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  1. I would really like to understand the devs thinking when it comes to NPC design and implementation. The devs mentioned WoW specifically and Im wondering if they ever played WoW. most mobs (AI) in wow is pretty simplistic, but has stats lower than the player in almost all cases (except elites) This makes it to where you can add multiple enemies to an encounter to add dynamics and much more fun that one on one fights with some simple AI. NA hasnt been done like WOW at all. Aggressive NPC fleets cranked with stat boosts packed into huge fleets that defy all speed logic in the game? Why do you always crank it up to 11? I for one would be happy if even on the pve server that some form of aggressiveness in the AI (a la wow) if the ships the AI used played by the same rules as us. Why dont you try putting the raiders as normal fleets, non elite status ships and see how that goes? I like how you always defend these choices with some kind of real history (IE the essex carrying troops) but things in the game are about as far from realistic as you can get. Bottom line is the overall feeling from the forums and talk in global chat is that the player base is not happy with the buffed up ultra elite Ai in the privateer fleets and PB, because its not fun. You said this is a game. games should be fun, end of point. Now a suggestion I have for this. You want to show off your ability to crank ship stats up to ultra levels, you should give players a path to climbing to this place. Ill use wow for example. a level one player doesnt go straight to the boss in a dungeon and fight him over and over until he figures out how to beat him. He builds his characters abilities and his own skill and knowledge on lesser mobs before rising to that challenge. A possible way for this is to have tiered attacks on ports. Say the first raid on a player port is a level 1 attack with basic ships that follow the rules that players have to. If the players win, then they have a breather of two weeks and then the next attack is say level 2 with ships get slight buffs to be a bit more of a challenge. Players will know this and work up to it. As long as the players win the attacks get stronger each time (and hopefully reward more) until finally getting up to the uber elite ultra AI in service today. If/when the players finally lose the tiers start over, along with the loss of investment level etc.
  2. Or if they actually gave us patch notes like 99% of games out there, there would be no question what was changed or not. I "Love" that NPC with all perks got ninja'd in. Not that the fact that they have those perks on top of all their other immersion breaking cheats bothers me as much as they don't even have the integrity to say what they are changing.
  3. @admin This is a game and as such the griefing by the AI has to stop. I just fought an elite ingermanland and as I had him low on structure I maneuvered upwind at 45 degrees to prepare to maneuver to loot. Then as he sinks the wind shifts 45 degrees in seconds to go exactly the bearing the wreck is in. As this happens WAY too often, one must assume that this is a "feature" of the game by the devs. @admin Taking away the loot a player has earned by means of stupid mechanics and tricks with shifting wind does not mean you win! In fact you lose when people get fed up with the pitiful rewards and progression in this game and quit playing, and tell their friends not to bother. If you are absolutely bent on keeping this worst loot mechanic in a video game, then remove the timer, so that when we decide its worth it to tack through wind that constantly changes to go against us, we finally get our earned loot.
  4. Why @admin even have this in the game? I just watched an NPC LBP sail up to the border of the patrol zone and turn right back around. Poor form to have events in a game that cant be completed by design.
  5. I will add my feedback since release on here. AI is insulting to players. Fighting ships that have abilities that you cannot have with some massive buffs is not fun. I haven't read one person say that fighting the AI ships was fun, and games should be fun shouldn't they? Two ships stand out as just wrong in my fights: Essex: Essex is too weak. (yes Im saying an AI ship is too weak) Its my experience that they die way to easily like they are made of paper. Others have mentioned essex having isuues, so maybe its the ship and not the AI. 3rd Rate: 3rd rates are stupidly OP. Ive had 3rd rates give my unboxxed 1st rate problems in broad vs broad fights with the AI. No way a third rate should be able to stand toe to toe with a santi or LO and soak up the damage while returning equal damage. ive seen a third rate take down a Bucentaure with upgraded guns in a broadside fight. Again theres no way that should be happening. My elite third rate is no where near what the AI 3rd rate is doing so its not the ship, its whatever the cheating buffs the AI gets on that ship. Mixed AI fleets, Proper AI without stupid artificial difficulty and the return of the fleet missions of old would flip my review back to recommend! i know you can do it devs!
  6. It has been touched on here but I would like to see more diversity in AI fleet makeups. Instead of a 1st rate plus 10 1-2nd rates. why not have fleets comprised of various sizes. IE a 1st rate with a third rate, 3 5ths and 2 6ths. would be fun for clans and groups with newer players as they can meaningfully contribute to combat as well. I would also like to see the patrol zones with rate limits AI traffic better reflect that limit. why limit to a 4th rate when its only 1-2nd rate AI sailing around? And more traffic in the patrol zones as well please, Sailing for 40 mins not seeing a single AI and 7 other players all looking for the same thing does not = fun.
  7. The first ~130K damage was done in a Victory, the last bit was in a captured L'Ocean
  8. I did a the hispanola patrol today. Racked up 201.9 K damage according to the map. Sailed into Saint-nicolas and claimed the reward. before I claimed I looked in my money chest and had 3164 doubloons to make sure the reward would fit. Then hit claim and clicked the okay buttons. No doubloons went into the chest, my warehouse any of my holds or anything. Take patrol is greyed out so the game registered that I did it, but did not receive my reward. F11'd it with screen of all inventories open. Please give me the doubloons I earned. Traven Mercer - Pirates - PVE server NAB-84445 F11 report number
  9. 1) Traven Mercer - Pirate 2) War - Traven Mercer - US Peace- Traven Mercer Pirate
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