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  1. I do agree that this game could do with more pandering to the casual players. PvP is great but sometimes there are people that don't like the competitive style of gameplay. I think balancing out the attention will be a positive effect to the population as a whole.
  2. If PvE had to die, what would you prefer? forced PvP or this?
  3. Read the thread a bit more than the first post Cetric. This could work on PvP alone and ignore PvE
  4. More people to gank in a PvE safe zone? how does that work? You casuals always talk as if we only want more seals to club. How would that benefit the game and why does it sound like rhetoric to keep people from playing it. Good point, thanks. I'm only trying to come up with the best way of having both communities combined. I did suggest just above your comment that maybe it could happen in PvP server while PvE server still exists also. Can give newbies a taste. Ever think it's because they're going to be playing a futile game before the wipe? PvE isn't getting the wipe apparen
  5. Don't see where the idea of a PvE zone on a single server would detract from that idea. Trading happens in PvP without ganking plenty already. There's only a matter of finding the best routes within the game. I do think the devs should appease the casuals more but there's a point where maybe having two servers on a massive map might call for a mix at some point. Anyway, if the boring server was to stay, the addition of a newbie PvE kiddy pool might help out new players and not force them into seal-clubbing territory straight away. I think it can exist without the need to "remove" the
  6. different game had an interesting format I liked. gave twitter updates, patch info links etc. I know the forums aren't universally known ingame and global chat is a weird place to get info from.
  7. Instanced battles unfortunately would remove from the concept of OW Naval Action. Login, Load in, Battle type of gaming seems to be against what the devs were hoping for. Also yeah sorry I don't really like the PvE server personally given the tone of the game killed my interest. If I hadn't gotten into PvP I think I would have dropped the game. I know it's different for everyone but that malice is to the type of Naval Action they play rather than aimed at any particular PvEr. The idea that you think will draw in more players would probably only draw in casual players, which the cur
  8. I've been interested in this sort of item/upgrade quality topic before. While it'd be hard to put that sort of quality aspect into single items like having a "Golden Cartagena Caulking Refit" with +5% all stats or something since people have 100 of them stacked, it could be possible with ships. I don't mind the idea of having wear/age/stats tied to ships. Gives your pixels some character.
  9. Howdy doody neighbourinos. PvE and PvP are a hot mess given that the PvErs hate the idea of moving to the PvP server, yet use 1% of the map in the first place. Given that there is about to be a holistic cleaning of the database perhaps now is the best time to think about the PvE kiddy pool within the PvP server. It's already sort of there in the form of reinforcement zones, and an international zone (neutral non-capturable ports) in one corner of the map wouldn't go astray seeing how the population is slightly lean for now. What's more it'll give PvErs something to do and take away
  10. RVR isn't harder. Just use cag/oak l'oceans if you're so iffy about the price of deliberately rare woods. The idea of having a 1st rate with inferior woods shouldn't be unthinkable post-releaseWipe. The lo/wo 3/5 santis of the past will become the cag/sab santis of tomorrow. If you really really want to use only lo/wo and t/wo 1st rates then by all means don't participate. The third class citizens (shit-wood 1st rates) will take that place in the "seaciety". I for one like the changes.
  11. Some level of achievement for using the biggest ships in the game. If it only took a day to max the slots it wouldn't seem worth it would it? When I finished levelling my l'ocean to max I felt like it was complete finally and I not only had the knowledge slots but the ability from using it for such a long time. If anything it should be longer and have a title at the end of it. L'ocean Master Supreme
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