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  1. Hello my first post in here is to add sime more flimpsy detail to the ships - hopefully always historically correct. I found this forum by looking for ship plans for French baroque shipmodels. The shown pictures of the kitmodel give us a very much simplyfied idea of the MORDAUNT's real decoration. For thisv wounderful ship it is a shame due to cost saving kit production proposes. Here the original yard model of MORDAUNT of 1681 from the NMM. The only fault I could figure out is the golden topside of the capstain. The hole craving work is wounderful, still original and the colours look authentic. Even the doveblue is right - here a signum of the Sunking from Versailles. The lapislatsuli stone was milled and mixed with a light amount of green cupper oxyd - by this the greenish doveblue came to us. Enjoy the ship and think about pimping your Eirompdel kit to a historically right MORDAUNT 😜
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