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  1. Fixed it by purging the whole registry from every key that somehow contained "Naval Action" in it...
  2. Was not helping as i already stated
  3. Geforce Experience Overlay on the top right corner and Steam Overlay in bottom right corner both appear after some seconds
  4. Since it was running before i thought these were not necessary: Desktop I5 - 2500k not overclocked GTX 1080 16GB DDR3 RAM Win 10 Pro
  5. Hi, Since a few months i am unable to start the game at all. Back then i thought it was a buggy version, however since the problem still persists i thought i will try to ask for help here. On starting the screen simply stays black, nothing is visible and it will stay like that until i kill it via task manager - When i start the connection check the window is normally visible there. I tried to check the logs, but i couldnt find any abnormal things there that would indicate such a problem. Ive tried multiple reinstalls of the game and tried deleting all remaining files i found on the machine - however that wasnt helping at all. As far as i know Naval Action is the only game from my Steam Library that has these problems. All Drivers are up to date - OS is Windows 10 Cheers
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