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  1. removing the R zone cause the seal clubbing and i believe that is a mistake all we going to hear for next 6-10 weeks is "been gank when i start playing" "Not play because to much ganking at starting port" they sud really rethink the R zone and bring it back or you could lose 10-20% of new player comeing to the game. plz plz rethink R zones for the new players and make it were staying in R zone after certain ranks make it pointless every new player sud have a spot to learn the game and not get gank by player looking for cheap easy wins
  2. dont make easy make it something that you have to earn i dont mind the low xp
  3. i agree ships sud be build over time not there and then it would put more value to a ship with high rate and it will all so stop one person smashing 10 ships out of he can limit ship building to a timer and u be happy with what u see with the eco
  4. may i all so point a small problem that mite happen at rest. so game rest and everything is wipe day 2-3 few like mined players get together (low rank rank 5-6) about 15 player let say and they find a 3-2 rate elite AI on it own so the 15 player attack it with a bunch of small herc / pandor free ship in a way and they lose alot off player but they kill this 2nd or 3rd rate and a note drops. now they have a player to go get a trade ship that can carry it and take it back to port and open this note on the 3rd day and a 2nd rate with port bounes drop lvl 3-4 and the wood is ok now there a ship in the game when crew will wreck anything in the 1st week if some player get the xp i dont no if this has been thought about but it cud be a problem on rest off fast grabing elite high rate ships with swam of player to get amzing ship with out haveing bounes ports or shipyard anyone have a thoughts on this
  5. we really cant talk about historical accuracy when it come to allys off that era and then portend the nation off that time have the same navys power in the game compared to the historical navys the only reason GB was on it own (historical) because it was able to be alone with it greatly more powerful navy. this historical fact will not be show in the game and i do believe if this sys come in to the game it will do more harm to player content and count then most player will no. but i not just shooting the idea down just this one keep working on some ofter way off allowing something like this.
  6. only because brits have 26% does not mean that in there power rember the number dont tell the full story and northing stop a no attck agreement for ofter nations
  7. so i dont no if anyone found out yet but i tryed to do the clan deliver mission and the erro "could not genrate mission" comeup my clan leader tryed it too and same message would like repose on this if anyone ele has tryed
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