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  1. the lower BR rule with allow the lower BR side to enter the battle in OW during 20 minutes creates major problem for XP grind in higher ship class. In combination with the new damage system, I feel really unsafe (i'm still a noob, I know..) to attack with a 1 rate more than maybe bello+1 or so without the need of multi-repair and so. the RoE make it safe to attack higher target, but the risk is high to get wreck by multiple IA on focus fire and mega penetration, I don't feel confi to attack alone a Santi+1 in my Ocean at all. issue: BR uncertainty before attacking. Is the Bello+1 are 2 bello 500+500 br or not, is the Surprise+6 more or lower than my BR? do I need to know all the median BR of 5th rate, before choosing to attack or not. Solution? Get the total and Exact BR of the AI fleet indicated, or to know before attacking if the 20 minutes rules apply or not in this specific case? To start a AI battle i Higher tier is like russian roulette, with the risk a an EP coming after 10-15 minutes in the combat with a fresh boat and nuke you. very difficult to XP the ships to get then ready 4 RvR in those conditions. Today to help new clan member to grind higher ship for RvR, you need a "babysitter" def tag ship on the zone or pray for the best and I'm not even talking about new-players getting gank because they don't know about the RoE and dont have a clue about BR system
  2. @admin ok, lower BR side can be reinforce AFTER 2 minutes from the start, right? in all OW, inclusive RZ but how long the battle is still open from the reinforcement side?
  3. hI ADMIN Can you please clarify the RoE outside RZ and Inside. Timer, BR ratio, etc. is it really still open 20 minutes is the BR diference is above 1.2? even Vs Npc?
  4. Lol, dear Pathetic Privateer, I would never assume to take your place as the uncontested "Cry me a river" master of the forum. everybody knows you're the inventor of the book "cry one more time" that gives you +5% embarrassment on the tribunal .
  5. I'm not talking about a rogue player sending info to a friend in another nation here, i'm taking about playing two account, on French and one Russian at the same time, one connection for spotting in front or Fort Royal only and the other to chase
  6. This morning Vladimir Markovnikov and his friend CanorJax , 2 previous French player btw. Fouchet , and another one, where chasing noobs in front of FR. Nothing unusual. When i escape the tag from fouchet and place me in front of Rosau fort (they where 2 Hercule I was in Neufchatel ), I receive after a few sec a chat from that russian player (vladimir). He obliviously got my name from a double account (or a friend with a double acount) since i post my intention on the French Chat about RU EP and my intention to chase them After a discussion , he admit that his friend CanorJax (2nd RU EP in hercule) WAS Carl Bosch, the French player camping in front of Fort royal and getting info for himself and Vladimir Markovnikov See Screenshot (in french) IS IT ALLOWED BY THE User Agreement he sign agreement to have a double account open the same time to spy another nation? Should that type of comportment be punish by permanent or temporary ban? Shouldn't you guys (Devs) put in place a verification mechanic to avoid that type of comportment ? Â
  7. If you do things so easily all the time, why don't u try stop crying a river. what do u think, can u do it?
  8. yes, that the principle of screen/tag to protect a more vital ship to do a specific action, attack a port or go to a safe arbor, don't speak to me about realism, it is a game, not a flight simulator, with games mechanic as all the games, you may dislike some of them like BR tagging mechanic if you want. Nevertheless they are in the game, like Baiting in front of capital to get tag by the noobs and jumping on him with your friend rushing from the horizon. Still a game mechanic, a very ugly one and very effect full to disgust new player from NA btw.
  9. and? this is the way the game works, no? btw, just to get the record strait, your guys took the our Ocean 2 days ago, we retook it and secure it back to harbor by screening tactics, and u cry a river? Unfair tactic, you have the right of your opinion. But crying a river over it, come on, stop embarrassing yourself.
  10. good to know but.... Where? how? the ingame info says drops in Cartagena de whatever, If there is other solutions to get these specific resource, should it be more transparent from a Game perspective? instead of give a specific nation owner an advantage? what do you think guys? Is there other resources blocked (or semi blocked) like that?
  11. I dont know if it was intentional by the Devs, but Tar resources is totally blocked by one nation, currently Sweden, since it not an open town, you cant place contract if you're not swede, that town gives the tactical advantage to be able to craft Cartagena Caulking Refit for the nation. I think unique resources (available only one port) should be in a free town
  12. Hi guys, somehow I miss the wind direction when i'm in a very messy combat, I think it can be a bit improved, the other think I experienced at the beginning of the game is the lack of info regarding the canon side and reload shortcuts , you get use to it of course, but for a newbie, its always a mess guessing . I' hope you enjoy my skills in powerpoint Cheers
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