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  1. Ports ports attacks and leaderboards (if is set in the future) that arent in real time... At least the ports and ports attacks
  2. the map iS TOO BIG i cant believe you can put a MAP that big. When you try to copy ideas from potbs, dont make an OS that you need 40 minutes to sail from victoria to habana. Come on. that kills the interactivity at all
  3. as i said, xteaming didnt kill the game. And as i didnt say, i used to xteam but only for pvp not for spying. I dont care about whats going on in other sides, playing with an advantage. and in time you can know the "important" people of other nations, if you dont know yet. and as you say, you can buy another acc to spy. I dont think many people will try to spy. and you can still go to the other nation TS or something. Even an old friend playing in other nation can tell you things on steam about his nation, and comming a lot from potbs is no that hard. Trying to put walls to the game that wont be usefull is a development waste of time. You can put a chat of CONQUEST that for example you cant read before reach lvl 5. but even in that case i am sure that someone that needs an advantage will lvl up to spy.
  4. it wasnt the xteaming the thing that killed the game. and i was one of those that in 2012 could play in 3 nations in pvp in the same afternoon. There are a lot of reasons to say why potbs fall down to the undersea, but that is not in the top
  5. i have no time now to extend so much but i will give my opinion in short way. With Open Sea interactivity is needed. that is why i sugges that the first levels should be faster, there are boring and long (specially with the OS travels) The OS escale is abusive. 40 minutes to sal from habana to Victoria... that needs to be reduced. Other day i will explain why i say this and other things. btw i voted: Overhaul of War & Peace mechanics and national relations, pirate role and national alliances Anyways the interface is something that should change..
  6. how is the open world development going?
  7. i would say full pvp. if you put protect zones, is better to protect the far from ports. so u can sail a bit afk, and the teamplay to get in and out of ports can be more interesting. I would think about making an interactive game between players socs nations whatever is created, than a solopveplayer option.
  8. yeah it was a bit strange But is developer in forum so... When or where we can download for testing? or is not yet available
  9. i am back: Win 7 QuadCore Intel Core i5-2500, 3400 MHz ATI Radeon HD 5850 RAM 16gb i have also a laptop where i think it can works easy I wait for answer
  10. I am not at home to check exactly wich graphic card i have but it should work... i check it later i want to test it
  11. i dont think we have to compare potbs with any other game. potbs pvp was very nice until aug 2012. but was a different game. I dont think is a good idea to Mix both games. Btw i had pvp in potbs 6v6 that was not longer than 5 minutes, and other that went to 40 minutes or more (vs dsl - podw mostly)
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