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  1. Pirate78

    Port Battle Risk vs Rewards

    Vets vs a bunch of new guys in cheep ships. Game requires more work!
  2. I will let other players slave then. Thanks.
  3. whats the point of these ship rewards if content wipe will remove everything?
  4. Pirate78

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    Remove it from regular crowd and make it hard to get.
  5. Pirate78

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    list names, they can run investigation.
  6. Pirate78

    Should AI ship Drop Repairs?

    You know better.
  7. Pirate78

    Should AI ship Drop Repairs?

    yeah, but you should feed local life. New guys live off fleets. Forcing them to leave home and go to pvp areas is dangerous for the game population. They sink and boom they are bankrupt, instead they can go out hit few fleets get money, feel they are financially secure, build ships and then try the risk. Eliminating this factor will eventually kill the game.
  8. Pirate78

    Should AI ship Drop Repairs?

    Try US coast up top as US player, it's horrible and should be fixed.
  9. Pirate78

    Should AI ship Drop Repairs?

    Even if it did, NPC numbers are so small and quantity per repair is so big that it will not make any differences. In fast paced games you would be correct.
  10. Pirate78

    Should AI ship Drop Repairs?

    Those who strictly pvp will buy from players. Those who hunt fleets can hunt longer, but eventually still come back and buy repairs from players. Do not make this game boring and unplayable. NPC should drop little bit of each rum , hull , sails...
  11. You made 20k (with a friend) in 3 hours? Jesus save this game and forgive those who try to break it.
  12. I do not think asians will change the outcome, unless you will feed them with ships, missions and events like wow.
  13. Pirate78

    Good job killing off solo players.

    You are not alone, read my post and how many people left. I lost 3 players in just a day. They are all laughing at this game and it does not look good at all.
  14. Pirate78

    Good job killing off solo players.

    Instead of fixing it, they send you to pve server. lol
  15. Pirate78

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    They do not have time to sail for hour, find npc. Spend another 20 killing it. Get 1k, Sail back for 20. Go back to port repair for 500 and call it a day. What is this? A joke. They get 10 fun pvp battles in other games in 1.5 hours and spend cash on fun things. You ask me why? I do not know... This game just does not work for all 60 guys I knew and sailed with back in the days.