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  1. I attacked enemy trinco and pandora with bellona. 3 random guy joined my side. Guys in my team exited the battle. 2 more enemy bellona joined I was 4 vs 1 at the end. This is an exploit. The escaped guys BR should not remain in ROE.
  2. = more DLC sold. It is the only reason of very rare and expansive woods plus rng and cm permits. So I do not understand what we are discussing here. Boss already made a decision.
  3. My point is, that was in the past, I used to do that in my snow. Hercules/LRQ were easy, but now 32pd carros will shred Snow / Prince into pieces. I have tried very difficult. (I have won against many ships in my snow, up to Bellona, but it is history.) I mean many things has changed, 6pd cannons or 18 pd carros are not enough.
  4. You are talking about old naval action. Before very rare woods, before damage model, before permits, before LRQ and Hercules dlc. What you talk is history, RIP.
  5. I really can not understand what is trying to achieved by DEVs. I feel like they spend time on, * Trying to fix what is not broken. * Trying to fix what is partialy broken, making it totaly broken. * Introducing DLCs. Give us a break, and do not make stuff more difficult, this is a GAME, not a Job! I exchanged broadsides on a half wounded Victory in my L'Ocean. Guess what I noticed he has like double dps while I had gunnery enc., ins. aux cann. and old flag officer. I had to pull away cause he was gonna sink my lo/wo 100cm thick ship
  6. Great times for me and my mates. Best fun in NA, my little nasty SNOW, R. I. P.
  7. Happens to me half the time I start the game. Does not happen in any other steam or non steam game.
  8. I want to support the game, but I will not buy any DLC until things become reasonable. RNG permits are insane, 4x incease of combat medals for permits is???
  9. Did I miss something? Half of the permits drop by RNG, is this changed? If not why are the people talking like you can get all permits by combat medals?
  10. Of course we noticed, they farming noobs like there is no tommorow. Admin is happy he is seeing lots of pvp data, few pvp players are happy as they can farm better. So what is the problem? (sarcasm)
  11. Why do some of you speak like all permits can be acquired by cm? WE NEED RNG CHEST to craft many many ships!!! WTF??? WHY?
  12. Spend them on ships, fight more or just put them on ships which are to stay in docks forever. who cares? end game is pvp and rvr, best players already have many of all best mods. Do you think people will quit like “I have all the best loot, now I can uninstall this game” I tell you something Epic Fleet Missions are easier than group missions, problem is to find a big group to do them.
  13. This is what I purposed long time ago. But ! after my post he came up with hiding commands ! I feel responsible, I could not make him understand this warm up feature. just example; ATTACK needs 7 seconds to charge to full power MUSKETS needs 4 seconds etc. Now we have the newbie rage quit mechanic instead which is hidden commands.
  14. @Henry Durnin you should definitly been harming the rat !
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