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  1. Loading my vast collection of wealth and ships is taking longer than usual, anyone else got this problem? Also will someone please god sell me an Inger today
  2. Well at least we can all engage in some friendly fun tommorow trying to make hostility.
  3. I don't like that idea. Forged papers create a new identity. With how toxic the game can get there's nothing wrong with being able to start over anonymously. I for one started over in GB with a new name when this came out and have successfully been hiding with this new identity for over a year as a leader of a famous clan with many active members. Still noone knows who I really am and this would cause great uproar. So plz don't implement it. Baity
  4. God damn Lenin and his 1 million alts has put an end to my repairs conquest, by dropping 1000s upon 1000s for relatively reasonable prices. Fear not, for the cannons niche is still open. And by God it's fruitfull, easy sells at 5k 6k 15k for simplist of cannons. If only I could be stopped. I will always find a way to be extortionate.
  5. Something must be done, I've been able to sell repairs at several free ports, hives of activity some might say, for rediculas over the top extortionate prices for weeks now. Personally I would just laugh off the "could someone give me some repairs in la tortue" with a : "there's loads on sale in the shop mate" with a little muhahahahahhahahahaahahh to myself. HOWEVER, I've had absolutely no dramas selling them for 4000, 5000, 6000 for hundreds at a time, Hell even 9000 in 100 batches Now this all gets completed within 2 days. So I'll say again you guys should
  6. I like all the ai intelligence upgrades. don't like the yet more dlc, they will probably destroy the entire resource crafting ship building ingame market. Baity.
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