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  1. @admin maybe i missed the information somewhere but i like to ask again how about the LGV Refit, will it be craftable? Thanks Petrel
  2. I would like ask how about the LGV Refit, it will be craftable as well?
  3. I dont know what your problem is, you even wrote in the chat why we are not on PVE Server made some joke and felt great, until you have seen there is no chance for escape anymore. And subsequently you surrender because you lost nothing just a DLC. Off topic: btw it was the second guy in this evening who simply surrender because of DLC Ship-its also interessting Regards Petrel ☺
  4. I like your idea but here we are again with the old sick problem of alt accounts. What you describe is nice for the game and its community but will not work as long as there is no solution with the alt accounts.
  5. Yes your are correct i mean it was necessary to repair because otherwise they sunk me this is what i mean. For my opinion it is to strong, just try with two Belle Poule to attack one AI Agamenmon I think it will not work.
  6. For my opinion the AI is to much strong now, yesterday I have been in a fight with a LO/WO Agamenmon against two Belle Poule, and it was necessary to repair the ship, for me it is not the big problem but needs also to think about new players without any mods and books. It is already difficult to craft a good ship, if new players will lose it in a such easy way the will be very disappointed about and not try again.
  7. Just one idea from my side regarding trade missions like cargo delivery and passenger deliver. I am wondering how it will work if we can implement ranks depends on the performance of the delivery. Means how fast, how successful for example i deliver passenger/cargo to the appropriate port without any interruption like battle, stop in a other port and so on. Depends on this performance i will receive a higher rank based on my reliability of taking and fulfil the contract. Same of course in the other direction like I am a not reliable person and do not fulfil the contract my rank will decrease. Maybe even some advantage for the clan if there are some delivery from or to the clan owned port. The higher the rank the higher the profit or I can take more contracts in the same port. I think many options are open to discuss in this way. I will be happy to see your opinion. Regards Petrel
  8. Happy to see the progress but wondering if we get some compensation for the buildings in order to have chance to test the economy otherwise it will be difficult for many players i guess.
  9. I mentioned it already in the same topic from @admin I dont see any damage on the enemy ship sails in the endurance exam, please find the attached pictures. Sails are down to 56% according to information window.
  10. Endurance Mission I send F11 reports, enemy is turning like normal ship with 50% sails remaining, also no damage on sails is visible. Its a bit strange at the moment at my opinion. Petrel
  11. Hallo @admin i miss the lovely Le Gross Ventre Refit in the game after the last patch, is it no more available or is there some other planning with this nice ship? Thanks Petrel
  12. Right there ends the circle where it begins. I mentioned it already in an other topic, take a cheap ship or even a captured one, look where the trouble is. If you lose, the next teleport to your nearest outpost is for free and maybe you learned even something, in the best way you will win, with the time soon or later.
  13. I understand the objections, have seen it many times some people are happy to kill the beginners and running when it comes to the real fight. But there is only one way to eliminate the seal clubbing you need to eliminate the seal clubber. Train the beginners, organize your self in the nation or in the clan, give no more food to this guys just change the area… Also the victim can turn himself to a strong fighter and winner. More rules less freedom and more gaps which will be closest by even more rules.
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