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  1. pandakraut, does your junior officer replacement mod work with this UI and AI mod and can it be added?
  2. Make sure you open and extract the three files from the zip file, unpack either with WinZip, 7zip is free, or WinRar. There should be 2 folders and a resource assets file
  3. Ah yes, that would do it. Thank you just reminded me of a way to send a file to a mate of mine
  4. Well that was easy, thank you Mate. So the tmp file, is that the way to work on dll files? In one of my previous modding life, I remember creating or remodeling dll file but for the life of me, I can't remember how or what with. May have been Company of Heros, that was a painful game to mod
  5. Well pandakraut, I'm really sorry, I did try again and again, but I can not get officers to be replaced by any juniors upon death or WIA, I have played at least three separate battles with each of the CSA campaign Brigadier General and a new MG Union Campaign. I have verified files at least twice, used only the 1.21 file you sent me, and all new restart campaigns I don't know what to say or do next, I really don't
  6. Thanks! There is still hope then, what was the first version that had the Junior Officers temporarily taking command from casualties of battle?
  7. Oh pandakraut, I think I'm going to cry!! I set those last 5 entries back to default in my "unitModifiers" (version 1.21) and after my next battle, the few Generals I had left got promoted to Colonels. I think I shall just give up, it is a real mess now. Remember way back, I said although I wanted a challenge I did not want so many frustrations, well I got it anyway. If I play vanilla I won't get anything else other then experience gains by my Generals, and after using the different versions of the mod, It just doesn't play anywhere near the same. Yet I can't get any experience ranks with any
  8. Although I agree with you on the context of most of your statement, it's not quite as simple as that. In fact, the best charging and melee troops were often green troops who didn't understand the ramifications of their undertaking. In fact, the more troops gained experience in the War, the more reluctant they were to charge knowing the results that were being asked. The majority of the men of Pickett's Charge knew what was being asked of them, and were generally "Sobered" by it. They did it as they were too veteran and proud to do otherwise what was asked by R.E. Lee who they would never think
  9. Thank You once again, I believe I understand all this. Firstly, the Base Game speed, the larger the number the faster the game! Secondly the deploySizeMultiplier, 1.2 this I also presume gets bigger the higher it goes, yet it doesn't seem to have much effect. Is it that it increases the number of units you can deploy to a scenario (doesn't seen to change this)? Or it does allow more, just does not show the change visually on the screen? Third, the numbers for the experience fields get smaller, so again, I presume that means they need less XP to get more rep or rank?
  10. Thanks pandakraut, if one was wanting to reset this speed setting, and it's at 2 now I think, does one make that number higher or lower? Do we use whole numbers or decimals? Is there also a setting to revert back the Reputation or Experience values for Officers? Halfway through the War and I got all colonels leading my Divisions.
  11. That's all anyone can ever expect, I for one hope that your endeavors meet with success, as that would be the pinnacle of the Officer Replacement part of your mod. One that not only would equal but surpass that achieved back then in Sid Meier's Gettysburg
  12. My favorite preference would be as you posted above, to have a controllable separate unit just like the Corps Commander. If this isn't possible, can his picture be shown on the Army Icon Bar at the bottom of the screen when you click on the Division Line or bar? If you can make or create a separate unit representing the Divisions Commanders can you make more than one supply Wagon?
  13. Got you, and I understand, but it happened a lot during those battles as so I noticed the difference, and am wondering if it was the version1.22d or if it was the lack of the surrender mod that caused the increase? Or maybe it was just time for a lot of those units to try that tactic. I mean once it was two skirmisher units that routed past my lines and disappeared. Next thing I knew my supply wagon was captured and the prisoners at least two units were set free in my rear. Other times it was cavalry units and at least once Infantry and I really never saw this happen to this degree before.
  14. Thank you once again pandakraut for the files. I tried 1.22d and replayed Winchester. What a time I had, it certainly wasn't my prettiest battle for sure! I must have started and restarted that one scenario at least 6 times. I had units all over the place, especially chasing random skirmishers and Cavalry that came in the back door, or ran through a melee. This was certainly the most annoying part! I was attacking a unit, it routs and runs away, but through my unit and gains my rear, then calms down and proceeds to release prisoners, or rear flank my units. I had a couple skirmishers do this,
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