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  1. Thank you Ok then can you post the "damage fall-off by unit size" curve for the rebalanced mod? And ,just to be sure, the damage fall-off applies to melee damage also. Right?
  2. Hi Do you intend to update the mod in the near future (like one or two weeks)? I specifically need the "unit size damage fall-off" to be corrected and the unit size/damage curve become almost linear (just like what it is in the "UI and AI mod")...
  3. Sorry for not being precise. I mean the game's updates which were made by its developer, not the mod's updates. These two patches for example: https://steamcommunity.com/games/502520/announcements/detail/1448324254978223676 https://steamcommunity.com/games/502520/announcements/detail/1450577967150115057
  4. Just to be sure: It looks like the stats for some weapons have been changed after certain patches (the 20pdr parrott for example). Are these changes applied to the UI and the spreadsheets you posted (maybe on another topic)?
  5. Hi Does flank/rear bonus apply to melee attacks? Or it's only for ranged attacks?
  6. Thanks A technical question๐Ÿ˜…: Where do you get these data from? I mean is it easy to get these information (Like just opening and looking into certain files)?
  7. How much bonus we're talking about (big or small)? Do you have its exact/approximate amount?
  8. Is there any difference between charging and moving to melee in terms in terms of melee damage and unit speed (or any other difference)?
  9. I have two questions: 1- How does the "flanked" penalty work? I mean is it like either the specific multiplier (nearly 1.5) applies or not? OR it depends on the angle of recieved fire, so the multiplier builds up progressively as the incoming fire's angle gets closer to 90ยฐ degrees related to your flank? 2- In some battles (Shiloh for example) you get reinforcements or you assign more than one corp. How can I know which brigades will appear first? I mean in general how can know the order of my brigades' appearance in any battle?
  10. Thanks Although actually I meant multipliers on melee damage done not recieved...๐Ÿ˜…
  11. Thank you so much Another question๐Ÿ˜…: In some cases when the mission time ends the mission is over. But sometimes when the timer reaches zero you still have the choice to continue the mission... How can I know if I'll be able to continue the mission after the timer reachs zero or won't?
  12. Is it due to "meleeMultiplePenalty,0.25"? and does the penalty multiplier change if you add more units e.g. 3v1?
  13. Is there a modifier for melee damage based on the unit type? Or it's just the weapon type and units stats (melee, morale and condition) For example: if I equip skirmishers with Hunter gun, will they compete same size/condition/morale infantry with Spring 1842?
  14. That's too much!! So a unit with 0 cover will get nearly 5.5 the damage as if it was in 100 cover!
  15. No So does altitude have NO effect on melee damage? Or it has, but not the same value as for gun damage? ๐Ÿ‘good point, totally agree... Do you have its values? For example: 100% cover means you'll get 0.5 of the incoming damage.. Thanks for all your answers
  16. I have two other questions: 1- how does cover value modifies taken damage? 2- I have a doubt that putting a unit in a fortification that is NOT only facing the enemy firing (such as town fortifications or fortifications like those in "Distress Call" mission, which face multiple directions) will result in your unit always taking flank/rear attack. Because I see their morale drop so quick with every volley compared to putting them out of fortification facing the enemy firing. Anyone can confirm or deny this?
  17. Thanks for all your comments, they are very useful... Are the Values same for melee and morale? I mean that a unit with 100 melee will perform 20% to 30% better than a unit with 0 melee given the same weapon And a unit with 100 morale will keep its morale from dropping 20% to 30% better than a unit with 0 morale Is the altitude modifier applied to melee also? Downloaded, very useful. Thnk you Looked through the posts, thanks. I think I will end up considering only AccuracyLow for valuing a unit๐Ÿ˜†. Because when you use a unit in battle you want to rely on it to make your tactic or strategy work and be successful. Thus, relying on AccuracyHigh (specially if there is a big difference between it and AccuracyLow) will make your plan's success dependent on chance... somehow
  18. Is this "Random value" TOTALLY random??๐Ÿ˜… I mean: is the probability of shooting the max damage equal to the probability of shooting the min damage equal to the .... mid average damage and so on? or there is less chance to shoot the min or the max damage and the chance increases as we go for the average between min and max? The reason I'm asking is that ,as you know, some weapons have huge difference between min to max damage (like 2-20).So, I'm thinking of calculating the damage another way to more value the min damage (as it's assured) and less value the max damage (as it depends on chance and the mercy of randomness). For example, we can calculate this kind of damage like this: damage*AccuracyLow+ 0.5 (or less)*damage*AccuracyHigh What's your opinion?
  19. This is the artillery analysis after applying the Average Damage and the shell/canister multipliers. So I have calculated these factors: 1- average damage. 2- range degradation. 3- fire rate. 4- shell and canister multipliers. ArtilleryWeaponCurves EDITED 2.xlsx Looks like the best guns to be positioned right behind infantry are: 1- 24 how 2- Napoleon 3- 3in 10pdr ordnance/ or Tredegar.
  20. Some other questions:๐Ÿ˜… 1- How does "Condition" work? I mean is it like: a- if the unit has some condition ,despite of its percentage, then it will perform at max efficiency (max efficiency related to "condition" factor of course)? OR b- its percentage makes difference ,so a unit with 80% condition will perform better than a the same unit with 40% condition,? And if it's so, how much does it affect the unit's total performance? is it like that a unit with 50% condition will perform half effective to its performance if it was at 100% condition? 2- Does "morale" affect a unit's performance? how much? (if it's possible to give a percentage. If not, give me any clue on how big/small is its effect) 3- What is the exact (or approximate) bonus damage for attacking a unit in its flanks or rear? (is the bonus different for the flank and the rear?) Thank you
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