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  1. Trying to do this the 'right' way, instead of rage boarding. But seriously, what is this? The other cerb, the one in front, has 40% sails.
  2. I pulled some more data, specifically I pulled the crafting requirements for 3 ships from each rank above my original data. Specifically, Cerb, Endy, LGV, Agamemnon, Indefatigueable, Wapen, 3rd Rate, Constitution, Wasa, Buc, St. Pavel, L'ocean, Santi and Victory. I didn't account for costs of permits or special materials for frame/trim. These are all based on basic Fir/Crew space. Rank Ship Hours XP Reals/Ship Real/Xp 1/log(r/x) Xp/Hour log(X/H) 7 TCutter 43 202 1364 6.75 1.21 4.70 0.67 7 TLynx 29 362 1364 3.77 1.74 12.48 1.10 7 Pickle 48 598 2111 3.53 1.83 12.46 1.10 7 Priv 39 480 2194 4.57 1.52 12.31 1.09 6 Tsnow 125 944 2751 2.91 2.15 7.55 0.88 6 Brig 66 826 4178 5.06 1.42 12.52 1.10 6 Tbrig 66 826 3602 4.36 1.56 12.52 1.10 5 Cerb 259 1234 7753 6.28 1.25 4.76 0.68 5 Endy 686 2356 19006 8.07 1.10 3.43 0.54 5 lgv 480 2090 12182 5.83 1.31 4.35 0.64 4 Aga 992 3180 24590 7.73 1.13 3.21 0.51 4 Inde 825 2832 21312 7.53 1.14 3.43 0.54 4 Wapen 843 2722 22974 8.44 1.08 3.23 0.51 3 3rd 1099 3512 35882 10.22 0.99 3.20 0.50 3 Consti 1222 2942 30942 10.52 0.98 2.41 0.38 3 Wasa 992 3180 25878 8.14 1.10 3.21 0.51 2 Buc 1367 3650 52038 14.26 0.87 2.67 0.43 2 Pavel 1176 3296 43940 13.33 0.89 2.80 0.45 1 L'Ocean 2349 4694 85738 18.27 0.79 2.00 0.30 1 Santi 2304 4694 81810 17.43 0.81 2.04 0.31 1 Victory 2050 4100 71698 17.49 0.80 2.00 0.30 What I want to draw attention to is the following. The amount of XP needed to advance a level seems to be =n(55)+n(n-1)=(n^2-n)+55n where n is the level you are advancing into. It resembles a parabolic function that increases as you gain levels. The amount of XP to be gained per day, if you craft within the rank of ships available at your crafting level bracket, though, does not follow that trend. In the following chart I took the data of the ship from each rank that showed the best log(XP/Hours). This refers to the ship for each bracket, that you get the best amount of XP for labor hours spent crafting the ship (not the resources). Then I took the average labor hours for all levels able to craft that ship and divided that by the labor hours to produce that ship to get the total number of ships craftable in one day. That was multiplied by the xp for crafting that ship and then plotted. Example: For rank 7 ships, minimum crafting level is 1. At rank 5 you can begin crafting the 6th ranks. I took the average of labour hour wallet size for levels 1-5, divided that by labor needed to craft a pickle, and then multiplied that by the xp for a pickle. For rank 6, I took the trader brig. Averaged labor hour wallet size for levels 6-15 (because after 15 you would move into the next rank of ships) and then divided that average by the labor hours to craft a trader brig, then multiplied that by the xp for a trader brig. As you can see on this chart, no matter where you are with crafting level, the 6th and 7th rates have the best return on XP. From my original study, you see that the 7th ranks are the most cost-efficient way to level. I think we would want to see all of the 5-1th rates move to the right with regard to labor efficiency while keeping them low in cost efficiency. I think that the 5th rates specifically should be much closer to the labor efficiency as the 6th and 7th rates, if not equal. If we want to encourage people not to grind 6th and 7th rank ships to get to 50, here are some broad suggestions. I don't think they all need to be utilized, I think some combination of them may work: As you advance in level:rank brackets, the xp gained for lower tiered ships reduces. Eg. When you hit the bracket for 6th ranked ships, the xp for 7th rank is reduced by 25%. When you reach the bracket for 5th rate ships, the xp for 7th rates is reduced by another 25%, and the xp for 6th rates is reduced by an initial 25%. And so on. Labor hours for 5th rate ships need to be reduced so that they are more worthwhile to grind out. The cost in resources for them should remain as the main restriction on them, as this encourages active play to gain coin, trade resources, enlist help from other players. 5th rates should be the area where the bulk of leveling takes places. Permits, doubloons, and the inclination to use rare woods on ships ranked 4-1 limit the ability to grind on these. Wallet size should increase by percentage of wallet size, and not by a constant of +20hours/level. The huge dip in XP/day between levels 15-50 is mainly due to being able to craft less ships/day due to high labor cost of ship and limited wallet increase. Xp for higher ranked ships should increase dramatically. Get rid of crafting level entirely. It encourages a grind, and I'm not entirely sure what the purpose is since maxing the level is fairly easily achieved. Hike up resource prices Hike up shipyard upgrade prices Install shipyard upgrade restrictions based on commander level or clan influence The restriction on what one crafts could be entirely based on cost. This could encourage crafting ships that are in demand so there may be more player-player economy. Or there will just be wealthy clans/players pumping out Victories. I don't know. Ship crafting missions. A certain port needs a fleet of 10 Cerb's to increase security and are willing to pay Xreals and Ydoubloons. Or are willing to pay in dropped resources, or rare woods. I don't know. It could add some flavor and motivation to craft ships that aren't the most grind/efficient. Player-player ship trades. I don't think there is a function for this besides auction. There should be if there isn't. It would be nice if you can dock a ship at a port someone has a dock at and leave it for them and collect your pay. Dock-contracts. Increase XP to craft other things besides just ships. I can see why this would be difficult since the resouce cost for crafting other items compared to ships is fairly low, so it would make grinding craft level xp even easier - but as it stands, there is little to no reason to be a crafter who doesn't also make ships. On this note, maybe separate crafting skills? Guns/Ships/Mods. Tier the guns and mods. More crafting specialization means that there are more niches for players to fill and encourage more player-player economy. Include a %mod on batches of guns. So if I craft a batch of 100 18pd longs, there is a 2% chance that this batch have a 5% penetration upgrade. They would sit in a separate stack in my warehouse than basic 18pd longs, and the same rules for equipping remain. If my ship can hold 24 18pd guns, then I can equip 4 ships with the upgraded cannons, with 4 left over. They can't be mixed and matched.
  3. So you can craft them from provisions and tools. They cost 500 labor hours. So as a solo you likely wouldn't use them unless buying from the admiralty store for 2500 doubloons. Otherwise you are spending provisions and tools to bank 500 labor hours. In a clan setting they could get more creative. If all the resources needed we're already collected for example. Then contracts could speed things up. The fact though is crafting labor contacts only transfers 500 hours, it doesn't create them.
  4. tSnows would be the cheapest. tBrigs would be fastest, technically, but Pickles have a similar amount of XP/day for less production cost.
  5. Sure. But, I don't think anyone would want to make a line ship Fir/Crew Space. Additional factors such as doubloon cost, permit cost and rare woods would have to be factored in. I will calculate costs of just the produceable resources needed to make the bulk of the ship and then list the number of materials (doesn't matter what materials, same amount) for frame and trim - but they will not be factored into cost. These values assume you have the Line Ship Master perk for a 20% reduction in labor cost for the crafting of the ship. Ship Oak Fir Hemp Iron Lig Stone Coal Prov Hours XP Frame Trim L'Ocean 1490 800 459 305 66 165 230 1100 2936 4694 2985 655 Santi 1421 762 438 291 63 158 219 1050 2880 4694 2847 625 Victory 1266 680 391 260 56 141 195 850 2562 4100 2537 557 L'Ocean Cost: Real Real/Ship Labor/Ship Oak 10 14900 1192 Fir 4 3200 640 Hemp 58 26622 367 Iron 62 18910 244 Lig 36 2376 53 Stone 14 2310 132 Coal 4 920 184 Prov 15 16500 880 Total Reals:85738 Labor Hours:4615 Santi Cost: Real Real/Ship Labor/Ship Oak 10 14210 1137 Fir 4 3048 610 Hemp 58 25404 350 Iron 62 18042 233 Lig 36 2268 50 Stone 14 2212 126 Coal 4 876 175 Prov 15 15750 840 Total Reals:81810 Labor Hours:4488 Victory Cost: Real Real/Ship Labor/Ship Oak 10 12660 1013 Fir 4 2720 544 Hemp 58 22678 313 Iron 62 16120 208 Lig 36 2016 45 Stone 14 1974 113 Coal 4 780 156 Prov 15 12750 680 Total Reals:71698 Labor Hours:4399
  6. Labor Hour Wallet. How many labor hours the crafter has. You can see it by hovering over your name when in port. You will see your craft level followed by two numbers. Labor hours that you have/Labor Hour Wallet Size. It increases as you level up. I forget how much it restores by. Some % of total/per hours. I craft once a day, so every day when I come to craft my wallet is full again. You can use the overseer perk to increase wallet capacity by 25% and there is another perk that makes it refill 20% faster, but since I only craft once a day, it refilling faster doesn't matter to me.
  7. Ahoy. I was bored so I messed around with excel. Introduction: There is a lot of information out there regarding this game. Much of it is outdated since we are in a constant process of tweaking and testing. I have been playing for a couple weeks, and have just finished grinding myself up to 50 craft. I wanted to see if I did it efficiently (I didn't), or if there were better ways. What I intend to demonstrate with this study is a data-backed guide to grinding a new player to max crafting level as quickly, and as cheaply, as possible. Methods: Data compiled for this study was: Ship resource requirements (fir/crew space - reason below) Ship Xp gained from crafting Labor Hours for crafting the ship Total Labor Hour Wallet size of the ship crafter Total number of ships crafter can craft with a full wallet (Ships/Day) Real cost of producing resources necessary to max Ships/Day Labor cost of producing resources necessary to max Ships/Day Data was compiled in excel. Results: These figures are based on ship crafter having perks: Light Ship Shipmaster, Royal Shipbuilder, and Overseer Ship Requirements and XP Ship Oak Fir Hemp Iron Lig Stone Coal Prov Hours XP TCutter 14 35 9 3 1 2 3 20 43 202 TLynx 14 35 9 3 1 2 3 20 29 362 Pickle 16 41 11 4 1 2 3 55 48 598 Priv 42 8 10 3 1 2 3 60 39 480 Tsnow 26 65 13 6 2 3 4 65 125 944 Brig 33 84 22 7 2 4 6 110 66 826 Tbrig 33 84 25 7 2 4 6 60 66 826 Resource Real and Labor Cost Resource: Real/1 unit Oak 10 Fir 4 Hemp 58 Iron 62 Lig 36 Stone 14 Coal 4 Prov 15 Labor for all resource production is approx 0.8 hours if producing at least 10. Under 10 and the unit:labor appears to be 1:1 Fir/Crew used because Fir costs much less than oak. Then we find the total number of ships one can produce/day based on their wallet size and the hours required for the construction. This number is not constant, so I'm not including the figures. For this example, assume a wallet size of 1240 hours. From this, we figure the amount of each resource needed to make n number of ships/day and sum the cost of all the resources, the labor hours/day required to produce the resources, and the amount of xp/day. We can then figure the Real/Xp, or the real cost for 1 xp. Ships/Day = crafterWalletSize/shipLaborCost Real/Day = sum(nResource/ship*costResource*Ships/Day) Labor/Day = sum(nResource/Ship*0.8*Ships/Day) Xp/Day = xp/Ship*Ships/Day Real/Xp = (Real/Day)/(Xp/Day) * this figure is = (costResouces/ship)/(xp/ship) -> A constant, regardless of wallet size Ship Ships/Day Real/Day Labor/Day Xp/Day Real/Xp 1/Log(Real/Xp) Cutter 29 39334 2007 5825 6.75 1.21 Lynx 43 58323 2976 15479 3.77 1.74 Pickle 26 54534 2749 15448 3.53 1.83 Priv 32 69758 3281 15262 4.57 1.52 Tsnow 10 27290 1460 9364 2.91 2.15 Brig 19 78496 4028 15519 5.06 1.42 Tbrig 19 67674 3322 15519 4.36 1.56 LGV ? 31470 1753 5399 5.83 1.31 * Note the Labor/Day refers to labour needed to produce the resources, not the labor required to craft the ship. These are all based off the labor hours wallet of 1240. LGV was included to see how crafting a ship outside of the 6-7 rank worked. I removed some of the data when I realized it was not efficient in grinding XP. Then I realized that some people might want to see. I included the inverse log because I think it makes it slightly easier to visualize the relationship: X-axis refers only to the name of the ship, and not to a quantitative value. The Trader Snow has the best Real/XP with the Pickle as a close second. *Greater inverse log = less real cost per 1 xp* For a visualization of XP vs Cost, an additional chart. Again, the xp/day and cost/day is assuming you craft the maximum amount of ships you can afford with your ship crafter's labor wallet size. For example, with a wallet of 1240 one can make ~43 Trader Lynx or ~26 Pickles. Conclusion: From the data provided, it would appear that grinding Trader Snows a day is the most cost-efficient way to grind crafting to the max. At the lower craft levels you are capped by the surprisingly high labor hour cost for the ship construction. I'm not sure if this is deliberate, as all ships had labor hour costs reduced recently, and it seems odd that a Trader Snow takes more hours to craft than a Trader Brig. If cost is slightly less of an issue and gaining XP quicker is more of a concern then it would appear that the Pickle or Trader Lynx is the way to go (unless the resale value is higher on the lynx I would probably grind pickles because clicking all the prompts 43 times would be annoying.) I have done some ballpark figures with higher ranked ships, but the trend of Real/XP increase occurs. Additionally, even with large labor wallets, the number of ships decreases significantly - so even with the higher XP/ship you end up making less XP/day. This makes sense, as the higher ranked ships are more useable. Personally, grinding Trader Snows has been somewhat useful. You have an increased chance of crafting high end TSnows with speed perks, which make a useful addition to your fleet. I would grind TSnows until you have a good amount of fast trader vessels and then switch to something more XP/Day efficient. An additional note, crafting trading vessels is usually cheaper because they use less provisions than the non-trader version. All data on ships that have a trader version (tCutter, tSnow, tLynx, tBrig) are the data from the trader version. How can you use this data? I think this information can be useful for clans wanting to train new people or also for solo players that want to sponsor or shadow a newcomer. If you are using alts, this is helpful information as well, although limiting factors will be access to all resources necessary. As the crafter's wallet increases these costs will change, but the rates will not. The Real/XP is a constant, as these divide down to a per ship basis. Same with the inverse log, as this is just another way to assess the Real/XP figure. Next: The next obvious step is to craft one of each and sell them (with the perk that give +15% profit) and then figure which offsets the cost best. I have a feeling that making 43 Trader Lynxes would generate more income than 26 Pickles, but I haven't tested that yet. I do know that selling Trader Brigs nets ~1700/ship, for a total of ~31K if crafting the max number of TBrigs. That nearly cuts the cost of resources in half. I assume the same will go for all of the ships in this study - but I haven't tested it yet. To the team: Game-labs, are the labor hours for Trader Snows how they should be or did they get missed in the patch? Thanks everyone. Edit: If you want to know how many resources/reals/hours are needed to go from 0-50 crafting nothing but Pickles (208 of them) 0-50 Amount Reals Labor Oak 3328 33280 2662 Fir 8528 34112 6822 Hemp 5588 324104 4470 Iron 832 51584 665 Lig 208 7488 166 Stone 1016 14224 812 Coal 624 2496 499 Prov 11440 171600 9152 Totals 638888 25248 Or you could craft 505 Trader Snows over two weeks and pay~363,000 reals instead.
  8. Manifest Ships would keep a manifest of all items and persons moved between ports. I don't understand why we are unable to see a list of all inventories across ports, and instead have to visit each port just to see warehouse inventories. Yes, I can keep an inventory myself in a notebook or in excel, but I don't think that is really the point here. There is no reason we shouldn't be able to know what we have and where. Additionally, it would be nice to be able to look at this manifest while sailing in the overworld. On a long haul, there isn't much to do. It would be nice and entertaining to be able to peruse lists of goods held at my various ports. I'm not suggesting that we be able to interact with any of our held items without being in that port.
  9. [BGASM] Beargasm is a PvE clan based out of the Pirate Republic for other people new to Naval Action. There is a lot of support from NA vets, but a some of the time it feels like you are being spoonfed. If you are looking to learn the ropes, get combat proficiency, grind craft exp - all while still feeling that righteous struggle, then this might be the place for you! We don't have money, gear or sweet ships - but we can earn them together. Reach out to Coco in game.
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