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  1. I tend to disagree. Updating more often (nVidia) doesn't translate directly to being better. Only translates to closer intervals. And quite frankly I actually prefer to update fewer times once a GPU driver is stable. I have used both AMD and nVidia a lot and I actually prefer AMD support in today's world. And as OlavDeng said the UI is sweeter. Both have solid offerings on the market and continue to do so. Intel has always been traditionally higher cost. More research. My only reservation with AMD chips is all the reported overclocking deficiency problems with RAM with their chips. Noted I said reported, personal experience obviously varies. However, I've never encountered a problem with any Intel chip, especially with any of their extreme CPU offerings. Cost is too high, but they are solid performing and reliable.
  2. But now that you've re-read my comment Vernon, do you agree with it? Or disagree? (Or maybe you never traded). There really was a time when I would relish 20 minutes time before work to get just a tad of trading in. That was a great time in the development. There were a lot of traders in game back then. Not really sure why that wasn't a good thing for the game.
  3. No need to delete. Your opinion, my opinion, everyone else's they're all valuable to those decision makers.
  4. No, I think you misinterpreted what I said. Please read it again. Try to read it without your sarcasm and argumentative glasses. What I said was the "trading game" that once was, was abandoned. If you were a trader for any length of time you would have understood my comment, instead of being too quick to criticize another player's opinion. Wraith captured my comment exactly. That's the feeling that was lost, whatever you think.
  5. ...and now you bring a tear to my eyes. To have loved and lost...
  6. For me this is a bittersweet release. I am glad for the release but this used to be a fun trading game on either server. Unfortunately that [trading] game has been abandoned and I don't think we'll ever see it again. It's disappointing for me; I will try to play for a while but doubt I will continue much.
  7. We all pitched in and got you a game release for your birthday. It's been planned for years.
  8. This topic is already posted and thread complete, a week ago. Duplicate threads are probably part of the reason we need the cleaning.
  9. I just hope they really do this on the 10th to 12th like they say. There were only 150 players on today during the middle of a Saturday. To me that means people are playing not for fun, but for rewards they can keep. All the more proof that a wipe is really gonna hurt.
  10. Yeah the idea is good. LIke hundreds of other ideas in these pages. I will give you about the same chances of your idea being implemented as lighthouses and whales.
  11. If such an idea were implemented, I would think a simple spreadsheet-type grid with drop-down boxes to select categories for yourself, such as PVP kills or another for PVE kills, and then it would pull up a chart showing your successes and failures, perhaps organized as against each class, and by each class you commanded. There should be a dropdown category for rank progression with each date you met each rank. Same for crafting. A record of wealth also, perhaps by week. Port battle records on another pulldown. It would simply be a stats listing I guess, like for Conan or other games. IMO all this data should be stored client-local within your own game files, I don't see a better way to do it. You could have everone's data export to a common server database every time they exit the game, however that seems server intensive and prone to a catastrophic failure. Of course you could lose your history locally too. Unfortunately, it might be a good idea but it will never get implemented. GL has no interest in character development as they've previously stated.
  12. Huh? Says who? Anyone can read the forum. You don't have to log in to read it.
  13. You seem to have no point other than trolling. What exactly is your problem with his statement? Everyone on this thread including myself has at least made some point whether or not they agree with STS. You stand alone as the troll, but perhaps you have a point? The floor is yours to now contribute.
  14. Would love to have a Connie. It's about all I ever use there.
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