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  1. looks like someone in a boarding fit ship on a killing spree. not impossible to back to back kill players in traders
  2. if u can sink a 1st rate with a cutter u can do it with a galleass
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galleass http://veniceatlas.epfl.ch/atlas/gis-and-databases/mediterranean/3d-model-venetians-ships/ adding in more ships of the galley class would add more to the games variety of sailing profiles and more diversity in ship choices
  4. it was ur choice to keep running or surrender u knew u couldnt out run him. u couldnt catch him he still shot at u which shows intent to fight u running shows u dont want to fight. its gank or be ganked this player happened to outplay u and rather then spending time shooting at ya he rather just sail just enough in range that u have 1 of 2 choices keep running or surrender. just because this is annoying doesnt make it against game rules. russia, pirates, gb, dutch, swedes, danes, us u get the point every nation has done this at one point or another. tribunals have even been done for this exact situation. its not against the rules its not punishable unless it back to back pulls with NO intention to fight. u had no intention to fight the fact he is chasing u is evident in this situation. see its not griefing when ur doing back to back tags and your target who u tagged doesnt want to fight and is running. u dont have to play the i can keep shooting u with my bow cannons for 3h's all he has to do is have the intention to attack u and do damage. u were running and u couldnt out run him. so why didnt u surrender. good example hunting player tags trader, trader spends 1h 30m running the whole battle gets out get retagged does it again. u dont see the traders complaining on tribunal about being chased for 3hours by the same player. its part of the game everyone plays it differently. whats the order always given near the turning of an enemy ship as it runs away from ur fleet. the order is KEEP IT TAGGED. ok it got away we will retag it in the OW. this happens almost every day. suck it up and deal with it
  5. well where are the so called experienced players when the inexperienced players are being ganked back to back. most likely busy elsewhere on the insanely huge map. where do u find alot of players near capitals where do u find easy prey capitals. if ur going to cry about ganking noobs is destroying the game then ur nation should stop doing it. cause every nation ganks another nations capital waters.
  6. i have had it done to myself as i have done it to others its part of the game and not against the rules. u could of simply surrendered, dropped sails, slowed down to close the distance, turn around and engage. so many options but u decide a tribunal is going to stop it is pretty funny. its like trying to get ganking removed from the game its not going to happen. did he pull u multiple times in a row and run away? no well then ur out of luck if he hadnt done that. and he did shoot at ur ship and damaged ya so if u run away he can do what he wants when chasin his prey.
  7. please show me the definition that ur using that would make this griefing that has an admin or moderator ruling against this type as i have already stated this tribunal is a joke. screening or delaying action he is simply using the games mechanics to prevent u from escaping battle if ur stuck in his area control perk have u tried turning to face him chain him, blow holes in him. if ur running away from him and he's fast enough to keep u in control then he doesnt need to keep shooting to complete him mission, ur choise was to stay and run instead of surrendering to a ship that was clearly faster then u. he shot at u at first then when u started to run he simply followed ya. done that myself before as well no point if i can keep up with an enemy to waste time lining up shots if control keeps him in battle while i was for reinforcements or for allies to get in position to retag. and trolling in game chat to an enemy is still fair game. not his fault u bit at the bait.
  8. screening isnt against the rules and griefing only pretains to multiple back to back pulls with no intention of fighting as per my post about for this same exact situation. and the ruling the admins gave on it. this tribunal is a joke
  9. thats an assumption on the area control perk if it was intended for those without bow chasers why does the pfrig, prince, niagara and a few other ships have it built in might i add the prince and pfrig both have bow chasers. not to mention but the perk is for every ships not just bowless ones. how someone chooses to use it doesnt make it griefing just because u dont like how he used it
  10. that not entirely true u can always ask a clan to make a ship if u provide the materials urself
  11. uh u realize lowering the BR doesnt change the number of players that are going to show up the only difference is the number of screeners for the larger side to bring more ships. so as an example we will use a 10k br port drop it to say 5k and u double the screen fleets in the process. doesnt change the fact that those smaller nations still wont have 25 players to fill the PB. all ur really changing is what ships are fielded not how many can join the battle. and as a small nation or clan u shouldnt be owning that many ports to begin with, leave the larger amount to the larger nations or clans and join in on the screening if u want content. PB's arent the be all end all of the game yea their fun to a point but screening is just as important.
  12. so u posted a tribunal over a guy who screened u out of a pb. wow there goes the game. https://ibb.co/SKyszZm BTw this is his control https://ibb.co/d2FRJnG he stoped shooting u really should keep ur story straight the first pic shows him shooting at ya, the 2nd pic shows u have damage and if he was the only one to pull u then he did indeed shoot at u. which means he did his job as a screener and kept u out of ur intended battle. enjoy reading an old tribunal for about the same issue. TLDR admin Posted December 19, 2018 issue will be resolved according to game rules. consistent griefing where the only goal is to keep the player in battle multiple times in the row is not allowed. for the record i received no warning for it. considering the evidence was not back to back battles but separated by multiple days.
  13. no greifing is defined on multiple tags in a row with no intention of doing battle by the same player against the same player. u can look at the tribunal that was put against me awhile ago do doing just that in this same situation against another player. see this type of action could be used to keep u in battle till allies are in position to retag u and take u out in the OW. dont cry about a tactic every nation uses in general pvp not just outside pb's
  14. so he was shooting at the start so how would this be a tribunal worthy issue all he did was get in range of his control area he now has no reason to keep shooting as u cant leave battle.
  15. pvp should be free for all in looting if u cant get to ur kills its ur own fault if someone gets there first. and to go as far as warning them and then shooting if they dont leave puts ur behind on the line for green on green.
  16. thats the price of playing in a smaller nation. u could contract out to other nations for aid offer monetary or marks for aid. or u could change nations, or buy a 2nd account and place it in a large nation and use it to provide sanctuary if ur main looses its crafting port. i've seen the US pull 40 ships out of its pocket when LR was in danger so i dont see the issue with US, as long as those nations have 22 players they can field 22 first rates doesnt have to be a fleet of crafted oceans. u can buy crafted oceans from other nations sure ur paying more for them but what are u going to complain about. this is another reason why the big nations using pirates as an example have too many clans and not enough port owners to divy up the lists. same with GB they have a cluster of tiny clans where they should have just large clans put the small ones together kick inactives that way ur not making ur clans look big with inactives. so what if ur nations port is vulnerable to be attacked if u want to play in safety go play on the peace server. if u want high danger stay on war. just look at pirates they had yesterday 8 port battles against them. a small nation was able to take 4 ports from pirates the US took 4 ports. so dont cry over how weak ur nation is go out build a fleet bide ur time and then strike when they least expect it.. a dispute lets see pirates have baracoa, gb has trux, belize. its just a matter of in nation politics which isnt a concern of anyone outside those nations. right now on the war server there is no issue with the port bonuses as they are distributed. the us have SA its a 45 point port.so crafting isnt an issue here unless the us has alot of tiny clans fighting over being on the list. if this is the issue put ur crafters in an allied clan thats on the list and just move the ships to ur actual clans.
  17. so whats the problem 5-15 members go out farm 4 missions or do 4 cargo consolitade the dubloons and money and u got a lvl 3 shipyard. then u go out do it again then do clan missions get woods build resources or buy them from other ports transport them to ur shipyard and make ships. its not impossible to do with small clans. a new player has recently joined our clan he in the week he has been playing he has gone out and collected all the material and money and dubs on his own to buy his own ships that are crafted in the nation. he on his own is selfsufficant he is brand new to NA and has no trouble on his own to get what he needs. yes the smaller clans cant have what the larger clans have but they just need the money to buy what they want or need. to say port bonuses are the problem just look at what u can capture now no nation should be in a point where they cant field a fleet of firsts whether crafted to capped. the instance of blaming the port bonuses or large nations owning valuable ports is moot in regard to it being the problem the real problem is other players want the devs to fix the game so they dont have to go out and fight these bigger nations because they dont want to lose what they have.
  18. and if i remember correctly this is a hardcore game. just look at the tutorial. if it takes u 200 hours to build a ship then i guess running solo isnt how ur going to excel in this game. its built around clans for a reason making ships is a clan effort, taking ports is either a clan or nation effort. if u as a player cant handle dipping in a meer 200 hours then maybe this game isnt tailored to your interests. i play a game on the internet thats entirely text based it takes years to build fleet and all blown up in a meer 5 seconds to a larger fleet only to rebuild it again to do the same. so dont complain over a meet 200 hours
  19. the problem with most of these ideas its always the same people. right now we have was 2 pages worth of online users for the forum. we have about 1000 players online in game on a given day, these are likely connected, ur not getting majority vote on these suggestions. ur getting the few that actually use the forums. and even fewer of the players that play actually even know this forum exists. steam doesnt have a link to the forums and unless ur told by someone about the forum or given a link they have no clue it exists. its likely why very little of what the players suggest get implemented because so few actually talk or contribute to suggestions on here. there is no issue with the current implemented port bonuses. u want a port that has 55 points to turn into a crafting port well go out and get it. attack another nation take their port. this is a war server thats the point nothing is safe all valuable ports and resources are up to being attacked and fought over. putting default 3's across for capitals defeats the purpose of capping ports if u can already make ships in safe harbor of decent quality.
  20. goto a free town and go buy them then if u cant make them go buy them. u want something someone will have a price for what u want. stop crying like its these big nations fault cause they worked to secure these resources. port bonuses are fine as well GB just took a 55 point port so its not impossible for other nations to do the same. stop crying about these problems u seem to be having if u want access to these things then fight for them.
  21. so many tears over stole loot whoopie do, u cant get to it before someone else thats ur own fault
  22. i'll give a good example, cartagena is a 45 point port its subport tolu is also a 45 point port sorry was playing catchup on this topic sorry for the wall of replies
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