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  1. Admit it, you just spat coffee all over your keyboard when you read that
  2. Correct, there was a valid issue raised as a result of this, but that doesn't make me wrong about the motives behind the original post
  3. So again, he is going to a support section to complain about not being allowed to gank?
  4. How many times did you jump in and out of port to get that one?
  5. We shouldn't get hung up on "should've released on day X" These guys do not have the same funding and manpower as AAA devs and we shouldn't hold them to the same deadlines
  6. There ARE a lot of the "elite" players that will only use these woods (the same ones that wont go into battle unless they have a purple or gold repair mod stacked ship) and going up against them is just pointless for most people My point with is one is, in a single patch they made ships sink easier (that's not an opinion, that is just fact) AND also made it harder to get materials replace those ships. But let's not stray away from the orginal topic, that was just ONE example of the behaviour mentioned in the original post
  7. Unfortunately this game's dev team has a habit of chagning both sides of the equation, leading to extreme results. Please consider only changing one side at a time and making adjustments as you go. Three prime examples: Last year you increased the mission reward payout BUT at the same time you reduced the cost of things in the admiralty store. You should have done one OR the other. Currently you have made 5th rate group missions more difficult and reduced the reward BUT you have ALSO removed the ability to use the one ship that stood a decent chance of being able to do it with t
  8. Its a known issue, admin said will be fixed next week
  9. Are you sure? Because I've opened at least 4 from those missions and EVERY time it has had exactly two mediocre upgrades. I've also done MANY epics events in the past and the loot for the "mission" gold chest id nothing like the ones you get from epic events
  10. But a trader NPC heading towards Little Cayman for example would have a high likelyhood of carrying teak?
  11. Exclusively? So in theory you could blockade an enemy's port and tag every trader and prevent any teak being dropped (if you had the time and ships of course)
  12. Wait, do teak contracts only get filled if the AI carrying it makes it to port?
  13. Does this include opportunities for making reals without long time consuming trade runs?
  14. I'd say we also need another reliable source of income for reals as not all of us have the time nor the will to sail for 2-3 hours moving goods around. Especially when that system doesnt work as it should. Currently you can get more doubloons from 5 AI traders than you can from and entire day's worth of PvP. (Which is wrong) Yet actual "money" is painfully slow and grindy to come by. PvP used to pay for itself mostly, now you have to engage in this boring stuff.
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