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  1. I’m talking about the “Confirm” button not working in the looting screen.
  2. I just started playing this and I am having a hard time leveling up now that I have reached 200 crew because the amount of XP in a rank 5 ship when attacking a rank 6 or 7 ship is very low, but I cannot do the rank 5 missions, because I will most certainly meet overpowered enemies. Also the number of trading ships and even (solo) lower rank ships I meet is so rediculously low that I actually have started AFK-sailing from east to west all across the map to get travel XP. That is the fastest way I have found of gainnig XP after 50-odd hours of trying to find something to shoot (that won't blow me out of the water in one broadside). I hope that after another 50 hours of AFK-sailing I will have gotten sufficient XP to continue doing missions again. The tutorial is WAY too hard. There should be a distinction between beginner, advanced and expert tutorials. Imo, the current tutorial is not at all suitable for beginners and it nearly caused me to request a steam refund. I clicked the exit button by accident and gave it 'one last try' in the Open World and found that teh missions were actually much easier... I wonder how many potential players got a refund because of the tutorial impossible difficulty..... FInally I find it really annoying the the buttons in the looting and boarding screens do not work. The interface really, REALLY needs a lot of work.
  3. Hmmmm, server is PVE, that's all I can tell you. I didn't think it was wise to start learning the game on a PVP server, expecially considering how terrible I apparently am at this game... I just have the normal startership, unchanged. Every time I get killed, which is about once or twice an hour, I just get a new free Basic Cutter and take it to sea without adjusting anything. I have once tried 6 pounders instead of the standard 4 pounders, but I didn't notice any difference whatsoever.
  4. Thank you all for your comments. I did as suggested and skipped the tutorials. But even so, I just get raped by everyone I fight. I am trying missions in my starter ship and even lynx traders utterly destroy me without me denting them much at all... I ask again, what am I doing wrong?
  5. I have purchased naval Action when it just came out. I have not played it since then because it initially was too rough for my taste, but decided to give it another try. However I could not even get past the first "exam" in the tutorial section. I feel the AI is favored too heavily, it starts with guns loaded, loads in about half the time I need to reload and appears it has a 'headshot mod' installed. I have tried many times to get past this 'exam' but one of two things happens, either I am killed or the game leaves the battle unannounced with the AI target always having at least 90% armor intact on all sides. So either the AI target is overpowered, or the tutorial is dong a really poor job in tutoring... What am I doing wrong?
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