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  1. Yeah i restarted the client first to make sure it wasn't client sided or something but the chest was still redeemed without the rewards. I'm not looking for a new chest but I just think if something like that happened to a new player they would probably quit.
  2. I just opened an admiral chest from the conquest event, and when I opened the chest, the client locked up and I couldn't do anything other than click on the UI confirmation window (verify to open the chest) and I could only click yes or cancel, neither button worked. The server was still connected. After a few more moments the UI window closed and I didn't get any rewards and the chest is gone from the warehouse. I didn't record it, but it happened so I'm not sure if you could code more checks to make sure that doesn't happen without making sure they get the reward.
  3. Before the wipe I was in clans like BLACK etc and had 5+ 1st rates, maxed account and everything, quit after the wipe for losing my progress. I'm a dedicated player, smart and willing to put in the work - not the biggest PvP person but good at all other parts of the game. I don't have a nation selected yet and if there's any clans with actual resources that want another player who can be online for port battles and grind please let me know.
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