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  1. @admin You NEED to make the new DLC ship available to everyone in game for at least a couple of weeks before releasing for proper testing and balancing. Mistakes were made with the original two DLC ships that must not be repeated again. I'm sure you can ease people's concerns by telling us you've learnt the lessons from those two ships. The "Ratatatatatatainavan" needs to be a easy to obtain ALTERNATIVE to crafting the current best ship in the class, NOT the only logical ship to take into battle
  2. Because you have a silly habbit of announcing upcoming wipes FAR too soon in advance and a lot of the crafters have just stopped playing until post wipe. They don't see the point in stock piling resources and money for it to be wiped in a couple of months.
  3. Yes and no I have to say, if a player is not in a successful clan he or she is somewhat limited to "basic ships", whereas the more successful clans will be able to build their ships to be stronger, faster, better faster ships. We all know what it's like coming up against a 5/5/very sturdy ship loaded with repair mods. yes you can often overcome these situations if you know what you are doing but at the moment those kinda ships are rare because they are RNG based and as such usually one or maybe two in a fleet have those kind of ships. If a few of the "elite" clans are able to keep churning out those ships on a regular basis then it is going to create divides (especially combined with the really crappy wood distribution system we have currently.
  4. Sorry if it's been asked, if a clan fully upgrades a port and that port is taken will the new owners get a default port of the upgraded one?
  5. @admin If may just suggest something, please make the cost of the forts reasonably high (as high as is practical) if the cost is too low then it isn't really going to change things
  6. Finally! Those forts are a pain in the arse! Now if we can just get a slightly more reasonable damage model (where a Indef isn't demasted in FOUR BLOODY SHOTS by a Belle Poule!!!) we will have ourselves some fun open world hunting again! No more Lineships running to the forts as soon as they see you!
  7. Or if you if you all enter the circle and spam the join button at the same time, you can get as many as you like in because the game doesn't recognise in time that the battle has been balanced and close it quickly enough, for the full 20 minutes
  8. Or mentioned rover, thought about rover, barely even remembered rover etc
  9. Admit it, you just spat coffee all over your keyboard when you read that
  10. Ahh yes, the "get gud noob" mentaility as it's finest. It doesn't matter what he is sailing, ships are doing far too much damage altogether, most of the time that first broadside is so damaging that the player can never really recover from it. The battles are decided pretty much by whoever can get their broadside in first. Either you take a broadside to the side and you are into structure OR you take that first broadside to the mast and they instantly topple over. Either way if you don't have prepared or spawn in exactly the right position you don't stand a chance
  11. But in the solo zone, only wins get you the medals right? The rewards are not damage milestones, but "scores" A score being a kill? No? I could be wrong, it happened once.
  12. I wonder if this is also an ill advised attempt to satisfy the elitists' "only true pvpers should get the best stuff" demands.
  13. Forgive me if I'm wrong but you sound like someone who spends a lot of time doing PvE in home waters (as is your right) and from a PvE point of view then yes this patch is great if you like taking out a 1st rate and attacking large groups of smaller AI. But from a PvP perspective the current damage output is a negative change for the game for many reasons. As for the new ROE, it is open to abuse by those same "gankers" And is a major step backwards in my opinion in its current form.
  14. The medal system I could get on board with if all PvP kills counted, not just through the mission or in the zone. But the new wood system is far too inhibitive for a majority of players. Crappy ships, as you refer to them do not win fights for the average player against ships built from those better woods so getting those wins needed for the medals in the solo zone is made even more unlikely . So it's an issue that would.keep getting bigger and bigger To sum up: To get the good ship made from the good materials, you need to take an inferior ship made from inferior material and kill the good ship(s) made from the good materials. And with this new model and damage output, the gap between those materials and ships is even more pronounced.
  15. Best I could do is, Pvpers tend to like spontaneous fights or go out looking for players to kill (much like yourself). RVR players only or prefer should I say, pre planned, organised large scale battles with a more long term result. Best I can do off the top of my head
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