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  1. Hammer and Anvil was a tactic that is attributed to Phillip of Macedon, Alexanders father. Very old indeed.
  2. I had a lot of fun with the UI&AI mod before moving on to the Rebalance mod which is more challenging but also more rewarding I think. The commander skills also matter much more as they all do more, I really like this. Both are great improvements on the base game.
  3. I have never taken any of the arty speed perks, I've felt that they need to be as effective as possible in combat so ignored them. There are really only a few battles where I've very much considered it, like Shiloh for the union in particular, that retreat from the church has caused me many arty losses in the past although in my current MG run I did quite well. I've had a bit of a hard time finding good use for the 24lb Howitzer. It is of course amazing in canister range but in just so many battles I can't get it positioned somewhere decent to do this. Very often they need to be quite close behind my infantry to be close enough to do proper canister shots, yet at this close they tend to be either arty bait for the enemy, or they simply take too many casualties from stray shots. I thought about increasing the range a bit more but then it would be TOO powerful. The 12lb Howitzer I don't use unless I have no other choice. It's range is just too short to be of much use in almost any battle. The Napoleon is great for mid/close range right through a good half the game (I'll use em probably through 2/3 of both campaigns, especially CSA) and along with 10lbers make up the bulk of my preferred arty forces in the early/mid game. The 10lb Parrot is good at range and I use for mostly counter battery, with the 20lb being an amazing upgrade.
  4. So I got a quick question about the exp modifiers. I know that the two for officers were originally 1.0, and you set one lower and one higher. I am assuming lower than 1 makes exp growth slower and above 1.0 is faster?
  5. I had noticed you had not updated in a while. Life happens I'll check out the other one though. Good to have others to watch.
  6. Hey Panda, quick question that's probably been asked but I can't find it: Will you be doing a CSA run through with this mod after your Union run? I really enjoy watching your videos and gain a lot of useful information and ideas from them. The only CSA run you've got up right now is the other mod and it's wildly different, some battles I can adapt tactics, some I cannot. Would love to see your way of dealing with this mod CSA.
  7. I have personally been finding that training is SUPER important in this mod, especially now. Quite simply you need good troops early and the best way to do that is to...have the best troops possible lol, that happens through training. In vanilla training was nearly useless, in this mod with each point giving +2 to stats, just 5 points gives a very comfortable +10 rookie stats. I've been playing with a 6 training start, so a nice cushy +12 rookie stats right off the hop. There are enough points to get another 1-2 in there quite quickly, so by Shiloh I'll have had 7-8 training for a while and my recruit pool is consequently surprisingly well trained. In practical terms as the CSA with 6 training you can recruit a brand new brigade with a high skill MAJOR and usually still have it be 1*; so with a colonel that brigade is sitting pretty and can be pushed to 2* in just 2-3 battles depending on the battle. As the Union with 6 training you can get 1* brigades with as low as Lt. Cols and once again they perform quite well under a colonel. Can usually get a small number of 2* by Shiloh.
  8. Maybe you'd be someone to ask this of then. I've been doing a lot of Civil War reading over the last few months and I need a recommendation on good books on weapons from the war. Something that gives small arms and artillery would be amazing, but anything you know of would likely be helpful. I've only just realized in the last few days that I need such a book, as I'm nearly done with my standard history tomes 😁. Websites with good info is also great if you know any. I have yet to start my search for this.
  9. For some battles yes I move divisions together, mainly infantry. For many battles I admit I use mostly manual, individual movement, but for some I move by division. There are a few battles where I use leapfrogging lines to push through the enemy. I do an infantry line with arty right behind them and 2 more lines of infantry behind that. Get in position, arty blasts away enemies, last brigade moves up, arty then re-position behind them and I have fresh infantry line with fully arty support still. Keep flanks clear with skirmishers or whatever else and just leapfrog forward. Been finding it works quite well in some battles where you want to attack on a narrow front. I usually use either 4 or 5 divisions per corps, 2-3 infantry, 1 arty and 1 support which is mixed skirmisher, cavalry and maybe more arty. Only in a few late battles do I use the 6th division, but by then I don't mind the point use. The 5th brigade is really only needed in this organisational system in battles where I need 15, as opposed to 10 infantry per corps. I had thought I had gotten an extra point or two along the way, I'm only just before Gaines Mill on CSA campaign right now and had wondered why I seemed to have more. I suppose this is mostly me being used to doing it a particular way and now having to adapt. With the extra points I'm sure I can make it work.
  10. I've been playing the new version for a couple days now, I quite like most of the changes. I am a little dismayed by the changes to Army Organisation. I pretty much NEVER used the 6th brigade, but I did almost ALWAYS use the 5th division. That the 5th division is now locked away behind I think level 8 of AO is very bothersome, and I'm finding myself having to shoehorn support brigades like cavalry and skirmishers in to the 6th slot. More than a few times I've selected the division to move and forgotten the new brigade was attached... I don't think I ever even want beyond 6 AO before, now I have to invest 2 more points in the very crucial early game, which I find is stretches my points far more; OR I can deal with 24, instead of 25 brigades, but organized worse. I am very much in favor of the other changes but this one is quite frustrating. This is one thing I may have to ask for advise on changing myself.
  11. 1st Bull Run as CSA is one of my favorite battles of the campaign. I can usually hold the Union at the bridge tight up until their reinforcements from the west start getting too close and I pull back. I never try defending the hill in the east and always keep my reinforcements held back and use at least 1 of the brigades to help watch the flank of my bridge defenders. When the map expands I find I have a ton of time to set up an excellent line just back from the river and those Union brigades struggle and die attempting to cross. When the final wave of reinforcements come in I usually have the Union on the ropes. If I'm lucky my cav brigade managed to capture some supplies, kill some artillery/skirmishers/routing brigades and usually ends the battle with a good 1000+ kills. It's first thing in the morning so I can't remember names right now lol. On the flip side I'm actually beating my head against the battle right now as the Union, done it several times and can't quite beat em. I've done it before, quite effectively, but they keep doing something totally new and unexpected every battle. Also getting REALLY tired of watching a single 800 man 3 star CSA brigade charge and rout 3 infantry brigades and supporting infantry all alone. I'll get it though. I was very close my last run but I didn't realize the battle ended when the contested timer ran out in the last phase, since there was still lots of time left on the overall battle timer. I was meters away from the cap and thought I had time.
  12. You can still load up the situation as it was before the battle by loading the battle auto-save. Or can load the auto camp save from just after the previous battle, so long as you have not yet finished Malvern Hill.
  13. That is a very aggressive Union strategy on a map I consider to be quite good for defense. Be curious how it goes.
  14. For Union Shiloh on higher difficulties I tend to do the following: I can hold the first area with the church well enough with just infantry and 1 arty brigade (12 guns usually 10 pounders) then fall back in good enough order as that area opens up in later stages. I find that holding this area in first phase is mostly about holding the very south line, 1 brigade can usually hold the west side with one swinging back and forth helping either side. You got tree cover, they have to cross a creek and up a small hill. Phase 2 with the two fields I will fall back to the back wall, abandoning both points. It will take a while before the enemy confronts me here, the timers will be mostly run down by then. They tend to hit very piecemeal and with all my brigades together they can support each other easily and inflict many casualties. It then opens to phase 3, Hornets Nest. I pull back forces from the church to behind the nest, pull back forces from the fields to around the same area and fight delaying actions with the reinforcements. When the Pitts Landing phase opens my troops should all be quite near it at this point and can take up good defensive positions and hold off the assault. Rotating the late reinforcements in to the front line to save as many of my men as possible. That is roughly how I do manage to do it. This is not the prettiest strategy but it's been working. I sometimes lose the arty brigade from the church during the long withdrawal, gotta be careful about that. I can then let them batter against me a little on the next day before using allied troops to sweep and clear the map.
  15. OK I didn't realize that was a bug, as it happened every battle for me with that mod I think. Still I do think it's something worth considering as normal if it's feasible. Seeing as supplies tended to be split up and dispersed to many wagons/caissons across the battlefield for easier distribution, I don't think two in the game is too many. I still was not able to keep everyone supplied at full the whole time so it's not like it was TOO easy or anything. I still had brigades screaming for ammo half the battle. But that's just my point of view. I find only one absolutely infuriating at times.
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