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  1. Wolf74

    Griefing by Wolf74

    "one tower was shooting, so even if you could leave for a moment, you knew that not all of the opponents fleet could leave", so you should make a tribunal against the tower then, but it's not my problem if you don't leave when you can,. "How can you claim to have an intention to fight?", and i'll return you "How could you claim i have no intention to fight?" (Except a video where i'm with my ship at a short enought range to shoot a ship with Carronades) "Any solo prince wouldn't stand a chance against a 1st rate", we already saw Basic Cutter sinking a Pavel, why a Prince wouldn't be able to kill a 1rst? "And here you against a whole fleet?", by delaying the fight, and wait for the ennemy to make a mistake, like everybody do when you got a significant disavantage. And remember that control has 750m range, 42pd and 24pd can damage Prince mast up to 750m, with a full 1rst fleet you could easily deal with it, but instead of that you were all rising sail and waiting, waiting for the ennemy to leave... You have at least one good solution to deal with me in this batte, but you were just stoping... You couldn't just have everything you want if you don't try to get it: Here, you wanted to leave but you were doing nothing most of the time...
  2. Wolf74

    Griefing by Wolf74

    1. Didn't have to stay in control range since you were taging me (and i was backing up while you were shooting because mast can fall easily) 2. Didn't wasted your time, since you were attacked a few moment after by our fleet, after the 2nd Hostility, and our fleet was ready to deal with you at the start of your mission (Some player even joined by mistake...) 3. A Prince could be faster a 50%, but you weren't moving at all for the most part, so you just stayed in the control, and complain about not be able to leave... 4. The difference between 1 or 10 ship? A good 6th can deal with one 1rst ( And i'm not saying i could be able to sink a 1rst in duel, but thats worth a try) 5. Prince De Neufchatel: 24 Guns (6pd or 18/24pd Caronades) against a ten SOLs fleet... You are saying that i shoud rush you so you could get a kill? I'll teach you something you might know, when you don't have any chance, you wait for a chance (In this case, a 1rst away from the fleet) 6. You weren't able to sail at Gustavia, we give you a fight and a teleport to port, you earned time... 7. So why this video? We only see a 6th Rate charging a SOL's fleet, so ask that i doesn't want to fight is a bit harsh. 8. At this time i was able to leave (sadly didn't make a screenshot), but are you sure you were all under control all the time? And are you sure that nobody in your fleet has control, like Havelock who is the only one we can see under control for now... 9. They does matter since i let you escape at 47:00, and the last Ia died at 1:05 (+2 minutes of timer because they have no "Battle Over"), and in all the proof you did right now, you aren't trying to escape me, so even if i keep you in battle (and go pretty close to you), you can't prove that i didn't searched the fight, and your video prove that i was pretty aggresive. (And if you wanted to know, my plan was to sink riptide, but that was before he was able to repair twice during this "wasted time", and you didn't leave when you can probably beacause he used a repair) PS: The menace was for the tribunal, when you want to do a tribunal, you make it, no need to cry "I'll put you to the tribunal". PS2: The fact that you let the sound prove that you are insulting me on the forum, and it's a big part of the game.
  3. Wolf74

    Griefing by Wolf74

    1. You were shooting at me for a looooooong time, taging yourself stupidly (and were not able to dismast a Fir Fir Prince...) 2. "Just Sail out", why should I? You were taging me, and it's you who wanted to leave, not me. Don't expect the ennemy to do your job! 3. My ship had control, yes, but 42pd are easily able to dismast a 6th rate, even more easily under 750m. 4. Even with control, only 1 ship wasn't able to leave most of the time, so the fact i "blocked" the full fleet is false. 5. "without any intent to fight"? What make you suppose such a thing? Obviously i wouldn't rush a 10 1rst rate fleet alone, that would be stupid... But considering i wasn't going to fight is pure speculation, and since i was "controling" 1rst a the time... 6. Were you able to go back to your port safely? No. So saying i was taging whithout reason is false, since our fleet was outside, just waiting for you, so you could consider that as a "tactical move". 7. I don't think a 2:39 video is a good-enough proof but if you say so. You can see that i'm sailing close to 1rst who were sailing in my direction...Maybe you didn't recorded a moment of break in the control just to make a tribunal to justify a failed operation... 8. The firts screenshot is funny because you were (The closest L'Océan at the right side) able to leave (see 1rts and 3rd screenshot, same guy "Havelock"), and i remember i could leave too, so nobody was under control, and since it's this l'Océan who was taged by control in the video was sailing in my direction, you weren't trying to leave. 9. I finaly had to leave because of the menace/insulting words, 45 minutes left in the battle, and the last IA sunk at 1:05, so that was only 20 minutes, and if look the timed you loosed while shoting me, the time you were able to leave and didn't do it and the number of repair some guy needed (Riptide for exemple, was at 1/2 Armor and 3/4 Structure), you finaly didn't loose that much time and you saved a lot of repair. And for some explaination why they weren't able to dismast my 6th Rate, she was in Fir/Fir/Heavy Rig with "Basic" upgrades, so way to strong for 1rst Rates PS: You shouldn't post screenshot while you are making menace of tribunal and if you are saying "only noob do that", thats probably no good for credibility PS2: The video only proof that i'm charging a 1rst rate fleet, you wan't to sink me and you are calling me a "F***ing dumbass" - sam123123 (Not so smart tu use this as a proof)