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  1. Nah, though I've been quite supportive of many of your essays on mechanics so far, this I'll have to disagree with you on. Three minute join timers were the goldilocks timers. Just enough to hunt in groups but not so much that it was magical-teleport-in-from-anywhere. And I'd add that I'd leave the undocking and leaving battle timer as they are so that you could still be somewhere waiting but not completely called in from out of the blue in order to defend a mate that was tagged right outside of your Outpost/Battle, etc. In any case... We need one, consistent RoE, nothing that var
  2. I think that rare woods should be tied to PvE players, thus making a link between people who PvP (generating combat marks), those who PvE ("gathering"), and their intersection which are people supporting or participating directly in RvR. If we make the "gathering" of rare woods based on time spent in game rather than labor hours then everyone wins (more targets on the open water, more PvP opportunities, etc.). Basically the "gathering" would go like this: traders drop rare woods quite often, but an even more steady supply available for base crafting materials including fine woods by cappi
  3. Alternatively, we can just pay a friendly, foreign clan to come out in a fleet of fir Rattvisans and let us sink them a couple times to grind hostility in front of one of the county’s noncapital ports without a timer. But I agree on the fine woods 2.0 problem. I think it needs to be addressed through significant bumps to “gathering” via PvE traders and capping and breaking down AI.
  4. Are you being serious? Felix’s provides all of the tools that the in game map is missing, so much so that the dev’s basically endorse it over their own tool and quit working on it, lol (they’re removing the trader tool as of the last word).
  5. Funny enough, it also has ten+ thousands of active daily players and an extremely vibrant PvP, PvE, RvR, and social tapestry to satisfy all play styles. Coincidence?
  6. Since they’re blowing up econ and crafting anyway, and DLCs are not going to change, I feel like our time would be better spent lobbying to make all AI ships, 3rd rate and under capturable, and return all ships (even those with permits and DLC) to be found in AI fleets. This would hugely lower the bar for all players to have access to these ships. It would even the playing field a lot between those with fancy woods and the DLC ships, while also motivating people to go out, find and cap nice AI builds and put them up for sale. There would still be motivation to have the DLC for conve
  7. This is a terrible idea that will hurt new players more than help them. Ask yourself why such a shortcut to Master and Commander rank was instituted in the first place... If you were around when it was instituted the rationale given was that we saw a huge dropoff in players before they even made it through sailing a Brig. So the idea was to kick them immediately into a ship they could be effective in PvP and clan activities with.. and with the new damage model heavily favoring anything with larger guns this is even more important than it was at that time.
  8. That's exactly the opposite of reality. The community loved duel rooms, small, and large battles. They made training up new players, testing builds, and getting better at PvP a much more manageable affair. It was the dev's that didn't want to maintain them because they were handwringing at the time trying to prop up server populations and were also removing any extra work they would incur during the UI rework/localization efforts. Clearly the removal of them failed and left us with even less content than we had before and we still have plenty of people asking for their return.
  9. How about we lobby for the return of duel, small, and large battle rooms instead? OW is a garbage matchmaking engine anyway...
  10. I think that's the huge irony of all of the changes recently and the ones talked about here. Essentially the active and passive money sinks of crafting and taxes have no way to keep up with inflation now that most of the motivation for trading and crafting has been removed. People are amassing huge amounts of reals from delivery and passenger missions with essentially nothing to spend it on, all while satisfying their ship/combat needs with DLC ships that are free. With all of these changes in the economy so "close" to release I doubt there's any way to properly balance the economy, and
  11. I’m excited for the port control changes as it’s something I and others have been asking for for a long time. But let’s face it, we would have bought cosmetic DLC to support you (consumable paint packs, flag packs, ship models, etc.) at a rate that might have been sustaining, while leaving the pay to win nature of the current DLC out of the mix. With a line ship in elite woods now at daily disposal players with it are simply at a huge advantage over other without it. And this is particularly true with the RNG, permits and pay walls for woods in place. If we are basically flushing cra
  12. Because it's the only ship in a group that can get even close to a DLC Requin's sailing profile. i.e. we need to reduce the availability of anything that can compete with those.
  13. Making wrecks harder certainly doesn't. Seriously, like we need one more reason to be AFK on the OW? 🙄 There is literally no reason to not make the shipwreck looting interface like the in-battle looting interface, realism, logistically, or game-play-wise. It's just a quality of life feature that makes sense.
  14. So calling me stupid for pointing out the indisputable fact that the majority of players in any MMO actually prefer a mixture of PvP and PvE is your idea of a good argument? Way to be a strong and supportive member of the community... You're a true, upstanding member. If you ever did anything other than bash noobs and rack up combat medals against inferior opponents you might be worthy of more respect and attention. But as it is, your opinions, though clearly mattering to the developers, are clearly out of line with the "average" Naval Action player. I agree with my fierce rival @So
  15. It's right there in the screenshot.. Teak logs and Spanish square sails. Enable fishing and hope to catch a bottle with a location of such a ship wreck.
  16. Could it possibly be that most players want a mix of both? <gasp> This is a lesson that every other major MMO has incorporated and Naval Action seems to be ignoring... Your attitude, and the fact that dev's have listened to players like you, has been hugely detrimental to the game and its population.
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