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  1. Reset again tomorrow or Saturday and let’s test it properly over the weekend, when more players can enjoy the chaos!
  2. That is my understanding as well
  3. Add ability for clan leaders to hire (pay) AI to transport/bring wood or resources from far away places to a port of their choice. This would make resources more available and would establish a temporary trade route that could be raided and some nice cargo looted.
  4. Like this concept of rewarding time in game. Perhaps it should only count when your status is “at sea” or “in battle” to prevent/repress afk farming. Keep up the good thinking.
  5. You are correct, sir. As a newer player I found the R zones helpful, which caused me to stay and play longer, allowing me time to learn the game and build confidence. Eventually we all come out of the safe zone to play, but as a noob (as we all were at some time) I can hardly think of a better way to get people to quit than setting them up to be gang raped by experienced veterans the moment they leave the docks.
  6. @admin Would it be possible to make the instance/battle map so that it can be moved to a second monitor and keep it open during the battle? Maybe add a wind direction arrow on it also... That would be swell!
  7. I like the idea of officers dying in combat, it’s realistic and would be fun to constantly building your officer corps, and killing yours
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