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  1. Not when the ports have already been flipped earlier in the day. 🙄
  2. It takes less than two hours and we’ll be undercrewing Ratts or using boarding Requins to flip ports. Please try again next Wipe.
  3. So not even book and ship knowledge will be retained? What a kick in the nuts to your testers after all the original promises....
  4. I think for non-Elite NPCs we should make them as smart and player-like as possible, but when they lose substantial crew or are below half health they surrender... We should increase the speed at which grinding AI takes place in other words and, while not only being more historical, it would reduce the worst and cheesiest part of AI battles, boarding...
  5. But what you all (other than Wraith) are not considering, unlike the last time we ground to max rank, the biggest ship always wins under the new damage model, and absurd AI cheating currently implemented exacerbates that. And without easily accessible and approachable AI missions that grant meaningful amounts of XP (kill missions are not acceptable for new/less experienced players) the grind is going to be horrific. Layer on top of this the fact that player numbers absolutely will not support grinding meaningful amounts of XP via PvP and you’re in for a miserable ride to becoming PvP- and RvR-effective. And like it or not, getting to the largest broadside weight per rate the fastest is really the only content we have in the game, as this core principle underscores “winning” the PvP and RvR endgame. And without much else that’s the content we have. The largest irony all you pro-wipers ignore here is that new players will be the ones that suffer the most, and will likely never even bother sticking with the game long enough to become competitive because it will take a 1000+ hours before they can catch up in broadside weight (not to mention a vast skill gap) to vets who’ll be out in front of them only hours after release. So no, PvP will suffer as will PvE, and the grind will be anything but fun for all involved. New purchasers will be shocked at how progression has handcuffed them, and vets likely will be turned off enough that even they won’t be willing to do it all over again. Of course, xp and rewards could be tweaked to speed this progression along, so my opinions here might be invalidated. Let’s hope they are, because AFK fishing and mindless cargo delivery runs doesn’t exactly keep the Twitch viewers tuned in...
  6. My hell, and one wonders why the new player reviews on Steam say we have a toxic community... To the OP, you can always buy a Basic Cutter in any port for free. Crew is free and repairs are always free (you don’t need to carry/buy any for a Basic Cutter) as well.
  7. When they present good ideas that improve every way on what’s currently in the game... why wouldn’t they like them considered? We paid for Early Access for a reason right?
  8. I think the hard cap for 5th and lower rates is 12.5% no? Didn’t they nerf it from the 25% it was before just to keep the Requin from being insane?
  9. Don’t call me “darling” grandpa, women these days don’t have to put up with that patronizing shit anymore. The fact that people don’t get what they were promised when they buy into an Early Access game is exactly why developers get a poor reputation. This is just bad business. People aren’t buying a “game” in Early Access, they are buying an opportunity to influence a game’s development and participate in its progress along the way. When testers are treated badly then that trust is broken. I’d probably agree that we are unlikely to see a huge influx of new buyers on release. I know that with reviews as bad as they are on Steam I’d wait until a half-off sale at least to buy into a game that I’d wishlisted but hadn’t purchased yet like this.. so I suspect the major player bump on release will be returnees. I can guarantee that those returnees would rather not start from square one.
  10. We should keep it because people bought and played the game specifically for the reason that the developers promised we’d keep it. You can quibble over whether it matters on release or not, I personally think it doesn’t matter a bit since we’ll all have passed the tutorial in a few hours post-release, and be light years in front of a new player anyway by that point. But at its core, giving us earned xp back is the only ethical decision to make. Otherwise, it would be like submitting a down payment and signing the contract on a new house that was supposed to have 4 bedrooms, and then the builder parks a trailer on your land and walks away from it and says they’re done. In the real world that contract would protect you, but on Steam it doesn’t. Only the reputation of the developer for keeping promises is your protection.
  11. If this was in a PvE battle then it definitely won’t. We think it will only need to be rebuilt after being destroyed in a port battle? Clarification would be nice.
  12. 100% agree With “elite” AI coming to the game the normal AI should be dialed back to something that is doable in an average vet’s sleep, which is still incredibly challenging to your average new player. Right now the AI are so unfailingly stupid in their sailing, and ridiculous in their firing and boarding mods that new players must be be just rolling in the aisles.
  13. Careful, that tinfoil hat is showing. Everyone knew the wipe was occurring and the day it was likely to drop. Letting the port go Neutral and pulling the missions didn’t take a whole lot of foresight. I mean, I guess a bit more foresight than the average US player or your famed War Council is capable of but, meh. Accusing the developers of favoritism and dealing in insider knowledge is definitely not a road you likely want to pursue. Asking for some in-game welfare to get your coastline back instead of pulling missions and flipping the port yourself to fight for it really is telling. Sad.
  14. Outlaw battles should be there for every nation.
  15. Looking good, hopefully we get to see more from the game assets themselves soon!
  16. Agreed, there definitely needs to be balance there.. and both should encourage active participation. I think combat should be the "gathering" activity equivalent of other MMOs, while trading should result from that combat. I'd argue that captured ships should be broken down for legitimate amounts of crafting goods, making collection of rare and useful crafting resources and tools a byproduct of that activity and making trading/hauling these goods to satisfy contracts in the primary, buffed-up ship-building ports more lucrative that the largely passive, AFK sailing of delivery missions.
  17. I agree with this to a large degree, but am also swayed by arguments for a dynamic alliance system where thoughtful developers might have the tools to change balance based on changing population trends over time. Because of the influence of forged papers the current distribution of players, and most importantly RvR-active players, will not be the same forever. So something dynamic is key, and that's why I'd favor something like Wraith's proposal above which doesn't lose the historical context but leaves dynamic the large majority of the map (much of which is unused) to the clans, their alliances, and their warfare both between and within the backdrop of the nation states.
  18. Hostility missions have never been easier. Time to flip a port no?
  19. Does it really matter? You know the US would have faced the music at some point, most likely through a negotiated port swap with GB, Russia, or Spain to allow the attack. To deny the two largest nighttime factions content against each other is silly, and it will happen whether the US wants it to or not. That's why all of this teeth gnashing over the current state of things is so chuckle-worthy.
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