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  1. If anyone is interested in a Napoleonic wargame similar in scope and depth to Ultimate General, I highly recommend John Tiller's Napoleonic Campaigns. They are turn-based and bit old-school, but have many gameplay elements that should interest fans of Ultimate General - full-scale armies with detailed orders of battle, each org element with its own unique leader, ability to offload command of a division to AI (with specific objectives), a lite strategic campaign that gives purpose to battles etc. It is notoriously complex and cerebral, but that should not be an issue with Ultimate General play
  2. People said the same thing in the last game. Next game could be the Indian Wars adding colony development as feature. Then Mexican Wars, adding improved 3d graphics. Next game, Civil War 2. They could have built up to it using the Peninsular Campaign, or the Third Coalition. They simply do not want to get out of America for some reason. USA has seen a few wars in its short history, some of which were important historical events. But as settings for a wargame, they are all dreadfully drab and awfully limited. If Ultimate General is ever to reach its full tactical and strategic potenti
  3. This is very disappointing. I thought people voted for Napoleonic Wars. What was the point of that? Napoleonic Wars have so much more to offer. Large variety of soldiery, from many more nations. Greater tactical scope with troops like cavalry playing a larger more diversified role. Chokeful of legendary generals and marshals. This seems like a cop out. Back once again, in tired old America for the fifth time. Another war with only two sides, largely without any great tactical or strategic masterpieces or masterminds, where the side fighting at home greatly outnumbering the opposition
  4. I read somewhere that there was a poll where the fans voted for Napoleonic Wars as the next setting of Ultimate General. IMO that would be awesome, because Napoleonic Wars have everything from detailed historical documentation, a great number of nations, huge cast of brilliant leaders including at least two legendary ones, many different kinds of soldiers, massive tactical diversity. All round improvement on UGCW, as a sequel should be. Is there any concrete news or updates on this? Is it at all in production? Any loosely estimated timeline? Anything to look forward to?
  5. What is that? You mean choosing which ships to deploy? That has very little to do with what I was asking I am talking about organisational structure, order of battle, chain of command etc - something that has been a fundamental part of warfare throughout the ages. Like the Trafalgar example in my post. Like the attached screen from your previous game.
  6. Will there be fleet organization? (like the corps > division > brigade structure in UGCW). It is noticeably missing in the previews. I hope as the player character gets promoted, he can command multiple flotillas / columns of 5 - 10 ships each with its own commander. We should be able to give broad formation commands to the flotillas instead of micromanging each ship. Realistic details like that there is why I loved UGCW. Please do not dumb it down like Total War. This is the order of battle of Trafalgar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_battle_at_the_Battle_of_Traf
  7. Lack of multiplayer is one of the best things that can happen to a game like this. It means developers will pay extra attention to AI behaviour, character system, chain of command, (relatively) realistic battle pacing etc that are essential for a game like this. Total War series is a living example of how introduction of multiplayer gradually and inevitably converts a rich grand deep realistic tactical experience to a frantic fast-faced dumbed-down clickfest with after-thought AI favoured by multiplayer gamers.
  8. Looks very interesting. Just two concerns at this point - 1. Like someone said above, unit and fleet sizes seem unrealistically small. 2. The command organisation (i.e. corps > division > brigade) from Ultimate General : Civil War seems to be missing in the screenshots. It was one of the things that set UG:CW apart from the likes of Total War or Starcraft and similar, contributed significantly to realism. Please do not lose that. I expect in the Age of Sail it should be some thing like multiple fleets > each with 3-4 columns / squadrons > each with up to 10-15 ships.
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