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  1. @admin You NEED to make the new DLC ship available to everyone in game for at least a couple of weeks before releasing for proper testing and balancing. Mistakes were made with the original two DLC ships that must not be repeated again. I'm sure you can ease people's concerns by telling us you've learnt the lessons from those two ships. The "Ratatatatatatainavan" needs to be a easy to obtain ALTERNATIVE to crafting the current best ship in the class, NOT the only logical ship to take into battle
  2. Because you have a silly habbit of announcing upcoming wipes FAR too soon in advance and a lot of the crafters have just stopped playing until post wipe. They don't see the point in stock piling resources and money for it to be wiped in a couple of months.
  3. Yes and no I have to say, if a player is not in a successful clan he or she is somewhat limited to "basic ships", whereas the more successful clans will be able to build their ships to be stronger, faster, better faster ships. We all know what it's like coming up against a 5/5/very sturdy ship loaded with repair mods. yes you can often overcome these situations if you know what you are doing but at the moment those kinda ships are rare because they are RNG based and as such usually one or maybe two in a fleet have those kind of ships. If a few of the "elite" clans are able to keep c
  4. Sorry if it's been asked, if a clan fully upgrades a port and that port is taken will the new owners get a default port of the upgraded one?
  5. @admin If may just suggest something, please make the cost of the forts reasonably high (as high as is practical) if the cost is too low then it isn't really going to change things
  6. Finally! Those forts are a pain in the arse! Now if we can just get a slightly more reasonable damage model (where a Indef isn't demasted in FOUR BLOODY SHOTS by a Belle Poule!!!) we will have ourselves some fun open world hunting again! No more Lineships running to the forts as soon as they see you!
  7. Admit it, you just spat coffee all over your keyboard when you read that
  8. Correct, there was a valid issue raised as a result of this, but that doesn't make me wrong about the motives behind the original post
  9. So again, he is going to a support section to complain about not being allowed to gank?
  10. Not to be a SMARTER arse, but I see no mention of the word "ship"
  11. To be fair, Admin never mentioned "ship contracts" You guys just made assumptions
  12. I for one am looking forward to this, I've had ships on sale in Pepsicola since before AHOY left GB
  13. How many times did you jump in and out of port to get that one?
  14. The lesson I think here is, don't try to get around attempts to accurately test and in the process skew the results of a new system. I mean we are all splitting into separate clans to keep an extra 100k each, but if admin then said that clan warehouse will have to go tomorrow for whatever reason then again, we wouldn't really have right to complain about that either
  15. We shouldn't get hung up on "should've released on day X" These guys do not have the same funding and manpower as AAA devs and we shouldn't hold them to the same deadlines
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