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  1. Would you be willing to cite the source used for this? I cannot find anything online...
  2. There used to be more servers. Now there are two. PVP, and PVE. There will not be more servers.
  3. I did what I could, It's loose but I hope it's accurate enough to help anyone visiting the thread.
  4. To put it quite simply, the apps are by nature harmless. Discord is only an instance of a web browser and you're not in any danger whatsoever provided you do not click untrusted links or download strange files. TS3 is the same in that is has no danger unless you click unknown links or download unknown files. You are completely safe on either to the extent that you act responsibly.
  5. They need to be blueprints again.
  6. It's safe to assume your post was deleted due to the third and fourth paragraphs, which were likely perceived as being flaming or insulting. To that end, I value not being silenced myself and will not be touching on it. However your points in the first and second are quite valid, and many people feel the same way. People bring solutions to these problems but it would seem we are always ignored. The obvious and easy solution to the question of DLC ships is that they need to be returned to how they were originally conceived; that being buying a ship DLC would grant you the blueprint for that ship, which could be crafted for produced resources rather than spawned for free.
  7. Would this not lose all Rank XP, etc.? Or is that only on PVP Server. If it does constitute losing all Rank XP, I feel that should be included in your response. -I.LM
  8. I don't necessarily agree with the idea to remove trade goods as a whole, as that's how people currently get the money necessary to deal with what could be considered artificially inflated prices in what remains of the player-driven economy, as it is extremely expensive to actually interact with player crafters, which probably doesn't help. However it is entirely reasonable to remove trade goods that are dropped by ports, provided players are given the opportunity to create the aforementioned trade goods on their own via buildings. I have absolutely nothing against the idea of a building that produces fur that can be turned into fur clothes, which can be consumed at ports, etc. This is a viable alternative that would add depth to a portion of the game that is otherwise described as being "extremely boring".
  9. Unfortunately this would quickly become an unbalanced mechanic when it comes to PVP. To be clear, this is not possible since the entire game is calculated and handled server-side; but in the hypothetical situation that it was possible, we'd have to account for the fact that A.) Not all players will be hindered by the storm if their preference is not to see it; and B.) Those who have chosen to disable inclement weather will have an advantage in every area when there is a weather effect.
  10. To be frank, and now having read this abhorrent comment for yet another time on the review of this thread: How absolutely self absorbed one must be to equate playability with realism, and concern over population distribution to egocentrism. The argument for too many nations has never been just about "hurr duhrr they weren't here historically!" because it was very clear when they were added that there was a reasonably elaborate backstory as to why they were being added. The fact of the matter is that this being a player-stimulated economy, absolutely nothing is possible in a small nation that can't even muster the activity to flip a port. This must certainly be easy for a nation like Great Britain which boasts 28% of the server population, or even Pirates at 14%, but makes no case whatsoever for the Polish-Lithuanian 1% population share. It is simply not feasible in any period of time for a nation that cannot actively participate in the game to retain any amount of players. Joining a desolate wasteland of a nation chat for new players must quickly turn into "this game is surely dead" and a rapid uninstall and refund for those affected. By removing the superfluous nations such as Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Prussia, and Poland, we are left then with Great Britain, France, Spain, Netherlands, USA, and Pirates which is far more of a long-term solution to the low playerbase that we've suffered from in early access. The argument could be made for "but what if the game really truly takes off post-release and there are thousands of players!" to which the response will be: at which point you can consider adding some such nations back into the game.
  11. DLCs to spawn ships will kill the economy in other places. More ship-faucet DLC is not the solution.
  12. Nobody received any money as a part of this wipe. The only exclusions to the wipe were based upon what could be kept. If a clan had more than 100,000 reals in their warehouse, they were reduced to 100,000. If a player had more than 50,000 reals, they were reduced to 50,000. People and clans with less than those limits were unaffected.
  13. The wipe had been advertised well in advance, and was talked about constantly in every chat channel in-game. If you were on a vacation and didn't know beforehand, you can take solace in the fact that all players are in the same situation.
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