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  1. Then give the poods back the old damage, they were nerfed quite sigbificantly, that was the reason everyone used them. Now they are not much more damage then 32pd cannons if im not wrong. Pre nerd they had higher damage then 42pd. Then you would see people sailing it more because of the high damage. The poods should also be available i game in some sort of way not by purchasing peoples redeemables😉
  2. Make the pavel and Inger the only ships to equip poods?
  3. I can some what agree, the current roe is in the same category as well. 20 min timer is made so people can find battles, but there would be so much more battles around with 2 or 3 min timer if tihis was 2k players instead of 4-500
  4. Because 1 min passes way to quickly considering you probably have to turn your ship and fight the wind, 2 mins would be perfect because that gives long enough time to get away or logout if they have called allied from the other part of the clode
  5. Ganking isnt my problem, the problem is the infinite overtagging to Keep me in battle.
  6. Longer invis time for the side thats been engaged
  7. @admin If You Escape You Should Escape! Story; 1. I attack an ai trader, 5 mins in joins the battle, I decide to fight him instead of the AI, I get the advantage after 5 mins of fighting, he starts to run away kiting me. I put my sails up because I cba chasing him wasting his and my time. 2. I write to him in PM that I dont want to fight him if he doesent want to, he is still chasing me after the battle. He tags me as im heading towards a open port for repairs and what not. 3. We engage again in battle, it seems like he wants to fight, I go into him with boarding just to test him. He has the upper hand in boarding + - 100 crew but I got marines, he even has me crew shocked once. He disengages and immediately starts to run away, and you all can guess what happens next. 4. He leaves first, and of course he has a friend there (LGV Refit), so out of nowhere his friend has hyper jumped from probably Williemstad and over to our battle to help out his friend which is already by all means in an advantage. 5. A new tag by them now with the LGV refit in chase, my only chance is trying to go upwind and out tack them, it works and i can eventually escape. Now rinse and repeat although the wind is terrible, they have so much more chain than me i give up because its hopeless and i refuse to give them some kind of content. So to my point @admin .. Is this what you want your game to be? A huge gank fest that would let one guy hyper jump days maybe weeks away from a spot to reinforce a player? I've seen so many suggestions that would help your mechanics which you either ignore or downprioritize with it and jump over to the next one. I would be all good if this engagement was in first or 2nd battle where i got tagged but when a player can do this over and over and over and over and over again without penalty something is seriously wrong..
  8. @admin Are you think about the normal standard square fort and round fort that we can place around or will you give us different sets shore batteries to choose from? Pic related
  9. also if people want to use the dlc ships just to shoot, what does it matter if its locked to 3 upgrade slots, you should get rewarded for doing ingame content, not having a disadvantage by doing it
  10. i saw a suggestion the other day that you can only redeem ship in the port you own a shipyard, think this should get in so people wont have "free" teleports of ships. Could also add to it that you can only redeem the ship if you have the required ship yard. E.g shipyard lvl 1 for requin, lvl 2 for Rättvisan
  11. i agree with this, imo they should have never removed the bug where you could cap lineships because they were crew space anyway and would only be good for rageboarding and fireships in port battles, then we can talk about the OW battles would only consist of lineships, but then again we could tune the base speed and manouverability on them and make them suffer from upwind sailing aswell as tacking wouldnt be that easy
  12. checked https://na-map.netlify.com/ connie has 0.3 kn more, higher acceleration and better upwind sailing profile, bellona also have a bigger square sails which pushes it more backwards when tacking and of course it depends on the skill of the captains on the ships, a teak teak connie can be deadly fast catching most frigates
  13. the problem i see it is that it has over 30% more hp then the 4th rate sols, it should be classified as a light 4th rate with more hp then indef and lower hp then the 3 decked 4th rates. Which sol is it it cant outrun? (i understand if you compare a fir fir bellona vs lo wo connie though)
  14. the connie is a frigate predator, its a reason the RN didnt engange the USS Connies without number advantage, and its a reason why the USS Frigates stayed away from SoLs
  15. yes think most peoples concern is that the ship will be added without testing making it game breaking as the lrq and herc was in the start, the l'hermione is peftect because its a middleground ship
  16. i can agree the lrq and herc are balanced to a degree now, my only worry is that the new ship will be so good that it will be the new wasa of 4th rates in therms of stats. I also dont think they should focus on creating DLC's when it obvious that there are game mechanics that not working optimal and needs tuning, also adding content. DLC ships are something they can add later after release if they want to because at that point the game should be done and it just needs more stuff in it. Easier explained. If you build a house for a customer, you build the walls, foundation, paint it and lay the floor and roof before you buy and install interior, kitchen, bathroom etc.
  17. about crafting, you had this, but what happened? @admin
  18. not completely right about the stats though, its different magazines, rate of fire and damage etc, but i get your point. I think its more about if you die in CSGO, you havent lost your skins or pixels. I was in the boat where one durability would be nice and realistic, but i dont know anymore after those 2 engagements i had yesterday where people only want to run or gank because they dont want to risk their ships which they have spent hours on getting, which is totally understandable. Looking at the player charts it had a massive drop 1 week after the great wipe in 2017, and i think it has something to do with the durability and the other major thing (dont remember what it was from the top of my head atm)
  19. "I Will" A 4th rate is a SOL, it was built as a SOL, but of course you do what you want with the game, but you will end up with no one on the war server continuing this way I
  20. current state of the game
  21. Sweet! finally all my alt accounts which i grind PvE on comes to use cheap TP of upgrades, easy doubloons, when im done i just delete it and create a new one! NIIIIIICE
  22. On the "Blueprints" page where you craft, please add a checkmark for "Have materials" so one dont have to scroll through the whole library of craftable items, or sort it at the top
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