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  1. Oetjoel

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    I think if the devs want to make a lot of ship varieties from many nations in the base game, they will need more time to make it happen. Maybe they can release it as an DLC/expansion pack later. I'm sure I'll buy it.
  2. Oetjoel

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    talking about ship, I just want this beauty (König-class battleship) make an appearance in the game.
  3. Oetjoel

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Any idea what are the playable nations in the game? besides British Royal Navy and German Kaiserliche Marine of course.
  4. Oetjoel

    Game has no sound

    I just set my speaker to default and it works, the sound has reappeared. But when I plug my headphones again same problem occurs 😔
  5. Oetjoel

    Game has no sound

    I just plugged in my headphones when playing this game, and then suddenly the sound is gone. I restart the game and it still has no sound. Please help. Anyone experienced this before?
  6. I just read the Polygon article and instantly digging it. Never played a game where the protagonist is a Native American.
  7. Hi Angus thanks a lot for the reply. I forgot to ask this before, is it possible to play offline in this game? I live in Southeast Asia and I'm afraid I can't play it due to the high pings.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm planning to buy Naval Action but I have questions that need to be answered first. My questions, in PvE server can I play solo without other players interrupting my experience? Also is it possible to upgrade my ship, trade (buy/sell stuff), visit ports, and attack enemy ships in PvE server? I appreciate any information you can provide. Cheers!