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  1. Hi!! Is there anybody else experiencing connection problems?? Nevermind... i think it is my bloody internet service!! x((
  2. It is time for you to learn some History mate!!
  3. Yep!! With one big difference....you also will have way less people to fight with!! I am starting to think that all of this defenders of coalitions are the same sailing a trader linx up and down for twelve hours!! xDD
  4. I have nothing to explain... you just demonstrated i'm right!
  5. If you read carefully this post, you will understand what all the dictators in history were thinking!!
  6. Really!!??? Do you truly believe that?? Don't you think there are more solutions to fix that?? Let's say ... swap that DLC for another one...or even, just give back the money for those players... Please! it is always better the writing after a bit of thinking!!!!
  7. But... don't you get it yet?? What's wrong with you people??? Factions are crap!! For starters, i don't want anybody telling me what allies i need to catch up with...Secondly i don't want to have two countries less to fight with..... What's gonna happen then??? I will move to a country without faction, and like me, a lot of people who thinks like me! Where is the bloody balance then???!! The only reasonable way to accommodate again the low population is.... less countries!
  8. If you guys think that there are too many nations for the current population the solution is much more simple than this, you just need to eliminate some of them. You can join some nations, like Sverige and Denmark to the Dutch, and join others in a different nation. Portugal, for example, has way more rights to be in the game than Russia. Actually i never truly understood what the hell are doing nations like Prussia, Russia or Poland in a realistic Caribbean game.
  9. Barcucu

    Circadian Cycle

    Hi, I love realistic games, therefore i like to see the night and the day in the game. Anyway i am noticing (may be it is just my impression) that days are shorter now, and nights are way more annoying than before. We can barely see at night and even the dark hours are very uncomfortable. One thing is to be realistic and a very different one is not enjoying the game because you can not see. I would love that you take a look on that. By the way, i support ALL the rest of the changes you are doing in the game. Cheers!!
  10. Hi!! I just need to ask about the buildings i got before the last patch. People told me that they got some new currency to compensate the loss of their buildings, but i did not get anything yet. I just got the same 2000 doubloons that everybody got, that's it. Please let me know if i can expect some kind of compensation or i just lost it all. Kind Regards!!
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