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  1. Hi!! Is there anybody else experiencing connection problems?? Nevermind... i think it is my bloody internet service!! x((
  2. Hi, I love realistic games, therefore i like to see the night and the day in the game. Anyway i am noticing (may be it is just my impression) that days are shorter now, and nights are way more annoying than before. We can barely see at night and even the dark hours are very uncomfortable. One thing is to be realistic and a very different one is not enjoying the game because you can not see. I would love that you take a look on that. By the way, i support ALL the rest of the changes you are doing in the game. Cheers!!
  3. Hi!! I just need to ask about the buildings i got before the last patch. People told me that they got some new currency to compensate the loss of their buildings, but i did not get anything yet. I just got the same 2000 doubloons that everybody got, that's it. Please let me know if i can expect some kind of compensation or i just lost it all. Kind Regards!!
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