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  1. Think they release the Trinco DLC on 3rd of August because on that day in history HMS Shannon, a class-sister of Trincomalee, was launched. Not getting in game though afaik.
  2. Oh boy.. stop messing with everything at the same time please. The new wood stats, okay. But why the price changes? It does not even make sense if you are the owner of the forest and paying the workers.. Why should a live Oak log be so much more expensive? EDIT: I actually like the higher wood prices in the ports. But not the price for extraction of the wood at a forest. If the prices for extraction went back to the old ones and the prices in the ports stayed i'd actually appreciate it as players could make money by extracting resources and selling them directly to the port where others can buy them. Would reduce the need for contracts and remove a bit of money from the game due to taxes. Not an infinite loop either due to being limited by labor hours. EDIT END And about MMO progression: Naval action is no MMO. 700-1000 players peak is nowhere near "massive". NOBODY was of the opinion the game needed more grind and crafted ships should be made harder to obtain. We've already been there that a decent ship wars really hard to obtain and luckily moved away from it. PvP increased, happiness of the average/casual players increased, dread of loss decreased. Now it's all going back. Why? On another note: could you maybe fix Basic Hooks and Hooks at some point? I already reported it ingame a few times. It does not make any sense that Basic Hooks are better than Hooks while with every other upgrade "basic" means a lesser quality = worse stats...
  3. Thanks for the stats. Looks quite balanced. I especially like the Locust-Live Oak tradeoffs with Live Oak being slightly better in Thickness while Locust is slightly better in HP. I'm only not sure if Locust should not have the same speed value as Live Oak. With Locust being slower and having lower thickness i assume most people will prefer Live Oak... I also like that every Planking has a positive Speed Bonus, so it will always be better speed-wise to have a Planking instead of Crew space. I'm not sure about the Mahogany-Teak Interaction for Plankings though. Is it intended that both woods are nearly the same with Mahogany having a 0.1% speed bonus and Teak a 1.3% Thickness (1.2 for Seasoned Wood) Bonus? All other values are the same except for splinter resistance and repair time which are slightly better for Mahogany... I've honestly never really used Mahogany or Mahogany S, so i don't know how it compares, but i feel they are really similar now, maybe too similar (for Frames they are quite close as well).
  4. I probably should have done this last time... @admin
  5. I just checked the spreadsheet and saw the second sheet "Timber v 25.06.1720". It seems to have the exact same values as the first one though.
  6. @admin Can we please get an updated version of the Timer stats list? Thanks for the patch though, i think a change was necessary to make Locust/Sabicu not extremely OP.
  7. Are there any news on the proposals sent to programmers for estimation of work? Are any of them doable with a reasonable amount of effort or are they too complex to implement? Thanks in advance
  8. @admin any chance to get a list where the caps actually are now? Would allow us to plan ship builds better. Currently i have NO idea where the caps are.. e.g. am I already over the cap if i craft a Greenheart/WO(s) ship? (+47% Armor HP). Or can i still apply Planking (5th rate) for 5% bonus, but reach the cap at 50% total then? (Same with all other stats). Since we have so many possibilities to influence -> Frame, Planking, Trim, Books, Upgrades it would be really nice to have a list of the hardcaps. So we don't waste resources on a cap that is already reached.
  9. That is pretty much the problem. If there would be no magical spawn of dubloons people would be encouraged to take the prize that they fought for - the ship or cargo. But the problem then would be that the Cargo and ship are not worth the time anyway...
  10. Thanks @admin for the nice gesture of setting a memorial for Seeferkel. As far as I know I never sailed with or against him, however I will remember him by this book and hope he sails in nice waters now....
  11. The Tricomalee is a really good 5th rate and I really like sailing her (5 knowledge slots open) but she's not really useful in most larger PvP groups, where bigger ships are more wanted. She's great for hunting solo though and can beat a redoutable if you play your game correctly. @admin Please don't be mad at me for writing this, but you are not very good at managing expectations, which causes upsets with the community (or at least large parts of it). I will try to objectively explain why many (not all, of course) players are unhappy about the trinco DLC announcement and give a suggestion on how to avoid bad feelings in the future. Objectively nobody has a right to be mad about getting a ship for free. Obviously, your announcement to give out a ship worth 40-50€ as compensation for reducing the price of the game was appreciated by nearly everyone. The problem with this is the clear statement of a price tag. The only comparison players had for the price tag were the existing DLCs. Compared to 4th rate DLC ships (~34€) and the redoutable (42€) a price/worth of 40€-50€ produced an expectation that the free ship would either be a really strong 4th rate (which would have been a problem due to being the strongest ship in her rate) or another 3rd rate. Since you announced at some point that you wanted 3rd rates to be among the most commonly sailed ships, that was the more widely expected option. Combined with the denial of making the admiral de ruyter craftable (which also upset many due to going back on a promise - again expectations - ) many probably hoped the admiral de ruyter would be the freeLC ship. The Ruyter is a really nice ship with a different focus than the redoutable but currently impossible to earn and therefore never seen on open world due to being a collector item. Giving it out to everyone would have been a really nice gesture and given more variety to the server as people could choose between the sturdier redoutable and the faster and better armed but squishier ruyter. Instead a nice but already existing ship was chosen. This offers no real additional value to most, as it is already available in game for a very low price (100-200k really, I.e. nearly for free of you play actively). Since the Trinco is a 5th rate, a price tag of 40€ also seems off, compared to the prices of other DLC ships and the expectations people derived from those prices. So people are obviously disappointed because they expected more. Technically you did what you promised, but technically you could also have chosen the pickle (as an extreme example of a ship that was not expected for the compensation) as the free ship and slapped a 45€ price tag on it, since you are making the prices and just need valve's approval (which they will probably give since they earn their share on every sale). The one thing I actually fear is that you will also get a lot of negative reviews on the Trico DLC, going in the direction of "don't spend money, get it in-game", "get a bigger ship for a lower price with rattvisän" etc. This would be sad as the Trinco is one of my favourite ships. So all in all it is still nice of you to give a freeLC as compensation to everyone. However you should try to read your own announcements from a player's perspective and write in a way that major misunderstandings and high expectations are avoided. I know you always say "expect the worst". But always expecting the worst when being told you'd receive something (patch, gift, content) is a mood killer, not fun and generally not in the human nature. And after all we are all in this great game to have fun and care deeply for Naval Action, which is why we are so critical of your decisions. Thanks for reading this rather long post and good night. Mormegil
  12. Thanks for getting an estimation of work on the proposals! Would be really nice if they could be implemented without too much work. I think this new proposal system is really a good addition.
  13. Proposal Category: User Interface Proposal: Player-defined ship tags Reasoning and detailed description: When having several ships of the same type with different builds, it is impossible to see which ship is which without hovering over the ship and checking the stats (woods, upgrades, etc). It would be really helpful for going into action quickly to see at first glance which ship is for what purpose. For that reason I propose that players shall be allowed to define tags for their ships to describe them in short words (maybe limited to ~15 characters). For an example see the attached edited screenshot below. Players who dislike descriptive tags could also use the tagging feature to give "names" to their ships (Intrepid, Interceptor, Dauntless, ...) to differentiate them while improving immersion. Possible negative consequences: None, if the tags are player-specific and not transferred upon trade/capture of a ship and the character limit is not too restrictive. Estimated programming effort: I assume pretty low, a few hours maybe. Might be more, depending on how much in the UI needs to be changed to implement the feature though. Additional info: The tagging interface can be opened via the right-click interface of a ship. Additionaly the tag could also be shown in the ship pop-up right of the ship name (between "Indiaman" and "Standard"), this is not necessary though.
  14. @admin I'm not really playing on PvE Server much, but could you not make a 6th question thread "PvE Server" where PvE-Server-only suggestions can be made? E.g. I saw a proposal for allowing inter-nation-chat again on PvE Server which would probably be good for the PvE Server community as a whole. That way PvE Server can profit from the new proposal system (which really is a very good idea!) without too much interference from hardcore-PvP players (even if the interference is only the production of more popular ideas and not active down-voting).
  15. Okay it seems i found the root cause. I got a new internet provider and a new router. The required ports were not forwarded so they blocked the access to battles. EDIT: Maybe not. It seemed to work, now it does not work any more again. I did not change anything.Too tired to try again for today. EDIT2: Still not found out what the cause for this behaviour is. Interstingly if i get into a battle once, all other battles afterwards seem to work fine. if you have any idea what causes this behaviour, it would be really appreciated... EDIT3: It works again now. I have no idea why. I did not really change anything. Whatever, i'll enjoy it as long as it lasts I also did another connection test: NAS-1349974. If you see any suspicious or blocked stuff in there, please tell me. Thanks!
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