and evaluate, and the relevant forum topics don't get cluttered. It gets annoying, I probably should've just ignored it though.
  8. Follow the rules of the game and report it correctly, not in Tribunal. Only player name copiers are reported via tribunal.
  9. @admin thank you for finally thinking of the Peace server. I don't care if you add red and blue fish to this server, it's finally just something and as you stated for at least the map, long overdue. I have to agree with @Cetric de Cornusiac please make sure you do not alienate solo players on the Peace server, I'd wager many players on the Peace server are there because they don't want to join a clan and the Peace server is the only viable option.
  10. Preference? Appearance? Fun? Variety? Ship-specific training? There are 5 reasons, I'm sure there are more. You're thinking too much for RVR, but there are different reasons to play the game.
  11. I could not agree more. #deleteallmods.ornerfmercilessly
  12. I disagree, mainly because limits on the market are a bad idea. However, rum should be bountiful at all admiralty shops. Repairs too.
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