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  1. Sure I will ! As I didn't do it that day ( as suprised and battling with a friend ) I was told to, at least, advise it here
  2. Hello all o7 I just come to report a glitch i experienced 1-2 days ago. To sum up, I was in a battle with a mate and i somehow ended up beached next to an ennemy ship ( that i sunk ) wreck blocked me and while turning to get out i was drag to the shore and my rudder finally got stuck in the sand, classic, you can say. But another ship come near me and i managed to board him, I won, and I left him to sink, was allright, then as all my crew was in boarding parties, I started to tranfer my crew backto sail and gunnery posts, set up full sails, once full sail, I was beached
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