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  1. Bei mir heist das Ding auf 1.26 und 1.26.1 Colt Model 1855 Ist aber eigentlich unwichtig 😉
  2. THX for the fast answer but i cant find the rifles from: - Sharps 1859 infantry weapon range curve improved ??? did it have in german an another name?? THX once again
  3. Hi Jonny what are the diferences between 1.26 and 1.26.1 i dont know for me if i need to update my actual campagne THX
  4. I'm sorry I can't share your view Just win shilo on legendary... the new mod is a real challenge and you will be pushed to your limits. Especially at the beginning of the campaign it's hard to complete the missions successfully... The charing units are very strong and the most attacks come in very big numbers... i don't know how far you are in your campaign right now but i'm dependent on cavalry and regular infantry... 80% Skirmishers and 20% longrange artillery is unrealistic and far-fetched for me, is it possible that you are talking about the older mods and not
  5. Small experience report from the mod 1.26! Hello everyone, i played major general the union to 2ND Bull (only first 3 missions of the campain). The AI charges a lot more and often attacks on one point with different brigades. i try to split up the AI lines by skirmisher on the flanks and keep them away from the center. nopoleon in the center for charging opponents work well, counter-charge too, in the same jhonny wrote it, the opponent attacks with more concentration and on one point... but with the detachable skirmisher i can cover much more map and can att
  6. Can you explain the supplies and the new discount a bit more!?! i dont understand it right now and what have changed there, how can i know how many supplies i need now... - Adding men now always results in a damage increase with diminishing returns for all unit types. ------- Does this works with the artys too or only for infantry??? what does ---diminishing returns for all unit types ---- mean sorry my english is not the best Thanks for new mod and the grat work you done.... 🙂
  7. I play Union legendary do we have a table where we can check this for the different difficulty level i mean one that is actual
  8. Did i understand correctly when I capture an artelery unit, I get 30% of the captured guns??? I thought the pay out for the captured rifles and cannons was much lower?
  9. After shiloh everything is going better i have very fast bring Politics to 10 i think this very important in the game my tip is also to make a simply charge unit and max them out (at the moment 4500 men by me) to tanke the enemy fire, only tanking it i take there the cheapest rifels its working fine at the moment
  10. Hello together i have won shiloh on MG on 2 the 3 phase i retreat as musch as possible into the north. The AI dont go after me, so i wait until the timer go to zero then i defend in the base and i was able to hold pitthburg landing. stats Union: start 47000 men losses 13500 CSA: start 47000 men losses 38500 but i must say that i have big luck that the AI dont case me for long time phase 1 was a absolutly slaughter...
  11. The battle as union ( Major General) 1 bull result was a win Union start 19300 inf + 68 Arty + 1500 kav CSA start 24600 inf + 1300 kav 71 arty Losses 8500 inf + 5 arty 500 kav Losses CSA 15200 inf + kav 850 41 arty The battle went well and after conquering the 1 VP it was possible for me to push the enemy slowly back direction Henry Hill. The VP was after the counterattack of the csa several times for short time in enemy hands, but I could conquer him again and again back in time to finish the fight with a victory. The skrimisher this time are
  12. The battle as union ( Legendary) 1 bull result was a draw Union start 20700 inf + 72 Arty + 780 kav CSA start 37000 + (2470) arty Losses 10900 inf + 36 arty 88 kav Losses CSA 32700 inf + (580) arty after taking of the 1 Victory point and becoming some diverent reinvormets the AI comes over the river and pushed me back I was not able to push back the AI and hold position in and neat the woods southeast of the 1 VP It was a tough battle where I couldn't even get near the river. Special situation and experiences: my brigade with 3500 1* (perk sniper) stay
  13. The main changes in the test version are that keeping allied units alive will return more weapons than getting them killed and allied units have been improved a bit at Shiloh. The CSA also got some allied unit improvements at Bull Run. Note in both cases this only affects the side of the battle you are playing as. The AI's will not get the same bonus. Can you pease explain this a little bit more. keeping allied units alive will return more weapons than getting them killed = what does it mean ?? i have started another union legendary campain, this time wit mod 1.25.2 as BCH
  14. Hello Panda I'll write it down in German and translate it into English later. Again I tried Gaines Mill (Legendary) with the help of the experience here and made it, even if the losses were quite high. Union start 26000 inf + 102 Arty + 3000 kav CSA start 43000 + (4820) arty Losses 10000 inf + 44 arty 1000 kav Losses 32700 inf + (2979) arty I won, but the victory is too expensive, I had to invest everything that was possible to throw a max of units into the battle. In the following battle Malvern Hill I invested everything again and could not oppose the opp
  15. Hallo Panda ich schreibe es mal in Deutsch hin und übersetze es später mit ins Englische. Habe nochmal Gaines Mill (Legendary) mit hilfe der Erfahrungswerte hier, nocmals versucht und es geschafft, auch wenn die Verluste ziemlich hoch waren Union start 26000 inf + 102 Arty + 3000 kav CSA start 43000 + (4820) arty Verluste 10000 inf + 44 arty 1000 kav Verluste 32700 inf + (2979) arty Ich habe zwar gewonnen, aber der sieg ist zu teuer, ich
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