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  1. We need every ship as a dlc and craftable. Guys without enough time can buy the dlcs the others can craft the ships. Everybody is happy
  2. I need lineship dlcs. 1 click and i have fun😍
  3. @admin whats with the diana? any plans for a dlc?
  4. we also need a damage change in the patrol zone. 500k damage is too much in the shallow patrol zone.
  5. when is that ship coming? whats with the diana? maybe dlc?
  6. i need an upgrade dlc. i can redeem every day 1 carta or coper or elite upgrades 😎
  7. the best is when you can get crappy paints in game for free. when the guys see the nice paints they have to buy the dlc. thats how you can make money
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