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  1. Hello Admin You Say 10 ships....I count 9 ? i don't see any 4th rates in rare ship , and you are talking about 4th rate permit ??? Cheer's
  2. Hello very good initiative but I wonder however about your priorities. Why waste your time and money on micro management to please some big clan and not deal with the real problems of this game. Today the game is killed by two Zerg nations the English and the Russians. If you want to have fun then you must belong to one of these nations otherwise it is the punishment every time you leave the port. Players do not like losing too easily so they leave small nations thus amplifying the phenomenon. Since you give priority to the clan (an error I think ..) why keep the nations you should replace them with reds and blues. And how are you going to handle the problem when 90% of the assets will play English? Cheer's
  3. 100% agree with you This game has become too consanguineous .... Developers only listen to a few players and some clans. the result is distressing ... no imagination ... the only change in the last three years has been to remove content and permanently change the ROE ..... it's poor ...
  4. I really don't believe that they will release game soon , because if they release the game like it is today , for sure it's gonna be a big miss.... The game as never been in such a poor shape ...No more content's at all ,everything that make the game interresting and diversify has been wiped... No crafting interrest no trading interrest no ship no big battle's no diplomacy , just PVP for Hard core PVP player's. I don't believe you are going to have a commercial succes doing a game for 50 player's . Make crafting interresting (level experiences and not just a craft level) Make trading interresting (merchant experience..etc) Etc etc this forum is full of good idea to develop content's for your game . Trying to do a PVP Arena Only in an open world is just a big mistake and a big fail. Cheer's
  5. I believe you are wrong. Right now a single player (clan creator) can decide by opening a strategic port to all with no concertation...And by this one player determine the play of a lot of player’s and that is Chaos. I prefer if it is the majority who decide instead of leaving a few dictator’s decide for all. But that’s my opinion
  6. Hello if you have big clan in the system we have today they will overrruled small clan far more than if small clan could work together to counter big one in a nation driven system. in a clan based system big clan take what they want leaving other player’s nothing ...That’s not my idea of nation In a nation driven clan will have no real power’s the power will be in player’s hand. And pleased only the majority is not the best thing but it is far better than pleased only the minority.. You take example of Russian fleet..Right now it simce that it is working well but imagine a big clan decide to leave that nation giving back all the port they owned ,they probably ruin the all nation effort and that is in my opinion is overpowered . A clan should leave a nation but with no other impact than loosing player’s. It’s why I really believe that the clan power is to stron and really toxic for the community in a nation. my system is not condemned if the nation can not work together because the nation has to work together no other choice ,clan system give an alternative so nation has no more interrest ,change this give the power back to nation and you will see people work together because their interest are the same best regard’s
  7. 100% agree Since a few month Dev are doing everything to transform the open world into a PVP arena killing the flavor of this world. so Close Naval action ,développe NA legend for full PVP and when it will be a succès open again NA doing a real Nation Driven open world with a little bit of RP flavor... NA is becoming a ugly monster’s under the pressure of PVP hard core gamer and here is the biggest dev mistake...He lot of player’s love This period ,ship’s are beautiful and fight really challenging ,but all this special’s reward ,timer’s ,clan mechanic’s etc etc kill the pleasure. Please dev think beautifful and interesting and deep for your game don’t stay short minded .... Cheer,s
  8. Just ban this alts abuse player’s and you will fix the problem. Cure the problem where he is instead of making the game what it should’ent be ...a full pirat game.
  9. What you propose sound more like a pirat game not à nation game..... A Nation should be in peace or in war Attack all nation is non senses.... so remove Nation give all player’s Thé pirat flat and let clan manage thé anarchy in Carabean. I dislike clan system and it’s frustrating yes it is to see this game be so far from what it should be ..A Great War Game between Nation.. Clan are ruining this great idea ...
  10. They want PVP but good ship are becoming rare so player's won't risk them ...so less PVP.... They are doing exactly the opposite of what they should do to encourage PVP ....I'm really obsete...
  11. Hello the mixture between clan and nation is toxic. The clans think clan (treachery, abandonment of ports without consultation etc etc) and the nation no longer makes sense We should go back to a nation management. A simple system would be to have a Governor elected each month by the players. This Governor would have the privilege of deciding the statue to other nations Peace: no RVR no PVP Neutral: no RVR but PVP War: RVR and PVP. Another privilege would be to manage the ports, timer taxes etc. except for the neutral renders which should be subject to referundum. Taxes collected will be divided between the players if there are excedents or taken to the players if the system is defficient .... To the Governor to be good The Governor would be remunerated for his duties and if he makes the nation prosperous he will be proud and rich in wealth if he even his nation to ruin it will be punished by the next elections ... Here is a simple system and much more representative of the idea of Nation than the anarchy that reigns today on the open world
  12. Hello Sir Sûre you are one of This hard core player’s Who can find it Easy. How do you explain thé great success of this 300 player’s Open World.... It’s Time for dev to ask the good question.. Are théy doing a hard core elite game for 300 (minus alt...) or a fun game for a large number of player were causal could find some interrest and not only be a pray sailing a shittie ship becausebthey can’t get anything else.... Why all this PVP or RVR spécial reward’s ? Bécause your élite status and ego néed to be rencognize ? PVP hard core gamer’s need to Earn their Life in thé OW..just increase PVP Kill Reals reward. give reals for any lord defender’s Point etc etc and make everything accessible by real’s I am an hold player so i don’t care of farming i havé and can get What i need but i am really bored to see this Nice game destroyed update after update to please a minority..300 player’s ....30 000 on a stupid game like World of Warship’s... Wake up dev it’s Time to think différent... You make thé choice of an open see instead of an arena so make your open see attractive and fun and not only an arena for hard core PVP gamer’s thanks for reading cheer’s
  13. Hello When will you stop to change PVP server into a PVP arena. Right now whe have 2 choice a Boring PVE server or an Hard core PVP server. PVP server should be in between .Give Hard core PVP a new game like "World of warship" and please give your open world in PVP server the chance to be a fun area .If you choose to develop an open world please don't restrict it to a kind of player and to a single way to play in it. Best regard's
  14. Hello Dev We have player's leaving the PVP server for the PVE server ....Why ?? Because the dev are wrong , they are killing the open world on the PVP server , they are dreaming (may be some hard core player are dreaming for them ) that all player are hard core PVP gamer looking all day long for PVP fight ..and that's wrong a lot of player's like PVP server because it's a little bit riskie and like also PVP battle's sometime's... Why don't you do for Hard core pvp gamer a special server where they could fight each other (like in world of warship) bye this way they won't be frustrating asking for more and more PVP opportunity's on PVP server..... Right now we have player's who can't acces ship (because of your stupid permit reserved to a minority...) so they sail in shittie boat when shark's player's are sailing best one.... No better way to disgust them ...... Please Forget all this difference betwen money make everything accessible to everybodies ...increase reward for PVP kill to make a difference if you want but don't make difference between an hard core trader or a hard core PVP'er on the server everything should be accessible to all. If you want to attract and keep player's open world and what you can do should be attractive and offer pleasure for all...You decided to please only hard core RVR or gamer's or PVP gamer's and i really thing you are wrong. Best regard's
  15. An admin write.... Hot fix 30.1 is being deployed today Best ships in every class will now require permits to craft them Reason for this change is simple: the only way to make certain ships rare is to get them attainable only through certain activities important to the game. (this does not apply to Peace server as all ships are capturable there) So that mean the best ship for the best player's only .....And really best player's don't need that to be the best .... The server need player's and with this kind of choice this game will stay with his 300 average player's (100 newbee's and 200 hard core gamer's). Your test panel of player's is not representative..... Why all this money ..Real's , now useless doubloon , Combat medal's , victory mark,s etc etc A single money giving acces to all will perfectly work . Lord defender give every week's reward in this money... PVP Kill give more than PVE etc etc Make rare stuff very expensive but affordable for all.... By this way you won't have player's feeling that some content's is not for them and instead of leaving the game they will perhaps sail a little big more giving to PVP hard core player's who manage dev's ,the opportunity to sink them. It's an open World so everybodies should play as he wishe. If you got 1000 player's in this open world , hard core PVP player's will stop crying because they don't find target and Dev won't have to find artificial reward's to encourage PVP. Cheer's
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