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  1. I'm playing CSA campaign in BG and just finished Chancellorsville and here's some questions and thoughts: 1. Seems that on paper HF1855 is superior to many expensive weapons such as Enfield, Lorenz or SF1861. Similar damage, accuracy and high melee, reload speed. Do I interpret the weapon state correctly? 2. Not sure if it's intended but seems that wiping out enemy army won't end the battle immediately sometimes. For example in Chancellorsville I wiped out enemy army in 3rd phase including the reinforcement and it said that I failed to take the objective and move to next phase, although it ended the battle quickly in the beginning of next phase and I still got the victory. 3. I feel the battle is too long compare to vanilla.I always have more than enough time to encircle and wipe out the enemy army. This is not quite easy in vanilla.
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