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  1. how many bf have you seen in reds pbs? how many bf did you see in reds screening? we are 2 nations in one! you still have the same enemies when bf or reds change nation. Maybe you all need a bit of time to understand this. if you want to fight bf then attack bf. if you want to fight reds then attacks reds.
  2. El Patron

    Port BR

    Stop whining. Every nation have 25 players for a pb
  3. El Patron

    Port BR

    I like it when you have to cap first all 10k ports bevor you can attack the region capitol
  4. Ja ist es. Wichtig ist das du nicht in einer Gruppe bist
  5. We have the same. Bf and reds are not playing together.
  6. I heard that the prussian Destroyer is Cid
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