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  1. @admin any final word on books, combat xp, ship xp, crafting xp etc on release of the game?
  2. As I recall the line constructed 6 heavy frigs named: President, United States, Constitution, Congress, Constellation and Chesapeake..
  3. Could we remove the designation USS from the USS United States. USS was not part of its name, no british ship was named HMS something, it just looks ridicolous seeing a PL or Russian USS United States.
  4. I'd say make Nassau the stable.. Every day for the frigate corneisseur!
  5. AI ffs. I got 5 alts with about 30 1st rates. Each sell will net about 50k so 30x 50.000 = 1,5m in starting Capital. And that's presuming I don't use what Labour hours and dubs I got on me atm + the 35 L'Ocean permits, 30 santi permits and 20 vic permits I got atm..
  6. Except by keeping the ships, and telling everyone 8 days in advance to use their permits they've basically unhinged the entire economy. Who wouldn't make as many crappy oak/oak first rates as possible, sell them immediately post wipe and buy up all the crafting ressources/Trading goods? IF they want to do an econ wipe - then make it a total wipe so we actually get to test the new system without the current docks Spaces, ships, outposts, Clans, clanwarehouses etc that ppl have invested in to max out their Clan/personal potential.
  7. @admin in your original posting you wrote that books would be kept post release but basically all else is void. Is this still the case?
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