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  1. Okay, well.. I have an unrelated question then, how and when will the unbalanced game be balanced? because right now the Dutch have much fewer players then others, so they lose a lot of territory, a lot of good production locations and such...
  2. I'm just gonna quote the website here: http://www.navalaction.com/#open-world So first quote, Russians in the caribbean is not realistic honestly... Second quote, this information is either outdated or simply not accurate..
  3. Hi all, I have a question and am graving for an answer. Not sure how to put this, but as far as i remember from my historybrain, the Russians never had a single port in the caribbean. (in this time period, if you consider cuba part of russia in the cold war) Why is this nation in the game at all? If they want to make a historically accurate game, this nation has to leave.. Grtz, Admiraal Smit Edit 1: why don't the dutch have more ships of their nation? They weren't a nation that you can wave away or something... And they had some decent ships as well!
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