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  1. They won't , they had plenty of time and this kind of content has been asked for hundred's of time.....But Dev prefer to listen and please the little Hard core PVP group that lead this game to the final crash .....(Port bonus ,Uncontroled Zerg , clan driven game and all this thing's that make this game unbalanced and in final boring .....) So don't waste your time and energy this game is already dead.
  2. In fact the main problem is that the game give reward for kill and not for capture ....and that is really innacurate ...During sailing age Ship were to precious to be sinked and the capture was more rewarded than sinking .....
  3. 100% Agree with you. So : Let's remove Russian , Polish , Danish and at least Prussian nation. Let's remove Clan control (may be keep it only for pirat ) and give back the game to Nation and player's. And please stop with your Alt story , clan control doesn't have changed anything , Alt are still spying , blocking or reopening BR , you even have clan controlled by Alt operating for the nation their origin member's have join, maintaining open port for their new nation or opening it to help an attack ....This is Toxic and this is due to clan control. How many solo or little clan member's have left or will leave because of big clan tyranny , We have all to remember that it is a game , a lot of influent player's (community...) are "no life" and a game will never survive with only this kind of player's you also need casual and i see every day player leaving just disgusted by what the game become. Every day dev remove thing's that were working ....for example...Why remove BR limit at Nassau Patrol ??...just because Rusian player's (community ) get bored in this patrol (no more victim's for gank squad) or sinked in balanced fight ? Nothing is done to give casual or new player's a nice game experience ....So stop listening this "community " it is a very Toxic agent and just think a balanced game .
  4. Everyone that uses the forum to communicate with the devs and other players since the project started Very Good answer.... Continue to believe very hard on what you say and may be one day it will happen ...unfortunatly this day you will probably moderate a 300 players (150 ALT) game forum. Cheer's
  5. Yes but i rather would suggest ......ALL JOIN RUSSIA instead (like you did i believe) and the game will be over .... And the dev will have to do something ....
  6. Oh nice demonstration !! And when they will have attract all player's and conquier all the map what are they gonna do .....Playing card .... With that kind of poor answer the game won't evolve too much .... Cheer's
  7. Which community are you talking about ???? Every player's i speak with disagree with the clan control . And clan control doesn't solve Alt problem's ....Look at Cabo Canaveral an open Pirat port controled by Russian Alt's and there 'is nothing the nation can do because it is "clan contoled" and clan leader do what he want ...even shit on shoe's of the rest of the Nation..... Clan control perhaps but Nation should have a stronger conter-power... So please don't speak for the Community .... And this port bonus controlled by a single person lead to the birth of little's dictator's....The Community you speak about should de the 50 or 60 vétéran that are slowly killing the game. Give this bonus to player's (crafter ) by a tec tree ...the game miss content ....give content and interrest to solo and they will probably stay longer in the game Cheer's
  8. No i'm playing right now
  9. Hello I got 3000+ game time so i don't wait at port , thank you for your advise .... Br limit for Nassau gave balanced battle now you just see 8 rat's+5 spanish+5 dan ganked by 25 Russian it's just no fun (may be for Russian if they like gank) just because Russia is a Zerg nation This patrol was fun and it's another fun thing's , that is removed from the game just because Russian were bored not to entering battle. The problem is not BR or not BR but if you don't limit Russian player number you have to limit BR otherwise everybodie will leave this patrol and Russian another time won't have their beloved easy target anymore.... Dev patch everytime in the wrong way and you can see the effect ...700-800 player at prime time it's decreasing very fast ... Cheer's
  10. 100 % Agree Port Bonus should be removed and replaced by crafter tec tree . Give this power back to player's it will avoid a lot of playground drama with Clan leader using their (over)power to break game experience and fun to a lot of player's.
  11. Hello Nassau Patrol was the only place where we could esparate to get a balanced battle..... This time is over with no BR limit this patrol is dead ....This was one of the funniest place toplay , it turned in a full Russian Gank area. Why again and again encourage and give advantage to Zerg ? Cheer's
  12. If you had took the time to read , i wrote And what you are speaking about is far more old ...... Cheer's
  13. Hello I really believe that dev don't want Population Survival.... I think they want the game die as fast as possible to close and concentrate on their other publication. All development since one year are made to make player live more and more difficult...They didn't ad contents they just rise price and make grind almost inpossible for noobies. Full clan power is a terrible fail. You have small dictator's taking a full nation in hostage just because is clan has done a little bit more hostility than other....This dictator's are killing the game experience and fun of hundred's of player's . Zerg power is terrible for the game experience also , and alt abuse that dev don't want to punish is another major problem (Alt abuse by small dictator's is a must ..Ask Pirat player's suffering from this kind of people since a few week's...). It's why i believe that they don't encourage population survival , because they could easily solve majority of this problem's . Cheer's
  14. I believe that game is really too hard for a beginner's. You have no chance to survive or progress if you don't join a clan and a lot of beginner's won't. IA are calibrated for very experimented player's but if you are a beginner no way to match with a equivalent BR ship , so you have to fight a lower BR and you will be ganked fast by an experimented hunter who farm noobies all day long. We Need : - More IA less strong -Stop when choosing your nation to annonce France easy difficulties and Russia hard core ....It is really easy to play Russian and very difficult to play French (i have played both) . -to have an interresting game and keep player's we should have contents and that don't mean increase the difficulty to an hard core game .Give the power back to player's .We have stupid port bonus controled by a single player...This bonus should be given back to player's as "crafting progress tree" instead of reaching this stupid level 7 and after ??? -Your character should exist and you should be able to choose were you want to develop him...Crafting fight trade all this spec should have a "tech tree" that will give content. -Dev have to start thinking also to casual not only beginner's....Nothing is designed for them. -Dev have to think pleasure and fun if they want their game survive. Player's number's has decrease since the release Zerg is killing the pleasure and player's are leaving the game. A lot of troll are laughing about crying player's but they will soon be crying because they have no more PVP.... -To have PVP player's tomorrow we must keep new player's in game ...Game should be more balanced and acces to ship far more easy...the fight is fun but if player's are to affraid to loose their ship they won't go to fight . -Zerg should be game controlled because player's are not responsable enough to understand that every player's that they gank 3 time's, that every nation they wipe and that every important spot they take , lead to a huge number of player's giving up....Zerg player's simce to forget that it's a game and not war and with no fun for everybodies and every nation ....No game.... -
  15. I agree but by giving 55 port to already strong nation (small can't even dream having one) you give a walker's to the already strongest team and player's .....This port bonus system is pervert it unbalanced the game as never and give too much power to clan leader in small nation it's too easy for them to take all their nation in hostage. Remove this port bonus , Give different BR fort different Port battle and maybe we will have a chance to have a RVR revival 🙂 Cheer's
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