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  1. As said in the topic, i didnt want to publish the exact combination of woods and mods cause it could be a glitch. We had a live white locean with hull 4, added navy planking and afterwards navy sructure and hit 105 by doing that. Someone tryed to remove cartagena from his live white locean wich already had navy structure on it and replace it with navy planking and hit only 101 thickness, and the ship that made US try this stuff was bought and had 103. We think that the cap of the game cant handle the flat thickness from navy planking and allows structure to go over the cap.
  2. 1. Ill try to provide screens tonorrow, ppl arent online rn 2. Navy planking
  3. I dont have any Screenshots saved by myself, as i didnt own any live oak ships, the ppl i was talkin to bought a ship wich had 103 thickness and after some testing we found out how it goes and reached 105. Its not possible to reach this number through the Netify map cause one of the mods needed is actually missing in the selection menue. I think its a bug cause its only possible to break the cap of 99 on a locean with the combination of mods and woods we used and they had 3 ships with exactly the same mod Setup but with 3 different thickness stats, 101, 103 and 105. The only difference was the
  4. so a couple of players found a ship wich was over its thickness cap and after some discussing we found a way to actually trick the cap of ships shown at https://na-map.netlify.com/ when you smach as much thickness as possible onto a ship. so the map tells the thickness-cap for locean is 99 but they managed to gain 105 onto the ship. ill wait till @admin responded to this and says if its a acual glitch or intended mechanic of the game till i explain how to do it so the amount of players that abuse it if its a glitch will be as small as possible.
  5. noticed that my normaly painted endymion lost her northwind skin, asked about it and found a couple of players that had the same issue was that intended for adding that paint and others to the dlc or somethin like that, or was it a mistake while patching?
  6. as we seem to get a xp wipe, probably bind those notes for the single use dlc ships to your rank ups, so you get those ships as you proceed through the game. And probably, if we get pvp ranks or somethin like that as banished privateer asked/mentioned in a post on another topic a couple fo days ago, make them accessable through those, so you get a lot of pvp through people that want to try out dlc ships.
  7. somethinlike that would be awesome for vic or probably some 2nd rates too just wood, some black paint and a ton of gold ;D
  8. would love to see that paint for the wapen von hamburg in the game
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