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  1. I really like your videos and I learned a lot. However in several videos I think you play bit gamey by being aware of the enemy's spawn points / mobilization areas. Would be nice to see if you played a bit more historical using less exploits. I try to play my games with a few house rules I.e playing a bit in the blind not having the foresight you get from playing the game so much. Can't wait to see your Gettysburg though.
  2. Can you guys explain experience gains to brigades, brigade commanders, division commanders and corps commanders? Just trying to figure out how it's applied and how to make best use of it
  3. That's good news even though a few months sounds terrible. What is in the drawing board for 1.3? Campaign tweaks? If any help is required please let me know.
  4. Thanks Johnny and Pandakraut for a great Mod. Any timelines for the 1.25 or even better a 1.3?
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