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  1. Please let selected ship knowledge to stay on ships if sent to fleet. When in fleet knowledges are inhibited. When sent to docks or selected as main ships, preselected knowledges show up again. Please let us see knowledge slots during sailing. Would be nice to add information to ships at docks. So if I have 2 Bellonas, I can understand which one pvp/pve/boarding etc. just looking at the list. ***
  2. Yes, in game encyclopedia, referance, logbook whatever they call it. Everything from crafting to survival to ships to trading to... Even in game map, you should be able to plot routes, share information with friends or clan mates. More detailed information when you hover a port. Shortly Felix map should be in the game We keep dreaming.
  3. But inger escaped long before you entered, so this is another stupid mechanic ? Cause pirate can join my battle, and just exit, so other side open to bigger BR ! Was he still in battle when you joined ? I think we need a clear explanation from @admin how this 20 minute rule and BR limitations work.
  4. Yes you are right, but steam reviews make a point, which is, let me check... STEAMDB RATING 61.34% out of 4000 reviews. That is much more accurate for me from game review websites. I do favour metacritic more btw. I find 61% to be very accurate regarding EA phase of the game. The superb battle instance which is for me a 9/10 helps this game to push 62%. If before release they try to adress issues correctly and with much faster response, this game may stay above 70% during it's lifespan with some healthy community. This is very optimistic dream btw. EVE Online which most players refer to has been released 16 years ago, with rating of 73.46% out of 11000 reviews, that is a huge success. Now very interestingly, EVE has 11000 reviews on steam while NA has 4000 reviews which actually tells something. 4000 people bothered to comment on NA which has example 150k copies sold while EVE sold between 1 million to 2 million copies by steam and has only 11000 reviews. This according to me, is showing HOW HUGE POTENTIAL NAVAL ACTION has...
  5. cause it profited too much ? Easy mission without damage with tylnx and good profit. I do not say it is bad but ...
  6. great back to old trading missions ! They were great, hope to see them coming back just like pvp marks or combat marks.
  7. I try to be optimistic. Some of his points are very correct and I agree with them, some I do not. (of course I will not state which ones because ... anyway) My point is if this guy has 4 accounts on the game, it is legit that he has left 4 reviews, isn't it? Most definitly I can say what comes around goes around...
  8. So last night I saw not only 1 but 3 Orients, I am sure we will see many many more. Stupid orients can use 30 men for survival although they have 1100 crew. No worries mate, we have 30 guys fighting against this huge fire, it will be ok, booOOOMM! Did I say 1st rates are very expansive now and teak/wo/lo is only at 1 port only? If we are "Allahu Akbar" Orient fighters cause it is realistic, I want Queen to give me my 1st rate, why am I crafting it myself
  9. Once fire starts it quickly becomes uncontrolable. With that big fire, there was only 30!!!! man on survival. So I said wtf, turn off all stations, but survival stayed on 30. I had same big fire on my Ocean before patch, it burnt half of my ship, but I was able to control it. I remember 60 or more man on survival. As 1st rates become so expansive, now they start to pop like popcorns, I am asking my self why should I sail them. A proper 1st rate exploding like this, is broken. If this was fir/fir open magazine, fireship upgraded ship, I would love it, but it was not and I hated it. Knowing this is a BETA, wiped are coming it is okay. When game released this will not be ok.
  10. This again ? really ? He has already given the information, he promised rank xp to remain, than told mistake, so it will be wiped. Book knowledge will stay, if he changes his mind, it will also be wiped. This is EA, so no need to discuss, he is determined most of the time, it will change nothing. After release veterans will be sailing in Le Requin and Hercules in just first few hours, you will see combat news flooding with "captain reversable passed the final exam" "moscal in pink passed the final exam" etc. So clean start is unrealistic, it will not happen. In few hours veterans will be farming noobs at USA / British / Pirate / Spanish capitals with LRQ and Herc and in few days day will be in Bellonas and keep going...
  11. I do agree %100, this kind of change is needed. These easy to achieve improvements many advices from people including you, have not seen it being valued by developers. Some things happen, you need months posting here, polling, posting, and may be a little chance it get's noticed.
  12. I do not understand why you are so defensive I do fair battles but if you come our capitol waters, do you expect a fair battle ? This is not an excuse if you are trying to find one, just be a man do not try to find excuses. Say like a man "I am pirate captain, I do not give a hello kitty about fair fights, when I have the opportunity I do everything to win, that is what pirate does". Than I say okay you are MAN, not little girl in a fir pink victory. Me and moscal was fair for example 900 br to 800 br, until you joined with another 1st rate. The battle was outside greenzone, you joined at exactly at 01:12 Why does it hurt you when I speak about it ? I was angry and I am sorry. My anger was to the new ROE, and of course I personaly would not do what you did, that is not my personality. That is your character, I respect you guys as pvpers but I do not respect that kind of behaviour for anyone. If admin let's gank happen in this game, you have option to do it, you enjoy it, but I do not. Sorry to hurt your feelings.
  13. I do agree with you guys. But it will not happen, this is what developers do not want. I know very difficult to understand, but their dream is different and no body knows what really their dream is
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