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  1. @BCH regarding the 2nd Winchester as the Union... What I do I play with at least 4 or 5 artillery regiments, 1 or 2 snipers and rest is regular infantry... And I usually get something like 15:1 casualties in my favor... What I found out is that for 2nd Winchester the best thing to do is to bring the very best units you have. The North approach can be easily defended with a single infantry regiment supported by one sniper and artillery unit. And if positioned directly, at least one artillery unit from the center will be able to shoot the flank of the Rebels trying to move up North. South is mor
  2. @Contact and @BCH The Irish Brigade was the third in number of casualties in the Union Army with only the 1st Vermont and Iron Brigade suffered more casualties. During the War Regimental losses of Irish Brigade were as follows: 63rd NY Infantry lost 156, 69th NY Infantry lost 259, 88th NY Infantry lost 151, 28th MA lost 250, 116th PA Infantry lost 145 men. Altogether the Irish Brigade lost 961 men to direct killing or dying from wounds. If you add to that the fact that they lost around three thousand men wounded you see that they have lost around four thousand men altogether. That number
  3. BCH seems like you started to get the hang of it... Try to minimize losses in major battles as much as you can... I won Antietam as the Union with around 3,500 casualties altogether on my last MG play-through... Both Stones River and Chancellorsville will be pretty easy and straight forward battles that will be great victories if you keep your loses minimal... Also, a word of advice... Invest in sniper unit or two really early on (works for both sides). When you get those 150 snipers equipped with scoped j&f browns or whitworths and get them to 3 stars.... oh boy, oh boy... it will b
  4. Yeah, Campaign, especially the Union one gets very monotonous after Chickamauga, although 9 times out of 10 I find Gettysburg battle quite boring also. That 1 time was in my last play through when CSA pushed hard towards the northern flag on the ridge and massed all they had there... that was a hard fight thru the woods. Also, during the attack on the Little Round Top AI proved quite resilient and even achieved some footholds on the Big Round Top but it was essentially a battle of attrition witch I could easily win. But hey, that's the name of the game.
  5. Cavalry is a beast... Even skirmish cavalry is quite good once you get them to second perk... but they do require a lot of micromanagement, even more so than normal skirmishers...
  6. I made this little list of Historical unit formations: https://steamcommunity.com/app/502520/discussions/0/1651043958634466944/ Free for use
  7. I tried defending all the way South... But the problem there is I have to send a unit up North in order to lure the Stuart's Cav into coming to me... Although there is a farm and I have the High Ground when he charges those 3 star Cavalry units on the open field I just can't fend them off... Even if I use woods the problems are many. In one attempt i had a single unit engage him in a forest with 2 artillery batteries and 4 other units firing at him to no avail, just can't make him break. When he did break he came back charging with 3 units and you know what happens when Cavalry gets melee bonu
  8. I need help with Union MG... the battle is Supply Raid...played it some 8 times but Stuart's cavalry simply smashes me to pieces. The Sharps M1859 rifle takes out 2-3 cavalrymen per shot, they don't care about canister shot to their face... frustration, frustration, frustration
  9. This are the numbers I faced just the other day... What I am most pleased about is the fact i have managed to replicate my tactic that got me through this battle the first time I played it... once I perfected it, I'll try some other tactics and approaches but for now on to the Gaines Mill.
  10. I would say that having Politics at 3, economy at 2 and Army organisation at 5 is pretty good to deal with the Shiloh
  11. @ BCH I wish you best of luck with the Union campaign start... If you get past Shiloh you are set for the entire campaign...
  12. It has been done... Every battle a heroic victory... The Washington has fallen... Look at those sniper sowing death all arround... . The Union suffered 1.281.487 soldiers killed... It was indeed a very enjoyus ride... thnx @pandakraut for a decent mod... The battle itself was a total wipeout of enemy forces in every single phase... What I have found out to work best is to use only your best corps during attack phases (in my case the I and II Corps) I hadn't used flanking forces for attack at all. When the Washington city phase opens simply wait it out until m
  13. @pandakraut yes, repeaters really do feel underwhelming... What I would suggest is to take more of a vanilla game approach. as they are expensive and you don't get any meaningful ammount of them till late game make them hit hard and fast... increased damage with lower accuracy is ok... but they shoot too slow. try playing with reload speed a bit but I dont think any repeater should have base reload of under 140... With them is more about volume of lead you can send down the range then need to hit accurately and if they have same base reload as normal rifled muskets then they really really unde
  14. You really don't need more...your troops are the "elite". For dirty work use AI units you get...
  15. @pandakraut yeah... but my crappy last two Corps have no chance of breaking the defenses on the second phase, let alone take Washington, and sweeping down with my elite Corps I can take those last two forts and the city with no problems... its the Counterattack stage at the city of Washington that is giving me problems, everything else I have managed without any trouble whatsoever. And I am facing like 220k mostly star 2 and 3 units there lol
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