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  1. Yep, woke up this morning.... both neutral. Russians doing Agro on islamorada, but I can’t go to battle as my son is having a birthday party. So is life in NA I guess, maybe I should start studying how to speak Russian?
  2. Yes, one of the worst threads I’ve ever been unfortunate to have seen
  3. Why would anyone want to give over control of their life & decisions to parasitic politicians and unelected bureaucrats? What you decide to do with your life is up to you, but please don’t vote away my freedom and subjugate me via democracy. #LegalizeFreedom
  4. I think you are on to something here. 👍
  5. Perhaps what you are really finding annoying and time consuming is the transport of goods/books/reps/ships around the map? Perhaps a better solution than supercharging speed would be the ability to hire some AI (for a fee) to transport the goods for you. Maybe pay a bit more to transport with AI escort. Goods would be placed on AI transport and arrive some time later, if the AI makes it to the destination without being engaged/sunk/pirated by a player. This would add content and targets, as well as removing boring, time consuming tasks away from valuable gameplay time.
  6. Yes, more like this. An ongoing struggle for domination involving a variety of factors, not one single battle
  7. This is a great solution to a non problem.
  8. Demote one rank when you change nations. Maybe more if you join Zerg nations...
  9. Aggressive AI only for enemy players in/near another countries capital zone.
  10. And capped ships are much inferior than player crafted ships
  11. It was just an observation, and some advice. No idea why Fleet ship captains are so incompetent, or why the game is so buggy at times.
  12. The fleet ships are not good sailors, they do dumb things. Don’t use good ships for fleet fighters, just use throwaway ships
  13. Hitting the mast with a cannonball, at range and from an unstable gun platform (ship) without a rifled barrel or decent aiming mechanism seems nearly impossible to me....
  14. Try updating your video card driver. Worked for me with similar problem
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