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  1. I have a question in relation to the Campaign(s). So, with the Campaign, I see it says that we follow the career path of Nelson or John, but I'm curious if this is more or less something more akin to what it was in Ultimate General: Civil War, in which you're more or less Lee/Grant (Despite them being in the game as officers) but are your own custom officer of sorts. Do we have these choices as well with Ultimate Admiral? Or are we unable to do anything in regards to the name and choices we make? I know it may seem rather... crappy to say this, but I myself loved UG:CW because you got to BE a commander, which made it stand out more overall. So, with that in mind, the crappy part comes up which is... I'm thinking this game might not be for me or people like me who are into the more RPG aspect of character creation/naming if you're stuck playing Nelson of John.
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