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  1. That's great! Glad to hear that. More realistic damage models will enhance the immersion of this game. Looking forward to that day.
  2. I have a question for @Nick Thomadis. Will this game have more visual damage model? Like for example the turret blown into pieces like in this picture below. Currently I don't see that kind of damage model even tho the turret got hit pretty bad several times.
  3. Thanks for all the informative replies gents! It is interesting to see that some warship of that era don't have that kind of shield, for example this German super dreadnought
  4. I have question to all warship experts here. Can you tell me what is the name of this object and the purpose of it? As you can see in these images below, the objects I'm talking about located near gun turrets in front and rear ship. They have different shape, one is just straight line, other is half circular. What are they? Also, could you please provide me with the real photographs of those objects? Are they present only in some ship, for example exclusively built for British RN?
  5. What I'm saying is if the devs don't have enough time to make all ships they want, they still can release it later as a DLC.
  6. I think if the devs want to make a lot of ship varieties from many nations in the base game, they will need more time to make it happen. Maybe they can release it as an DLC/expansion pack later. I'm sure I'll buy it.
  7. talking about ship, I just want this beauty (König-class battleship) make an appearance in the game.
  8. Any idea what are the playable nations in the game? besides British Royal Navy and German Kaiserliche Marine of course.
  9. I just set my speaker to default and it works, the sound has reappeared. But when I plug my headphones again same problem occurs 😔
  10. I just plugged in my headphones when playing this game, and then suddenly the sound is gone. I restart the game and it still has no sound. Please help. Anyone experienced this before?
  11. I just read the Polygon article and instantly digging it. Never played a game where the protagonist is a Native American.
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