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  1. Why would you not make sextant available in the option menu. If I don't want it I turn it off, but when I need it I turn it on. What you did is bad and people will complain. Make it available for all that is ridiculous. Just silly imho... can it be fixed please?
  2. In the solo patrol zone you can only be attacked by the ship of the same class - Give example. Sextant only for new accounts? = What about existing? @admin
  3. Technically you are right, ocean has no effect on hull color, but it should. We should see sun bouncing from water to the hull. So, what you see is some distant light(sun) is messing with the color due to it being flat and not shiny or polished and there is 0 shadow from water that should play on the hull. Those who says it's normal have 0 idea of what they are talking. NA could do a better job with lights, but they are ok with what they have.
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D1LMZRjGVWVedIkYiBbTa-18Jon9mFvY
  5. I will look. It was a complaint post about trade or something like that...
  6. Rarely, on the map posted by the Dev, 85% of routes are close to the coast and the rest cross each other from port to port. About 75% of the open ocean is never visited by NPCs because their routes are not changing.
  7. I wish they would add some sort of point system that would allow skilled shipwright to remove them without destruction. Points could be collected doing trading runs or PBs.
  8. @admin Here is an example why we need more depth to economy and why NA is not there yet. Taken from a book "Six Frigates'. It contains extreme details.
  9. Volume Limiting Headphones https://www.walmart.com/ip/Bratz-Volume-Limiting-Headphones/54061214
  10. Check the game called Rangers of Oblivion and how they guide new players. Want this sword? This is what you need - Ingredients: *** *** ***, each one can be clicked and it takes you to where you can find them.
  11. so you are saying he must take missions every time he goes out in order to have ships to kill? otherwise he will seek npcs for a long time without any missions?
  12. I would like to see structure takes small damage even with full armor HP when large guns used 18lb and up at certain distance (short range) 250y and down... Example: Bellona vs Frigate. at 250yards Frigate would take up to 25% armor damage + and up to (10% structure damage per full broadside at 0 yards and 5% at 250 yards ), Fitting penetration mods will boost structure damage by up to 3% or 13% total per Bellona broadside, but keep armor damage increase capped. Frigates can do the same, but must remain dead close (100yards to do up to 5% with 18lbs and up).
  13. @admin please test Wasa vs frigates demast and kite and see for yourself
  14. @adminLoot pickup is still sh*ty... fix it plz. Was standing next to the sunken ship and it won't give me an X. Can we just get a normal drop loot window instead wasting time sailing back to pick it up. what a joke.
  15. Run windows update check, reset game settings to default
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