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  1. I’ve been reading Kent’s Bolitho series, currently on book 15 and I like them. Great stories, characters, plenty of action. Yes, gives you a good feel for the era. Not to tedious to read. I recommend, start with book 1 “midshipman Bolitho”
  2. It’s possible he did not know until after he had joined. Let’s see what he has to say about it
  3. Merry Christmas. extra rum rations for all hands!
  4. I noticed last night that there was a “normal” amount of players online, in game, and that the combat news was unusually quiet. My conclusion was that everyone was trading. My thought was that it would be a good time to go out and hunt traders (but I was too busy trading)
  5. Lost completely or temporarily disabled/unavailable for production? Will they need to be completely rebuilt from zero if the port is captured by a clan of the same nation? Or will they return once the port is recaptured?
  6. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. Quit trying to take from others that which you don’t like. Some casual players like it and it costs them a perk to have it, which could otherwise be used for a more “useful” perk, which more hardcore players may prefer. Choices are good for the game.
  7. @adminPlease make NA2 port ownership this way: Port ownership should be set more indirect. We should have some kind of „domination“ value in ports that decides which nation owns the port. Every port should have a populations of people of all nations. The nation with the highest population owns the port. Population and domination should be changeable by special factors like victorious PB, sinking ships near a port, the nationality of the surrounding ports and maybe other stuff. So one PB may not change the port ownership but raise the domination value which - with continuos action - might lead to a change in ownership. With a system like that we could get rid of the static frontlines because ports that are surrounded by own ports should have a much higher domination of the own nation.
  8. When i said 1 vet i was referring to Ram Dinark. And for the rest, I didn't say they were new to the game, i said they were noobs. Lol
  9. Yep, woke up this morning.... both neutral. Russians doing Agro on islamorada, but I can’t go to battle as my son is having a birthday party. So is life in NA I guess, maybe I should start studying how to speak Russian?
  10. I think you are on to something here. 👍
  11. Perhaps what you are really finding annoying and time consuming is the transport of goods/books/reps/ships around the map? Perhaps a better solution than supercharging speed would be the ability to hire some AI (for a fee) to transport the goods for you. Maybe pay a bit more to transport with AI escort. Goods would be placed on AI transport and arrive some time later, if the AI makes it to the destination without being engaged/sunk/pirated by a player. This would add content and targets, as well as removing boring, time consuming tasks away from valuable gameplay time.
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