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  1. Hello The game has been launched ....And we still have a maintenance everyday !!!! It's ok for a beta or an Alpha but not for a released game..... Another fail.....
  2. Et bien voila ...On y arrive 3500 heures de jeux qui s'envolent ....Des Dev malhonnête qui ne respectent pas leur public. Un jeu qui est dans un état dégradé comme jamais auparavant ....Un contenu à l'origine pauvre et qui est devenu inexistant . Un jeu injouable (ou totalement déséquilibré ) pour les Casuals ou les solo.... Une obligation de s'inféoder à un clan (et donc a son créateur) pour espérer pouvoir exister.La négation totale de l'esprit de nation ... Bref un total gachis un mépris total des Dev pour leurs client et une absence de vision pour leur jeu ..... Dommage ce jeu avais du potentiel je pense que l'absence d'un patron ou la trop grande présence de vodka chez les Devs aura eut la peau de ce jeu... Bye Bye Comptez sur moi pour faire la pub ....
  3. Definitly... You have port with 25000 BR limit that mean 25 Big 1Rate , it's what we had a few month ago and again and again what we didn't want to see anymore come back and what we would like to keep disappear !!! Those BR unbalanced the game like your silly port bonus...let's see how long polish will resist to 1 or 2 PB at 20000 BR with half developped Ship ??? You designed your game for minimum 30 or 40 active member's clan. Wich nation have such clan today. You definitly forget casual and solo and that will be the mistake that is gonna kill your realease.
  4. Hello Port "Ship building" investment is already a fail it just lead to unbalanced a little bit more the game. I suggest to developp a "Tec Tree"for crafter instead. And give back to player's (crafter ) the power to create better ship. As a crafter (i'm not ) once you reach level 7 you don't have content in the game to upgrade your skill. You could imagine some "specialist" who become master in Trinco crafting ...You create content's and the game become far more interresting for a larger amount of player's. So please remove ship building bonus from the port,and give them to crafter's clan will manage ressources and it's far enough. You could imagine the same thing for trader's (who doesn't exist since mission delivery) improving their merchant experience in some ressources...Buying cheaper and selling expensivier...Imagine One merchant could be the Banana master of the server....That's content's and not very difficult to develop.... Please make your game more interresting (not only an fighing arena ). Thank's for reading Cheer's
  5. Hello I bought some DLC ship because it was an easy way to get a competitive ship without spending my time (or my money to buy alt to get rare wood's) it was also a way to suport game development. This ship weren't OP . Ratvisan or Hermione aren't OP ship. Now they are just becoming useless , so i paid , i give money to earn dev and this guy's just spit on my face .Why this ship's should be easy pray ...Why the Hermione should become a shiti ship in one day... Dev you don't have any respect for your customer's . Give port bonus to DLC if you redeem in your crafting port .....
  6. Warning issued for gross disrespect towards the developers and the testing process. - H. Darby
  7. Hello another problem from your investment. The game is not balanced. You have decided to do nothing and today the English have + half of the map. Not that they are good but are numerous. the big nations have access to a maximum of victory marks and can invest in many ports, which is not the case for others. A big nation attacking a small one can destroy it like today but the reconquest for the little one will be done with ridiculous boats so almost impossible. the game is unbalanced and your system squeezes it even more ... Too bad it's a good idea but again realized without thinking ....
  8. Hello Port investment is just one more stupidity from Dev. Once every nation will have develop all their port upgrade (very soon) every player belonging to big clan or friend's will have the same ship (but better than now). So it's a useless draw... Not exactly because another time you throw casual or solo out of the game....Sure you have such a player amount that you can do this (your objective is 50 player's that's right ?). Why not to give this bonus to individual's crafter (as experience reward ) crafter will find by this a way to earn their life in this open world.... Cheer's
  9. Dev are listening only a few clan and player's it's why the game is becoming a "strong" clan based game. Game was far more interresting for casual or beginner's when it was a nation based game but it doesn't please the big clan leader because it probably doesn't satisfy their ego.... The game update after update is becoming an hard core game and soon it will be a game for 300 veterans fighting in two big clan ...the blue and the red ....Clan are killing the flavor of the game ... Please dev remove the Nation because they are just useless just give choice for 2 side and please take another map because you game no longer justify a Caraibe 19th map.....
  10. Yes and the problem is that we will have to go through the hostility processone more time and we are loosing precious time to try to Expand.... It's a disaster for our game experience during the next week's ....
  11. Here We are First evening after map wipe....GB and Russian take 7 county capital each .... No chance for small nation to expand . Almost all County capital that could be taken by Free town habe been taken bye this Zerg Nation.... Your new system is already a big fail like every thing you test since one year .. When are you going to solve this problem of 35 % player's playing Brit and almost the same for Russian .... Game was hard for small nation before but it is gonna be really boring when you will only be able to play from free town ... Thank you dev i thing like the majority of player i'm gonna join the red or the blue the only 2 nation that you should leave on the game...
  12. Hello Admin You Say 10 ships....I count 9 ? i don't see any 4th rates in rare ship , and you are talking about 4th rate permit ??? Cheer's
  13. Hello very good initiative but I wonder however about your priorities. Why waste your time and money on micro management to please some big clan and not deal with the real problems of this game. Today the game is killed by two Zerg nations the English and the Russians. If you want to have fun then you must belong to one of these nations otherwise it is the punishment every time you leave the port. Players do not like losing too easily so they leave small nations thus amplifying the phenomenon. Since you give priority to the clan (an error I think ..) why keep the nations you should replace them with reds and blues. And how are you going to handle the problem when 90% of the assets will play English? Cheer's
  14. 100% agree with you This game has become too consanguineous .... Developers only listen to a few players and some clans. the result is distressing ... no imagination ... the only change in the last three years has been to remove content and permanently change the ROE ..... it's poor ...
  15. I really don't believe that they will release game soon , because if they release the game like it is today , for sure it's gonna be a big miss.... The game as never been in such a poor shape ...No more content's at all ,everything that make the game interresting and diversify has been wiped... No crafting interrest no trading interrest no ship no big battle's no diplomacy , just PVP for Hard core PVP player's. I don't believe you are going to have a commercial succes doing a game for 50 player's . Make crafting interresting (level experiences and not just a craft level) Make trading interresting (merchant experience..etc) Etc etc this forum is full of good idea to develop content's for your game . Trying to do a PVP Arena Only in an open world is just a big mistake and a big fail. Cheer's
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