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  1. i have just got the Montanes model ship by occre, so was really interesting reading the authors post, the ship model is huge 1/70 scale and will enjoy building her[ will have to wait till victory and hermione is done] hope to start sometime in 2021 lol
  2. Teleportation and cloaking devices, starting to sound like star trek for the 18th century, sorry just not liking it at all, the excitement of sailing to a pb and the possibility of being intercepted was a great part of the game and while i understand that for smaller nations it made pb difficult and always favoured the largest nation[ Russia] i dont like this teleport and invicibility solution yuk
  3. wrong, my clan cabal has lost over 70% of players, devs really screwed up by sitting in bed with reverse and russian dev nation
  4. bog standard trinc Really! wow thanks so much, i will add it to my trinc collection
  5. will you jump on THE big nation using exploits the way you jumped on Griefing???? probably not. Hostility griefing fell on deaf ears, but the wrong nation made the complaint i guess, will you address multi flipping ports, that would help smaller nations from getting squashed out of existence, you cant balance player numbers, but more can be done to help the smaller nations be competitive. you say pb involves skill, but shear weight of numbers is also a major factor when we have the ability to flip 4+ ports at the same time
  6. none just means big nations can multiflip and be certain of a pb. so the zerg can become the monster zerg
  7. gg Russia was fun, but with the constant pb action multiflips and of coarse bannerlord release it was impossible to reliably get the numbers needed to sustain the war, peace was the right thing to do, had a lot of fun battles though but it started to feel like a job more than a game, cheers O7
  8. I think GB is also an option if you look at the map. I think attitudes of clans have to be taken into account, I think everyone should still be able to choose whatever nation appeals. Ideally alliances would work, But that would require a leader of each nation to decide alliances and that certainly wouldnt work. i dont see how the devs can balance the game, i really believe it will have to be for the players to realise, if not well lets all change to Russia and it will be a pve2 server and the game dies. Seriously though i dont have an issue with Russia being in the game [although historically totally inaccurate] but maybe if the devs offered compensation to switch it may help. I heard the other day that Reds had 60 players online, how many clans in other nations can match that! none is the answer, it will only get worse until the player base wakes up and does something before its too late, look at NN changing from France to Russia why? the same way a child stops supporting Accrington stanley fc and goes to Manchester united lol, its not a Devs issue its for us to sort it with maybe help from the devs in the way of compensation.Also the player base is way too small to support so many nations
  9. the swede trinc that joined our side didnt fire a shot and just sat sails down, it was blatant abuse and bad sportsmanship, something needs to be done about these exploiters.
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