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  1. Well that's just stupid if we cant get medals for sinking 1v1 in sp zone, they should have called it solo pvp zone.
  2. Still not even a comment? R.I.P. owed Combat medals I'm sure.
  3. Haven't attempted pvp solo pz today, but on pve server I sunk a brig with a brig and a snow with a brig well within the solo zone, designated today as 6th rate, and got no score for either. F11'd both incidents. Attempted relog to fix it without success.
  4. What the video and screenshots don't clearly show is that it was MAGIC flipping the port, and MAGIC is well known to be pirate alts only. This is the thing that is getting overlooked and should shed some light on what really went on here. Severus of course left out the screen shots of their hostility missions. Just like he used screens of me saying prove it in global, when I wasnt even there, he is playing magic tricks to make it seem like the offenders are the offended.
  5. Pretty blown away that you would bring this incident to tribunal. Its like a drug dealer calling the police to report his illegal narcotics are missing and he thinks he knows who did it.
  6. I suppose this is true but it is a problem somewhat unique to US coast and perhaps I (we) just have to adjust. But that's a mighty small area to go to for action. Between spies and the proximity to deep water ports owned by opposition that has plenty of other spots to grind, I think a few missions for at least 4th and 3rd wouldn't put our fabulous sailors in the op range. The area you mention is literally our only option without sailing for hours to play. When I say there's no foreign 5th a.i. up north, I mean its almost to the point where its broken. And working a deal to take a port afa
  7. The US has a problem. I was excited to go out and unbox my brand new Aggy but long story shot, in order to do that, I will have to lose it. There is literally no foreign ai in the atlantic, and there are not 4th rate or up kill missions. I foresee plenty of replies about get friends or take a port somewhere else, but sometimes, you just wanna sail solo. My suggestion: Simply give us some kill missions for large ships in our ports. Please!
  8. This thread is slowly devolving into yet another salt storm. If you're thinking of writing yet another negative post, I humbly beg of you to go find another game instead. Its all been said already.
  9. Good luck and Godspeed. Or in this case, fir/fir lynx speed.
  10. Good Luck Game Labs team and if people didn't love your game so much there wouldnt be so much drama
  11. If I hadn't read the thread what do you think i was referring to, the announcement? You pretty much represent exactly who I'm talking about.
  12. Is it ideal? No. Has this community lost perspective and become rather cynical and self-serving? I think so. Remember this: We are here to have fun, not accumulate imaginary stuff and get sad when it gets wiped, or sunk. I suggest having a clean slate upon wipe in your head as well as your inventory, docks, and money chest. Just get in your brig, hoist the sails, and go on an adventure. Maybe even minimize chat for a few days. :P.
  13. Picked the wrong day to make up for time lost from rollbacks I guess.
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