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  1. It just remember me the stories and scenes of old west movies and all those cowboys with their fancy clothes killing the poor bisons... it is all about the shit human behavior. Sorry, im more philosopher than sailor, and that game gives me more and more insights of human kind that i use in my private life. Maybe it’s why i keep playing it: it all that plethora of things you can find in real life...we are all that damned race of predators killing the earth day by day 🙁
  2. Just a little comment: besides the good doubloons drops, i see an increase in the quality of ships captured too: yesterday i got a indefatigable purple, sabicu, good hope refit, last week a gold tbrig and another purple lgv. It is time to invest in capture ships too, boys. Never saw such rate like this and i like a lot to capture ships!
  3. Byzantium conversations, as usual...
  4. Got an gold Tbrig, mahogany/crew space...😁...with all speed mods on her, she is one of the jewels of my crown.
  5. I didn’t tried, so can’t say if will work, but try to use ASCII code instead the keyboard to input the character you want.
  6. And here is something really interesting: OW/TargetWindow/Enemy <color=red>ENEMY</color> You can turn into RED the enemy vessels name...just switch the term for your prefered one
  7. Fiz essa alteração que achei interessante e deixa realçado quando encontrar um inimigo: OW/TargetWindow/Enemy <color=red>INIMIGO</color>
  8. Found how to fix: {0}<size=11>Kn</size> You should get rid of the aditional space between the {0} and the rest of the line. Aditionally, if you change the value after "=", you can change the size of the numbers...
  9. Indeed. In Google sheets it is very simple and easy. No issues till now.
  10. Ok mr NCIS agent man...dont be so salty! I will not fight with you because of this... The only thing i want to mention here is that: you only need to know is it is a FRIEND OR FOE ship. Perhaps, the rank. Anything besides that only gives margin to exploitation, ganking and other not welcome behavior. It’s was tested before and not worked. Majority of community asked to get rid of it and they did. Farewell to you and your arguments.
  11. Lol, no! an system that include the upgrade the enemy ship has?😖 Wtf...maybe you will want to know the perks he is using too...it is an aberration to propose something like this... The max you can know is the rank of commander, as, assuming to make it historically accurate, is the only intel you had at the time frame of that age: using the spyglass, with luck, you could know the rank by the clothes of the captain IF him was in deck or bridge. And that only works for regular navy, cuz you simple can’t assume if a 🏴‍☠️ is a “curse “ or rascal by his clothes...
  12. Uhh... ”Houston, we have a problem “.... This is not good...seems that is related to the.csv file. I hope to not touch that string. I almost quitting the idea to customize my language file. It’s good enough the way it is ...
  13. Yesterday Aves had “zero” goods in shops, except by the contracts placed by players
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