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  1. 2 hours ago, Puchu said:

    Thank you for the compliment rediii :) At least I will take it as such. ;)

    30s would be a proper RoE for the OW. Nothing more would be needed. This would force big gank fleets to stick together and be visible as such on the ow. Noone would be able to teleport to that place and noone would be able to abuse the OW time compression to get to a place where he shouldnt be able to get to within a reasonable time in the first place.


    Definition of tilting at windmills...


  2. 7 minutes ago, Eyesore said:

    I'm sorry, but this thread is just funny 🙂

    You all wanted clanwars and nation is useless 🙂 now that clans have more power, the complaining begins, because some other clan doesn't do what the nation wants  😄

    Now the clans want to be able to decide which clans are worthy and which ones are not ...?   Hahahaha! Now all of a sudden it (RVR) is a national effort again?  lol

    The problem is that we didn’t actually get clan wars. Like so many things our current system is a half measure that only partially implemented a good idea, and it suffers because of it. 

    A full clan-based game would be far superior to this pseudo-clan/nation system we have now. And Admin’s solution is again only a half measure that’s being proposed because it’s easy, not because it’s effective (what do you do when an alt clan closes a port that you’d rather have open, etc.).

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  3. 39 minutes ago, Angus MacDuff said:

    Yeah, I don't think your average new player can defeat an equally sized AI.  And with being hunted by other players on top of that, it's just not survivable out there.  I've even heard a lot of complaints (on global/nation) from returning players.  @admin, there need to be easy (ish) kills out there.  It doesn't matter that it is too easy for veterans.  Less skilled players need the satisfaction of the kill. 

    I agree. We are already seeing quite a few new and returning players leave the game because the difficulty and time needed is just too high. The post release drop off has begun in earnest if you look at the steam charts, and if something isn’t done to attract new players and retain them by giving them easier, fun content then this whole “release”-wipe fiasco was all just needless grind for the same players who were playing the game before...

    It’s still astonishing to me that not a shred of advertising was invested in or updated promotional effort made. :( 

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  4. Could someone please define an “alt” for a poor newb? If You have two characters in two different nations, both of the same rank and both with practically the same number of hours... and both have passed the exams (making one character more capable than a large portion of the nation it is in, but that’s an aside)... then which one and its actions is tribunal-worthy (as long as neither has broken the explicit rule of saying they’re an “alt”)?

    Isn't this exactly what prolific forger DLC is meant to be used for?

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  5. 37 minutes ago, Rabman said:

    All activities that use labor hours should yield experience. It's as simple as that.

    100% agree. The only reason I can see to make xp gain tied to only ship crafting is to drive alt sales in this week’s Steam sale. There’s not a game mechanic that seems less friendly at the moment.

    I’m sure more than a few new alts will be purchased just for crafting alone. 


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  6. On 6/21/2019 at 11:44 PM, CaptVonGunn said:

    They are just as accurate... But remember your firing along your line of movement not across it and thee is a lot less movement up and down and side to side in that angle. THat said all the guns are a bit to accurate..

    lol, clearly not a physicist I see... with that logic your front chasers should be just as laser accurate no?

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  7. 12 minutes ago, Intrepido said:

    What about the AI damage output others have reported?

    I have the feeling everything is buffed with those npcs. 

    Don’t forget the I HAZ ALL THE MODZ boarding... ;) 

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  8. I think they’re hugely unbalancing to trade... in fact you could probably remove all trade goods from the game and 90% of people would probably never notice beyond being thankful the shop interface is more responsive. ;)

    But I’m not saying this is a bad thing. In fact I’d favor more in-depth crafting over the preponderance of useless trade goods. So I’d say remove trade goods for money all together, make it so passengers can’t be carried in basic cutters, and add in Smuggling Missions for higher rewards that you can only pick up in foreign ports.

    Just commit and make these missions the primary vehicle for trade in the game. But if you do so then port taxes have to be collected on them!

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  9. Balance ships (see thread). 

    Improve Ratt, it’s overpriced trash. 

    Remove AI cheating, it’s a bad look and difficulty for new players is extreme. There’s no reason AI should be harder and people should be fine to grind AI fleets in large ships.

    Improve XP/Reals rewards by removing rate difference nerfs and buffing. There should be no reason to make people hate being on the water and grinding. Improve XP drop for the loser of battles as well to encourage new and experienced players to risk ships in PvP.

    Consider a login bonus XP multiplier daily.

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  10. 1 hour ago, CdrNexoe said:


    lol, if you’re new you clearly didn’t read the reviews before you bought the game. Don’t expect any amount of information on changes, developers think it’s fun to be “surprised.” If you get some patch notes, then you can be yet more pleasantly surprised. 🙄

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  11. 3 hours ago, vazco said:

    That's how I got into the game - I watched a stream first (and read a news about it before that). You can't state "noone". From now on, you can only state "almost noone, apart from this one strange dude who's into those things".

    I won’t bother repeating Wraith’s point, but yeah, I’d suggest re-reading my post for comprehension. But I’ll concede that “all” is a bit strong as maybe there are people out there who enjoy watching someone else watch Netflix... Mystery Science Theater 3000 was basically that and hugely popular. ;) 

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  12. 23 minutes ago, Routan said:

    Well you actually got it all.

    Plenty of guys stream the game and also put up videos.

    They have made post about game will be released, on stream.

    So you actually got it all. 

    On top of that lot of players thar been inactive, will come back. Plus they have poked other inactive players. It will be a blast. Dont worry.

    LOL, the only people who watch Naval Action streams are Naval Action players. Let’s get real, Naval Action is literally the worst game to stream. No one wants to watch someone AFK sail and watch Netflix. ;) 

    I mean, MightyMo sat there and played with his Cozmo robot while he wasn’t getting sunk like a noob. Not exactly enthralling.

    No, advertising and promotion has to start with Steam, flower through traditional gaming media sites and be rooted in good community and word of mouth in the corners of the internet where this type of niche game appeals (Age of Sail, piratey interest groups and MMO specific fora). And unfortunately, Naval Action doesn’t have a very good reputation in those corners so a serious investment in the other areas would be needed in my opinion.

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  13. 5 hours ago, Aquillas said:

    Two days ago, I fougth a Wasa, from my Belle Poule with a mate in some Trincomalee. As the fight was poorly engaged for us, we chained the Wasa to get some escape way, either to repair or escape. I could place a carro-chain rake, which reduces his sails down to 59%. Then I went upwind to safety, having not yet decided if we should repair or escape. We did not have to take the decision...

    I saw, one minute later that the Wasa was outrunning my Belle Poule (old one without port upgrades), in spite of sail damages. Wonderring why, I saw that the Wasa has repaired his sails from 59% to 100% in less than one minute... I asked this player how he could do it, and he answered me "magics"... Then he told about port upgrades...

    I don't see here any port upgrade which is accelerating so much sail repairs, and giving ability to repair 41% of sails. Maybe an elite carpenter?

    Unfortunately, my record of this fight failed... :( 

    Crew level 4, most likely stacked with other repair mods which have no hard cap AFAIK.

    Its absurd, as you can basically print a new ship after having 2/3 of all your armor taken away.

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  14. 10 minutes ago, Ink said:

    Captains, the release window is this week. We are going to post more info tonight

    Is there going to be any PR or updating of the website, blogs, YouTube or streamer promotion to drive new players to the game? Because if y’all are wiping just to strip the Early Access banner and hope the Summer Sale does the trick, while there are so many things left to fix... that’s a pretty big disservice to people who thought their XP and Crafting progression was safe for 3.5 years, and no tangible benefit from new players finding the game to supposedly benefit from this “level” starting point. :( 

    Why not just take it out of Early Access and not wipe, and then make a PR blitz on Naval Action 2?

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